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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 275: Kastihel World. (5) Bahasa Indonesia

276 Chapter 275: Kastihel World. (5)

The screams and shrieks turned into cries and sobs. They went around the cathedral and saw a cemetery not far from there with so many gravestones. They weren’t surprised until they saw dozens of spirits floating around the cemetery, and they were the ones who made those noises.

“That’s like, uh, what do you call it? The messenger of death kind of ghost,” Rozan asked as the answer was right in front of his tongue but couldn’t find the name.

Everyone looked at Rozan and had no idea what he was talking about.

“A banshee?” Nagy replied with her eyebrows raised and stared at Rozan.

“Yes, that’s the one. I think they’re banshees,” Rozan snapped his fingers and nodded his head.

“So, if those banshees are the messenger of death, does that mean they’re not hostile toward us?” Alberta asked.

“No, not all of them are a messenger of death, some are as evil as making people kill themselves or making them insane until they die. Based on the look of what they’re wearing, I think we all can agree that those banshees are the ghost of the priestess. They could be mourning the death of the orphans and making them like this. They might also seek revenge,” Rozan answered and explained to Alberta.

“How much did they love those children that they turned into something like this?” Alberta asked.

“Or maybe they’re cursed like the one from the Medelha Castle,” Brynhilde answered. “Either way, we should purify their spirits and see what will happen,” Brynhilde continued.

Agnez let Asmond handle this with his team, and Brynhild with her team as well. Jeanne decided to not use the Soul Catcher sword and used another sword with a socketed gemstone.

They managed to purify them, and Rozan was right about the priestess. Alberta asked the spirits, and she was touched by how painful it was to hear that the orphans were butchered and slaughtered, then they were burned alive in front of the priests and priestesses.

Suddenly, when they were listening to the spirits of the priests and priestesses, something crawled out of the grave. All the spirits warned them to leave and they all flew away to avoid whatever was trying to come out of the grave.

“What do you mean? Why are you all leaving?” Alberta asked as she stared at the sky.

“The evil within this very land of Nenhaz. Something that was so innocent had turned into something terrifying was buried beneath this land, and you should leave!” The spirit of a priestess answered. “Go! Now! Before it’s too late!” The spirit’s voice was trembling in fear.

They heard clanking sounds of armor coming toward them from the building around them. They looked around and saw knights similar to what they encountered in the Medelha Castle, but this time, those knights had bodies inside the armor.

Instead of drawing their weapons, the knights started to sing a song. A song that somehow gave everyone chills down their spines, and then the book fell to the ground and wide opened.

[O Fortuna song. A song that tells us that nothing can stop fate from giving people misery. Now the song has been sung, your fate has been carved, and nothing you can do to change it. Weep with me]

“I don’t like this,” Gunnar said as he readied his shield and axe after he read the message in the book.

A spider-like creature went to the surface with the body of a woman with her black hair covering her whole face on top of the head of the spider. The spider screeched and started running toward them at full speed.

Before the creature reached Asmond and his team, something burrowed up from the ground next to them. There were two more of them that went to the surface, and it surprised everyone.

More and more spider-like creatures came out from the ground and immediately surrounded them as the knights kept singing the O Fortuna song. Some of the spiders turned around and started shooting webs at them rapidly.

Everyone tried to dodge them but ended up bumping into each other and getting entangled in the webs. It was impossible to free themselves without the help of others.

“Watch your surroundings! Your job is to stay away from each other and dodge the webs!” Agnez said after she bumped into one of the Lord Knights, and freed him.

Gerrard blinked to the top of the cathedral on his own and prepared his bow and arrows. He shot his arrows and freed everyone from the webs, and then he shot the [Hellfire] arrows toward the spiders.

When Gerrard took care of half of the spiders, a dozen of them appeared and went to the surface and replaced the ones that he had just killed. His arrows were limited, and they were specially made by Mykel so they wouldn’t melt by the [Hellfire].

“I see that you’re the one who’s stupid enough to kill my children,” A woman’s voice could be heard behind Gerrard.

Gerrard turned around and saw a woman wearing the same robe as the one from Medelha Castle. Half of her face was decayed, and her glowing white eyes were glaring at Gerrard with a furious look on her face.

The demoness pulled a very long sword from underneath the robe. She then flew toward Gerrard and swung her sword so quickly. Gerrard dropped his bow and pulled a short sword and dagger on his back, then lit them with [Hellfire].

Gerrard swung his sword and dagger at the demoness. He broke her sword so easily, and it surprised the demoness. She then flew up to avoid Gerrard’s sword and dagger. She looked at how powerful those flames were and decided to not get too close to him.

“How annoying,” The demoness said as she glared down at Gerrard. “I will be waiting. Inside the castle,” The demoness continued and then disappeared.

Gerrard looked down and there were at least forty spiders that had been killed by everyone, but there was still a lot of them, and they kept coming to the surface as if they were endless.

Gerrard landed not far from Mykel, and then he heard someone humming the song the knights were singing. It was Mykel who hummed the song with his eyes closed and was a bit surprised that Mykel knew the song, but he brushed it off as he went to the battlefield to help the others.

Half an hour had passed, and the spider-like creatures had been defeated. Everyone was exhausted not from fighting the spiders, but because of the webs the spiders shot at them. The knights disappeared the moment the spiders were defeated, and they left no trace.

Alberta looked at the bodies on top of each spider’s head. She noticed that those bodies varied from young to adult. Before she could say anything, something was leaving the spider bodies, and as she expected, those were the orphans.

“How could someone be so evil to do something like that to innocent children?” Alberta asked.

“I think I know,” Gerrard answered as he put his sword and dagger on the back of his waist. “I encountered a demoness up there back then, and she wore the same robe as the one we fought before,” Gerrard explained as he looked at everyone.

Gunnar grabbed the book and a new page appeared.

“There was a rumor going on long before the whole mess happened. Ministress Convael was in love with Lord Avello and said that she got rejected twice by him. She didn’t give up and kept pursuing him, but she knew that his love for the children was the only thing that blocking her path from taking his heart,” Gunnar read the page and then turned the page.

“Ministress Convael was indeed the one who killed the children, and it was a shocking moment for Lord Avello after one of the priests showed the proof. He was devastated and furious at the same time, and so he decided to confront Ministress Convael about it,” Gunnar continued as he turned the page.

“Knowing Lord Avello despised her, Ministress Convael decided to kill all the priests and priestesses that tried to support him and preserved the bodies to remind Lord Avello what she was capable of. She wanted to be the only one that Lord Avello could rely on,” Gunnar said.

“After everything that happened, Lord Avello lost his mind and Became Ministress Convael’s husband,” Gunnar continued, and then closed the book.

The drawing showed the flower had dried and dead but was still inside the vase. The hands also disappeared, but there were scratched marks on the table as if the hands were forced to leave the flower alone.

“Benestrus, eight hundred thirty-five. It’s three years after Benustrus left the Medelha Castle,” Gunnar said.

“I think I understand now,” Rozan said as he rubbed his chin. “The demon that we fought in the Medelha Caste, I think that was the Minister that mentioned in the book. Who was his name again?” Rozan asked Lillith.

“Kilneg,” Lillith answered.

“Yes, that’s the one, and now the one that Gerrard encountered must be Ministress Convael. They’re all the ministers that ruled over the Kasithel Kingdom, and that also means the one behind this is the king himself,” Rozan explained.

“So, does that mean the King is the Demon Lord?” Asmond asked.

“There are so many possibilities, so I’m not sure about the answer. For now, let’s continue and maybe we can get a hint from Benustrus later,” Agnez answered. “The castle, right? Let’s go then,” Agnez said as she stared at the castle in front of her with the tallest tower on it.


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