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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 248: Two dimensions. Bahasa Indonesia

249 Chapter 248: Two dimensions.

“Lilly, get me out of here, now,” Agnez said weakly.

Lillith grabbed Agnez’s body and didn’t hesitate to leave as she was carrying Agnez in her arms.

Everyone watched those two leave, and nobody tried to stop them from leaving because they were bewildered by what had just happened. They looked at the liquid that looked like blood on the floor. They didn’t want to get close to it and just stared at it from the distance.

“What happened to her?” Roxanne looked at the blood with disgust.

“She said something about the demon lord that she fought in the Behemoth Tower,” Arum answered. “I think she’s dying,” Arum continued as she looked at Asmond.

Lillith and Agnez went into the tunnel, and then Agnez stopped Lillith as she jumped down. She used [Demonic Manifestation] and [Harmony] at the same time to fasten her recovery.

“I told you to rest, but you didn’t listen,” Mazikeen’s voice came out of Agnez’s mouth.

“Shut up, and just take care of the wound,” Agnez said.

Agnez transformed into Mazikeen’s demonic form, and she started to throw up. She removed the remaining poison from her body as Lillith watched her from behind.

“Don’t breathe it in, you don’t want to be here. Tell them to not get near that blood, or they will die,” Mazikeen said as she glanced at Lillith.

Lillith nodded and hurriedly left the tunnel to warn the others about the blood.

Lillith came back and warned everyone about the blood. They all immediately walked away from it as far as they could. Asmond then asked about Agnez’s condition, but Lillith told him that she was fine and only needed time to rest.

“It’s been an hour, we should go and check up on her,” Asmond said to Lillith.

“I will go and check on her,” Lillith said, and hurriedly left on her own.

In less than five minutes, Lillith came back and she looked a bit worried.

“Agnez is gone. She’s nowhere to be found,” Lillith said.

“Do you think she got captured?” Cristian asked with a worried expression.

All of them shook their heads in disagreement. It made Cristian a bit surprised when they all had the same reaction at the same time.

“I hate to admit it, but she’s the strongest compared to all of us. I think she’s still stronger than us if we all combine our strengths,” Asmond answered as he looked at the entrance to the tunnel.

“What are we going to do, Asmond?” Glen asked.

“Let’s just wait here, and hope she comes back soon. I don’t think she would go out there on her own, right? Lillith?” Asmond looked at Lillith.

“Yes, let’s just wait here,” Lillith nodded in agreement.

Another hour had passed, and there was no sign of Agnez. They started to get worried, but then they heard the sound of a boot from the direction of the tunnel.

Agnez came back and she looked much better, she was also wearing a brown cottagecore dress. She was casually walking toward them as if nothing had happened to her.

“You’re back, but what’s with that getup?” Gunnar asked with his eyebrows furrowed as he looked up and down at Agnez.

“Well, you will understand when you get to see the city. This is what they wear out there and I managed to get one for myself,” Agnez answered as she looked at her dress. “I also have one for you, Lilly,”

“You get one for yourself? In the middle of the night? You mean you stole it from the shop or something?” Vincze asked with his eyebrow raised.

“So?” Agnez asked back as she put on a black floppy hat that she had in her hand and gave the other cottagecore dress to Lillith. “Anyway, it’s perfect timing for us to go out there, Lilly. It’s empty and quiet out there and we can start looking around,”

Agnez grabbed her phone and then tossed it at Gunnar. He grabbed it, but he looked a bit confused until he unlocked it. She took pictures of the city and it looked like they were in a fantasy world. It was a mix of modern technology with renaissance architecture.

“Those photos, I took them right outside the court. You can see on each building there’s a bell. I think it has something to do with how they manipulate the people of Silian World. Also, go and swipe to the fourth or fifth photo,” Agnez said.

Gunnar swiped through the gallery, and then he looked so puzzled when he saw the Astaroth Tower in the distance. He showed the photo to the others, and they had the same reaction as Gunnar.

“I know, that’s why I’m curious why the tower is so close to us. So, I guess it’s not that hard to clear this world,” Agnez said as she crossed her arms.

“Then are you two going to explore the city now?” Asmond asked as he looked at the photo on Agnez’s phone.

“That’s the plan,” Agnez nodded her head and then turned around to look at Lillith in a cottagecore dress. “Are you ready to leave?” asked.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Lillith answered.

“We will be back before the sun is up, so just chill here,” Agnez said as she looked at them.

“Good luck out there, Agnez, Lilly,” Gunnar said.

Both of them nodded and then left into the tunnel.

(In Clessirea World)

“So, uhh… we entered the portal right? I thought we are going somewhere…” Rozan said as he looked around, it looked exactly the same as the hall where they slept in. “Wait, it’s different,” Rozan said as he looked at all the furniture, curtains, and carpets that were torn as if they had been devoured by time.

“Looks like we are inside of a cave?” Jeanne asked as she walked out the hall and stared at the window in the hallway.

They all looked out the windows and as Jeanne said, the whole castle looked like it had gotten buried or burrowed down into the mountain. They all decided to go to the bottom floor, and when they left the castle, they were surprised when they saw the massive mouth of the cave.

“Looks like the only way is forward,” Jeanne said as she took a deep breath. “Let’s go,” Jeanne continued as she proceeded to walk down the stairs.

Nagy turned around and saw the castle turned old and in ruin.

There were so many ghouls and gargoyles, and they were a lot more stronger and resistant to magic. It took them an hour to finally get out of the cave, and they were exactly at the base of the mountain.

“The sky is red,” Nagy said as she looked at the sky with dark clouds.

“Yeah, this is definitely like in movies where vampires live,” Rozan said as he looked around where all the trees were dead.

“Okay, hear me out. I know so much about vampires, so they actually the result of being trapped inside a reflection of the real world. You see, in real history, when they died, they had to cover all the reflective surfaces, including water, in the place they died or their soul might get trapped,” Rozan explained.

“With that being said, they can live in a world within two dimensions because of that. Like reality and the reflection of reality. Right now, we might be in the other dimension,” Rozan continued as he looked at everyone.

“So, what’s this reflection of the reality world?” Jeanne asked.

“Well, it’s like a different dimension where they can live whatever life they want. Most of the time, this reflection of the reality world is a place they ruled. They would go to the real world when they like it through any reflection,” Rozan answered.

“Can’t a vampire have a reflection?” Nagy asked.

“They can still see their own reflection, but they can’t reflect themselves from anything that is made from silver because silver is their only weakness,” Rozan answered. “So basically, anyone that died in Clessirea World who got trapped by the reflection, they all ended up in this dimension,”

“What will happen if we get bitten by a vampire? Are we going to become a vampire as well?” One of the guys asked.

“Well, the short answer is yes, but I don’t think they would make you one if you’re not loyal to them. They would rather suck your body dry and kill you since you’re a threat to them,” Rozan answered.

“Either way, this is going to be a piece of cake because I’m a nerd for this kind of stuff,” Rozan said as with a smile on his face.


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