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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 247: Two worlds. Bahasa Indonesia

248 Chapter 247: Two worlds.

“Thank you, for saving us,” a man with long black hair covered in scratch wounds on his cheeks and neck said. His gray eyes stared at Asmond and the others. He looked so defeated and empty inside, but he had the decency to thank Asmond for freeing him and his friends.

“Cristian, right?” Asmond asked as he offered the guy a hot cup of tea that he found in the guard’s room.

“Yeah,” The guy answered with his trembling lips and arms as he slowly took the cup from Asmond’s hand.

Asmond sat next to Cristian and looked at the other prisoners that were being treated by Roxanne, Arum, Gunnar, and Enma. He looked at the tower, and it looked exactly like the tower of Pisa with each room filled with prisoners.

“From which world did you guys come? If it alright for me to ask since you just recover,” Asmond asked.

“It’s alright. I came from Istreanica World, and I came here with my team, but we got separated,” Cristian answered as he carefully took a sip of the tea. “We came here two weeks ago, or at least it’s what I believe,” Cristian continued. “Did you meet him, the guy with a knight following him?” Cristian asked.

“Sibrand? Yes, we met him and the knight as well. That’s why my friend over there lost an arm when he tried to stop Sibrand from taking the girls,” Asmond answered as he pointed at Rufus who was laying on the ground with a pale face.

“Sorry for that, but yeah, we lost the girls as well. I’m not sure where he took them, but I don’t think they’re in a better situation than us here,” Cristian said.

“It’s alright, he will get better soon. Right now, why don’t you come and join us? We are planning on taking these demon worshippers down,” Asmond replied as he stood up.

“I know that we are not a big help, but I’m glad that you included us,” Cristian said.

“Of course, we are fighting the same enemy,” Asmond replied with a smile.

They all took a well-deserved rest until midnight, and Gunnar immediately walked over to Rufus and healed his wound. Rufus’ arm regrew instantly, Cristian and the rest of the prisoners just witnessed a miracle. They couldn’t believe what they saw.

“Try to move your arm,” Gunnar said as he walked away from Rufus.

“This is… wow…” Rufus was speechless as he looked and moved his arm. “Thank you, Gunnar!” Rufus looked up at Gunnar with a huge smile on his face.

“Nah, don’t mention it. It’s all good,” Gunnar replied as he shook his head.

Sven walked down the stairs with a bell as big as a mug in his right hand. “So? This little thing is the one that made you guys suffer?” Sven asked.

“Yes, and I think you should be careful with it,” Cristian answered.

They looked at the bell from up close and noticed that the bell looked so old that it could be called a relic. There were writings on the inside of the bell, but they couldn’t understand what those letters or drawings were.

“I think we should destroy it,” Asmond said as he looked at the bell in Sven’s hand.

Sven raised his eyebrows and shrugged his mouth. “You’re the boss,” Sven said as he put the bell on the floor, and then he walked away from it. “I don’t think we should, but fuck it, right?” Sven continued.

Asmond drew Agnez’s sword and looked at the bell on the ground. He lifted the sword and then swung it down vertically. The sword almost couldn’t break the bell, but thanks to the gemstone attached to it, it managed to cut the bell in half.

A strong gust of wind hit everyone’s faces, and the wind came from the bell. They looked around and made sure nothing appeared like a spirit or shadow, but after checking their surroundings for a whole minute, nothing appeared.

“What do you think happened there?” Sven asked Vincze.

“Since we can’t see ghosts, I think that might be the answer,” Vincze answered. “Now we know that this bell is some kind of a relic, and maybe it came from a demon world if it has the ability to hypnotize people?” Vincze said as he looked at everyone.

“Who knows, we might need to find more of these bells out there, and then we might get an answer,” Agnez replied. “We don’t have Jeanne who can speak with spirits. Our only option here is to find that Sibrand guy, and let Lilly take care of the rest,”

“How are we going to do all that?” Glen asked.

“Blending in with our surroundings, the first thing to do is to wear what the people in this world wear. We can take their clothes, the people that we killed in the courtroom. After that, we will go out there and check what kind of world we are in,” Agnez answered.

“It’s better if it’s just the two of us who do that, Agnez,” Lillith said as she looked at her.

“What do you think, Asmond?” Agnez asked with her eyebrow raised.

Before Asmond could answer Agnez’s question, he saw Agnez staggering and suddenly collapsing on the floor.

“Agnez!” Gunnar, Vincze, Sven, and Lillith said at the same time.

Agnez started coughing and something splatted out of her mouth. It was black and it was steaming. The floor made a sizzling sound as if the floor was being corroded by it.

(In Clessirea World)

“Well that was easy,” Rozan said as he lowered his staff.

“Who would have thought, the transformation was counted as magic,” Jeanne said as she pulled her sword from a naked man’s chest. “Maybe it’s a transformation magic that he’s using?” Jeanne asked Rozan.

“Who knows, but it looks like it,” Rozan answered as he looked at the inside of the spacious hall in the castle. “Should we stay the night here first? I think it’s safe to say that there will be no more threats. I will create a wind barrier in the castle so if anything walked in, I can tell,” Rozan turned around and started creating pulses of wind barrier.

“Fine by me, everyone did their best to fight those werewolves. I’m quite amazed at how strong they are because these werewolves are the same as the one that Caesar fought during a breakout,” Jeanne said as she pulled a long sofa on the side to the middle.

“It’s all thanks to Nagy, she’s silently getting stronger,” Rozan replied as she looked at Nagy being surrounded by the guys. “I never thought she could make a copy of herself even though it was just a minute but that copy was as strong as herself,”

“She said that Mykel helped her get that skill, so it’s not really a surprise,” Jeanne replied as she sat down on the couch.

While they were chilling in the castle, they heard howling sounds in the distance. All of them went quiet and stared at each other. They then immediately grabbed their weapons and went outside the hall.

The silence turned eerie after those howlings, and everything was so dark in the hallway. There was nothing but the torches that suddenly got blown away by the wind.

“Looks like they noticed that intruders have entered the castle,” Rozan said quietly, but his voice still echoed throughout the hallway.

The howling sounds got closer and closer until they all looked at the end of the hallway where the stairs were at. They all drew their weapons and readied their stances, but then Nagy poked Jeanne’s right shoulder from behind.

“Can I go down there? I want to try my new other skill,” Nagy asked quietly.

“Are you sure?” Jeanne asked with her eyebrows raised.

Nagy nodded without hesitation.

“Okay, just be careful,” Jeanne said.

Nagy walked past them into the darkness, and suddenly Edith, Rozan and Jeanne furrowed their eyebrows with confusion. Rozan lifted his staff and used fire to light the hallway, and as they thought, Nagy disappeared and they couldn’t find her presence anywhere.

“Where did she go?” Rozan asked as he squinted his eyes and made the fire brighter.

Suddenly they heard roars and banging sounds from the floor below them.

“That might be your answer,” Jeanne said, and then she walked toward the stairs.

Everyone followed Jeanne down the stairs, and it was so dark down there. They couldn’t see anything and turned out the sound came from another floor below them. In the end, they went to the ground floor and saw Nagy cut a werewolf in half.

“You took care of them already?” Rozan asked as he looked at the eight dead werewolves on the floor. One of them was bigger, bulkier, and fiercer than the others.

“Yeah, and looks like we cleared the sixteenth floor already,” Nagy answered as she looked at the notification in front of her.

“Let’s rest for the night then,” Jeanne said as she looked at the portal that appeared near Nagy.


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