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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 223 Bahasa Indonesia

Rozan slowed down their fall with wind magic and carefully put them down right in front of him. Before both Agnez and Jeanne could stand on their own two feet, Jael flew above the clouds again and readied to throw another blow at them.

“We are going to do this again, Jeanne,” Agnez said as she grabbed Jeanne’s wrist. “As I said, this is going to be a hard fight,” Agnez continued and then threw Jeanne up into the sky.

“Agnez, what should we do? You can’t keep doing this forever,” Rozan asked.

“You can do nothing,” Agnez answered, and then she jumped up into the sky.

Everyone watched those two doing the same thing over and over. They couldn’t do anything but watch them fight Jael on their own. They all felt useless and ashamed of themselves, but knowing how massive and strong Jael was, they would only be sending their lives away if they decided to help.

Agnez slammed her legs to the ground and she started to get exhausted. Her breathing was heavy, her knees and hands started to tremble because of the drawback of repelling Jael’s attack.

“Wings…” Agnez said as she stared at the dark clouds. “Cut the wings, but I need you to bring him down, Rozan. No matter how, I want you to bring that fucking demon down,” Agnez continued as she glared at Rozan.

“I will see what I can do,” Rozan replied as he nervously rubbed his staff.

“No, you must bring him down, Rozan,” Agnez said as she grabbed Jeanne’s wrist. “Find a way. You’re smart enough to find the solution,” Agnez continued, and then sent Jeanne up into the sky again for the sixth time.

“Think, Rozan, think…” Rozan mumbled to himself as he stared at the sky and tapped his fingers on the staff. “I can’t use force, that demon is a fucking beast! Boulders or even icebergs won’t be enough to bring him down. Not to mention that demon is so quick, and the ice melts here so quickly,”

Rozan sat down on the ground and crossed his legs so he could think better.

“The only thing that matter is the wings. Right, wings, but how does that work again?” Rozan asked himself as he scratched the back of his ear in frustration.

Everyone didn’t want to distract Rozan, and so they only looked at him and hoped he would find an answer. They watched Agnez and Jeanne land, then they both went up again after Agnez took a glance at Rozan who was having a brainstorm.

“Pressure? Force? Air?” Rozan kept talking to himself and said random stuff, but suddenly he snapped his fingers. “Yes, air! Even though birds can fly without air, if they’re in a vacuumed space, it’s impossible to generate low and high pressure around a wing and so the bird can’t achieve lift!” Rozan smiled and chuckled.

Rozan stood up and was startled by Agnez and Jeanne who landed roughly in front of him.

“Rozan! We need you! Now!” Agnez yelled at Rozan furiously.

“I found it, but I need you to do it again, one more time so I can do it,” Rozan replied as he held his staff so tightly.

Agnez nodded and didn’t say a single word. She then threw Jeanne up into the sky for the eighth time.

“I want you guys to hold your breath for a minute! Close your eyes and mouth! Cover your nose and ears! This will be painful, but deal with it for a moment!” Rozan yelled at everyone.

Everyone followed his order and immediately gasped for air, then they covered their nose and ears.

Rozan flew up into the sky and away from those two. He had to do it at the precise moment or it would fail miserably. He waited until Jael appeared from above the sky, and the moment those two clashed with Jael, Rozan sucked all the air toward him and vacuumed the air like how Shelly did it to the head that she crushed back then.

Jael flapped his wings, but to his surprise, he couldn’t lift his body up and started free-falling. He kept flapping his wings, but nothing happened until he fell to the ground on his back really hard.

Jeanne desperately tried to grasp for air, but what happened was the air in her lungs was being sucked out. Mykel approached her and covered her mouth and nose with his right hand.

“Hold your breath, and cover your ears,” Mykel said.

Jeanne held her breath, closed her eyes, and covered her ears. She immediately felt like her eyes, veins, and lungs were about to pop out of her body. It was so painful, but she endured it as hard as she could since everyone was feeling the same thing.

Agnez activated [Demonic Manifestation] because Mazikeen asked her to do it. It was a good opportunity because everyone was closing their eyes and was too focused on holding the air from coming out of their bodies.

“I have been wanting to tear your wings, Jael,” Mazikeen said with a sinister grin on her face.

Mazikeen ran toward Jael who was trying to stand up, and then she grabbed his right wing. She ripped the wing off his back like plucking grass off the ground as she slammed Jael to the ground again. The muscles and vessels could be seen at the base of the wing that she ripped with her right hand.

Jael swung his mace at Mazikeen, but she causally blocked it with her right wing. She grabbed his left wing and tore it apart like paper, and then tore the wing in her hands into half.

“You fell from your grace twice, you still think you’re superior to us demons, don’t you? I can’t wait to see you getting butchered by the humans who are way inferior to you,” Mazikeen said as she chuckled mischievously and walked back so casually.

Agnez took control of the body back and turned it back to normal.

“It’s done, right?” Rozan asked weakly with his whole body covered in burns.

Rozan released the air that he had sucked into and was free-falling from the sky. Gunnar caught him right the moment before he touched the ground.

“Nice catch,” Rozan said as he gave Gunnar a thumbs up.

“Hey, are you alright?! Alberta!” Gunnar shouted Alberta’s name as he stared at the burns on Rozan’s face, arms, and palms.

“I’m fine, it’s just the heat that accumulated when I vacuumed the air. It became hotter and this is fine, don’t worry about it,” Rozan answered as he clenched his fists to endure the stingy pain all over his body.

Alberta and the others ran to check on Rozan’s condition.

“What are you guys doing?! You’re just going to be wasting your time there! Get back here and fight this demon once and for all!” Agnez yelled as she glared at them running toward Rozan.

Jeanne fell on her butt as she gasped for air, and then Mykel offered her [Stamina Potion]. She didn’t hesitate to grab it and emptied the bottle. She felt refreshed and immediately stood up and stared at Jael.

“Let’s kill that motherfucker and go home,” Jeanne said as she wiped the potion off her lips.


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