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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 222 Bahasa Indonesia

“That’s none of your business since they can do whatever they want. Whether to observe or decide to kill all of you,” Luciel said as she rested her hands on the back of her waist. “You said it yourself that you only make a truce between you and my father. The rest? It’s none of your concern,” Luciel mockingly smiled at Mykel and kept staring at him.

Mykel couldn’t help but chuckle and then start laughing. He didn’t remember the last time he was genuinely amazed or entertained by something so simple. That was a long-lost experience for him, and he was enjoying it.

“You have been learning, I see,” Mykel said as he cleared his throat. “Anyway, do you mind telling me why all the demon kings are here in Gehenna?” Mykel asked.

“I’m standing right here in front of you right now, so who knows,” Luciel answered simply.

Mykel smiled at Luciel as he walked closer to her, but then she pointed her sword at his neck. Mykel looked at the sword and then immediately unbuttoned his blaze and showed what was beneath his blazer.

“You both destroyed my knives remember? There’s no need to be wary of me,” Mykel said as he lifted his blazer open. “And I’m not trying to approach you, I just want to leave,” Mykel continued.

Luciel moved to the side as she kept pointing her sword at Mykel while Mykel gently smiled at her. Mykel then walked away and walked down the hill silently as he buttoned his blazer.

“I see that woman again, the one that Mazikeen possessed,” Luciel said.

“And?” Mykel asked as he stared at Luciel from the corner of his eyes from over his shoulder.

“How long are you planning to trap her inside that woman’s body?” Luciel asked.

Mykel stopped walking and then turned around to look at Luciel. His gaze was enough to intimidate her.

“She’s not your sister, why do you care?” Mykel asked in a flat tone.

“None of them are your sisters. You’re not like them, and you will never be like them. They fear you because of who you are and what you were made of. They never, not even once, look at you as their kind or their family,” Mykel said with a serious look on his face.

“They don’t care about you, at all, but I guess I don’t need to remind you that since you’re already aware of that,” Mykel said with a smile.

Luciel gritted her teeth so that her jawlines were clenched. She gripped her sword so tightly that it made a cracking sound. Mykel mockingly smirked at her and then walked away without any worries.

“Oh, by the way. You said that it’s none of my business whether they observe us or decide to kill us, right? Then don’t mind me if I decide to kill them all instead,” Mykel said without looking back. “So, tell them to fuck off, or I will go up there,”

Luciel watched Mykel leave, and then she looked up into the sky and flew away without making a sound.

Mykel went back and everyone was staring at him as if they were seeing a ghost. He kept walking and then noticed Agnez looked so anxious all of a sudden, but he knew what scared her, or to be exact, what scared Mazikeen.

“Were you walking to get some fresh air or something?” Agnez asked anxiously as she stared at Mykel with a worried expression. She was sitting on the ground and barely ate the sandwich in her hand.

“Don’t worry, nothing happened,” Mykel said as he rubbed Agnez’s head. “It’s just bad timing that we came here at this time, but everything should be fine,” Mykel continued as he walked away and approached Jeanne with her lord’s knights.

“How is it feel to be treated as royalty, Jeanne?” Mykel asked as he watched the knights make a parameter around Jeanne and protect her from any threat.

Jeanne chuckled as she wiped the blood from her armor and shook her head. “Please, don’t say it like that. It makes me a bit uncomfortable,” Jeanne answered.

Mykel looked at all the knights and then one of them was staring at him. Mykel raised his eyebrows as he stared back at the knight, and then the knight approached him with his head lowered.

“Do you know who I am?” Mykel asked quietly.

The knight nodded his head. “Yes, everyone in Aersland knows after Prince Brynhilde tell her story in front of millions of people about your greatness, God Mykel,” The knight answered quietly.

Mykel looked at the forty knights around him, and he thought it was a great opportunity to make them all his Recipients. He didn’t mind if half of them died in Gehenna, as long as there was any survivor until they defeated Jael, it was good enough.

“Give me names, all of them,” Mykel said as he stared at the knight.

Mykel made all the forty knights his Recipients, and they all looked at him and were ready to bend their knees to worship him. Mykel warned them to keep it quiet and told them to act normally because Asmond and his team had been paying attention to him.

After an hour of resting, they all continued their journey.

A week had passed and the tower was still further away in the distance. They fought countless demons and it took a toll on their bodies and minds. Even Gunnar and the others started to feel depressed, and their mood swings were terrible that they sometimes fought over something so simple and unnecessary.

“How long until we can find that demon lord?” Jeanne asked Mykel as he stared at everyone behind them who looked tired.

“With this pace? Another week. The good side is, we won’t be having to deal with the demons when we come back here again later,” Mykel answered.

Jeanne was dumbfounded when she heard the answer because she might not be able to stay sane if she stayed there for another week and dealt with countless demons.

“If you think this is hard, then don’t hope that you can clear the higher floors,” Mykel said as he stared at Jeanne with a bit of disappointment.

“No, I’m only asking, that’s all,” Jeanne said as she smiled nervously.

Another week had passed. They were shocked when they encountered Jael’s servants on three different islands. They all had enough of it and went all out to kill them, and it didn’t take them long to kill them. Jeanne was the one who did the final blow so they wouldn’t be revived back by Jael.

They went to a different island and saw a giant wall blocking their path with a steel gate that was covered in dried blood and a different size of claw marks.

They could see the tall, ominous tower was right behind the wall, and they were bewildered by how wide the tower was. It was so wide that it looked like a mountain, and they couldn’t even see the end of it.

“This isn’t suspicious at all,” Agnez said as she stared at the gate in front of her. She looked like an ant in front of a door.

“Well, the real question is, how are we going to get through this gate?” Rozan asked.

The moment Rozan said that, the gate slowly opened. The whole ground trembled heavily and everyone fell to the ground. Mykel was standing still as he watched a black wing spread open from behind the gate.

An angel-like being was opening the door with his left hand while his right hand was holding a golden mace.

“Are we supposed to fight that thing?” Gunnar asked as he stared at the angel-like being that was an eighth of the size of the door.

“If you want to stay in here forever, then you can run. If you want to go home, he’s your only ticket back home,” Mykel replied. “I know that you guys are tired physically and emotionally. Now, this is your only chance to go all out and pour all your fatigue and emotions to this guy,”

Everyone readied their weapons, but Jael flapped his black feather wings toward them. It was enough to create havoc on his surroundings. He flew up above the cloud so quickly and they were all shocked by how fast he was even though his size was ginormous.

“Jeanne!” Agnez yelled as she ran toward her. “Hang on tight on your sword!” Agnez grabbed Jeanne’s wrist and threw her up into the sky. She then jumped as high as possible to catch up with Jeanne.

Jeanne was so confused, but she held her sword so tightly as Agnez said. A massive silhouette of Jael could be seen and it became bigger and bigger. A giant golden mace was coming down toward her, and she immediately activated [Harmony] and swung her sword to block it.

Jeanne was so surprised that her strength wasn’t a match for Jael’s strength. She tried her best to hold it down, and thankfully, Agnez came at the right moment and helped her. They both managed to repel the mace away from them, and Jeanne realized how different her strength was compared to Agnez’s.

“I can’t do this in this form,” Mazikeen’s voice could be heard coming out of Agnez’s mouth as they both were free-falling. “I will guide you on how to kill Jael, so follow Agnez’s instruction,” Mazikeen stared at Jeanne.

Jeanne nodded with understanding.

“This is going to be a hard fight,” Mazikeen said.


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