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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 219 Bahasa Indonesia

“Mykel, how are you? I have been wanting to introduce them to you but Miss Lyneth said that you were busy and wasn’t in town,” Asmond said as he pointed his hands at his new recruits.

“Yes, I was quite busy and I just came back last night,” Mykel answered with a smile on his face. “So, I have heard about them from Edith. She said they’re amazing Awakeners,” Mykel said as he looked at every single one of them.

Asmond happily introduced them to Mykel, and Mykel could tell they were admiring him because Asmond was praising him like a hero. Agnez and the others were just watching them from the distance and judgingly stared at them after Lillith told them about their presence in the vision.

Mykel’s thoughts were somewhere else. He was thinking about the vision and the fact that it wasn’t an illusion. The fact that Asmond had killed him in the vision told him that Asmond had attained [Semi-Deus] and [Deus Obscisor] altogether. The more Mykel thought about it, the more his mind became absent and drifted into a void with no light or end.

“It’s an honor to finally be able to see you in person, Mister Mykel. I’m a huge fan,” A man with brown silky hair stared at Mykel with his green eyes. His hand was reaching out to Mykel for a handshake.

Mykel stared at Rufus Kilgore’s hand. “Don’t look at me that way, you might be disappointed,” Mykel said with a gentle smile on his face as he shook Rufus’ hand. “Even Asmond had to see that side of me and I believe he doesn’t like it either,” Mykel continued as he stared at Asmond and patted his shoulder.

Asmond smiled and shook his head as he hid his face with a smile.

“You guys don’t have to say anything to me because I already recognize some of you. I wanted to see if what I heard is really the truth or if it’s just a rumor,” Mykel said as he looked at the five of them. “We are going to enter the hardest tower compared to the rest, so I want you to just focus on the tower now,”

Mykel walked away and went back to his team.

“Asmond, I have been paying attention to Mykel’s team, and they have been judgingly staring at us. Do you think they don’t like us being here with them?” A man with dark blue hair and gray eyes asked.

“No, I don’t think so, Silas. Maybe they’re curious about you guys since you have achieved what they achieved in the past. Don’t you hear what Mykel said? He recognizes you guys and I believe it’s also the same for them as well,” Asmond answered as he stared at Jeanne.

“Don’t stare at her like that, Asmond. You’re only going to creep her out,” Arum said as she stared at Asmond with a mocking smile.

Asmond didn’t realize that he had been staring at Jeanne which made the others notice it. He nervously chuckled softly as he looked at Arum and smiled at her.

“It can be helped. She’s his first love after all, and he’s still trying to get her heart,” A man with long blonde hair and brown eyes said.

“Don’t say that, Glen. Miss Enma would be mad at you if she heard you mentioning Asmond and Jeanne in the same sentence,” Roxanne said as she checked her scabbards on her waist. “Anyway, do you guys notice something weird about their equipment?” Roxanne asked.

Asmond stared at Gunnar’s pauldrons, and something was attached to each pauldron. It looked like a diamond, but it reflected a beautiful blueish color, and the other one reflected looked so crystal clear. Not only his armor but also his shield and ax.

“Yeah, all of them had something similar on them, I wonder what those things are,” Rufus replied as he stared at Sven’s scythe that he rested on his shoulder with a glowing orange-ish color energy stone on the blade.

“Let’s move,” Enma said as she walked past Asmond and the others.

“Yes, Ma’am,” all of them replied.

Rozan was walking right behind Mykel into the tower as he lifted a beautifully bright and colorful energy stone in his right hand. He was amazed by it and couldn’t help staring at it ever since it was completely soaked in purest energy.

“Are you sure you’re not going to use it? If not, give it to me,” Agnez said as she stared at the energy stone.

“No fucking way I’m going to give this away. Mykel himself helped me create this masterpiece!” Rozan said as he hid the energy stone inside his pocket. “You already have a different one. Why do you want more?”

Mykel was using Ra’s staff and transferred the power of the sun of Ra itself into the energy stone while they were waiting for Asmond. The energy stone contained all four elements. Even Mykel himself had no idea what the energy stone would be capable of.

Agnez unsheathed her sword and saw a dark purple energy stone attached to the blade.

“Well, I just want to compare it to what this does and what that one does,” Agnez answered as she stared at the energy stone.

The energy stone that was attached to Agnez’s sword was the energy stone that was made with [Hellfire] and since [Hellfire] could exterminate a demon soul entirely, Mykel knew what it was capable of. He made two of them and gave another one to Nagy.

“Anyway, are you sure you’re not going to make a socket on your sword, Jeanne?” Agnez asked.

“No, I don’t think I have the right to make a change of the sword and even if I do, this sword is already a masterpiece and I’m fine with this,” Jeanne answered as she held the sword handle with her left hand while it was sheathed.

“Fair enough, but you need to realize that we have fought a lot of strong demons. You need to be cautious because your sword might break if it finds its match. You have to think about that as well,” Agnez replied as she stared at the Soul Catcher sword.

“Yeah, I know,” Jeanne said.

They all entered the first floor and went all the way up to the tenth floor. Asmond and his team didn’t have the chance to show off what they were capable of because Agnez and the others hunted demons as if they were hungry for blood.

Asmond and his team entered the portal to the eleventh floor while Mykel and his team stayed behind for a bit. Mykel told Asmond that there were people from different worlds that would be waiting for them in there, and so he sent Asmond ahead.

“Before we enter the eleventh tower, I want to remind you guys that the Lucifer Tower is different from the rest. I believe you all still remember what I said about it back then, so I will choose Agnez, Jeanne, and Nagy to be at the front line,” Mykel said with a serious expression.

“Let me get this straight. We are entering his world, not the world that he conquered, and that means there will be no keys. We will have to go from the first floor whenever we revisit this tower, so I want the three of you to kill every single demon that you encounter,” Mykel explained as he stared at Jeanne, Agnez, and Nagy.

“The fewer demons that we encounter the easier it for us to clear this tower in the future. For now, let these three take care of the demons while the rest of you lure the demons toward them. I will make each one of you the same energy stone that Agnez and Nagy have later,” Mykel continued as he stared at them.

They all nodded with understanding and they didn’t complain about it since they knew Mykel just got back three days ago and was unconscious for three days. They knew he didn’t have enough time to prepare everyone for the energy stone. Even Agnez and Nagy had to pull the energy stone they had from their weapons and replace it with the one Mykel made earlier.

“Alright, let’s go,” Mykel said.

All of them entered the portal and were immediately welcomed by the heat.

[You have proven yourself in the trial. The fate of your world will depend on your will and power]

[You have entered Gehenna, First Floor.]

[Defeat Jael, The Second Demon Lord of Lucifer]


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