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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 218 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel was awoken by the sound of banging and people chattering in the distance. He opened his eyes and saw Lyneth sleeping next to him. He didn’t remember he was sleeping on the bed. He then got up and walked outside the bedroom. He saw people fixing the damage he had made to the apartment.

Mykel noticed that his shirt and pants were new, even his underwear looked new.

“Good morning, Mister Mykel,” Edith said as he stared at him from the kitchen counter.

“Good morning,” Mykel said as he walked toward the fridge to look for something fresh that he could drink because his mouth and throat were so dry. “How long have I been asleep?” Mykel asked as he grabbed a melon juice from the fridge.

“Three days,” Edith answered.

Mykel stopped drinking the juice and stared at Edith with a surprised expression.

“Three days? You should have woken me up yesterday because we are going to clear the Lucifer tower,” Mykel said as he hurriedly went back to the bedroom.

“We tried, but you looked like you were more unconscious than asleep, Mister Mykel,” Edith answered as she followed him.

“Tell everyone to go to District 13 now, we are leaving right away,” Mykel said as he grabbed his black shirt, blazer, and trouser from the wardrobe.

Edith nodded her head and immediately grabbed her phone.

“You’re awake? Why are you in a hurry?” Lyneth asked as she rubbed her eyes and tried to get up from bed.

“District 13, I promised them to meet up there,” Mykel said as he put on his blazer. “It’s going to take a while to come back, so I will see you as soon as I come back,” Mykel said as he smiled and kissed Lyneth on the left cheek.

Lyneth smiled and nodded as she went back to sleep.

Mykel and Edith walked into the hallway and waited for the lift. When the lift door was open, they saw Vixelleth and Zherlthsh standing in the lift. They both came out of the lift as they walked past Mykel, but then they both turned around after smelling his scent.

“You were there?” Vixelleth asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

“I did, and I came back after I thought him a lesson,” Mykel said with a smile as the lift door slowly closed in front of him.

Everyone arrived at District 13 and saw the amount of time and money they had to spend to make the bridge. They were also starting to rebuild the city with the theme of the city above the lake. Lyneth was the one who sponsored everything, and she said that it would be the best city that would belong to the Guild Association.

“I wonder how much money did Miss Lyneth spend for this project,” Gunnar asked as he looked at the construction site in the distance from the car window.

“Around ten billion zeny,” Mykel answered as he looked at what Gunnar was staring at.

“Holy shit, that’s a lot of money! How much money does she have?!” Rozan asked.

“A lot but most of the money came from me. So basically, this district belongs to me while Lyneth is the one who’s going to manage everything,” Mykel answered.

“Nice!” Rozan replied with a big smile on his face.

“Anyway, Edith. You said Asmond found his new recruits, who are these people?” Mykel asked as he stared at Edith from the rear-view mirror.

Edith gave Mykel the names of the recruits. There were ten Awakeners that Mykel didn’t recognize, and he thought those people were just side characters until Edith said those ten Awakeners could defeat five first demon lords.

Mykel started to feel suspicious about these Awakeners, and so he checked them using his [Admin] skill. Those names were so unfamiliar, but at the same time, their original skills were so powerful, and their growth was beyond Jeanne.

Mykel was surprised when he read their [Character] story, and all of them became an Awakener a week ago. It didn’t make any sense how these people suddenly appeared and joined Asmond’s team.

“Do you know these people are, Mykel?” Agnez asked.

“No, what’s more interesting about them is that they don’t even have a Benefactor yet. These people became an Awakener just a week ago, all of them,” Mykel answered.

“That’s really amazing. I know that we are not the only ones who have the talent, but they’re really amazing and we can’t deny it,” Jeanne said.

Mykel hummed in agreement, and he couldn’t wait to see them in person.

They all waited for Asmond’s team to come in front of the Lucifer Tower. Mykel used the time to ask Loki about the [Authority] skill because he was curious if it was possible to make someone Awakened. He knew for sure his [Admin] skill couldn’t do something like that, or maybe not yet.

Loki had never heard something like that before. He was also curious about it because becoming an Awakener was something that the system itself picked personally. Mykel knew about it already, but then he asked about a level 5 [Authority] and told Loki about what he heard from Lucifer.

Loki didn’t know anything about that, and it was the first time he heard about that as well. Mykel then told him to tell the others about the information he got about [Authority] so they could discuss it.

Mykel believed that a Constellation could request the system if they had their [Authority] skill level 5 to make someone an Awakener. He also believed that level 5 was the max level because there would be no reason to be above that with that amount of privileges.

“She must be the one who made it happen, but how much it cost for her to request that many Awakeners to the system,” Mykel said to himself as he stared at the sky.

“Here they are,” Agnez said with her arms crossed as he stared at the SUVs coming toward them.

Asmond and Enma came out of the front SUV, and then ten people came out of the cars behind them. The five names and faces were the ones that Mykel thought would be the strongest compared to the rest of them.

Rufus Kilgore, Silas Nichole, Roxanne Primrose, Glen Skylark, and Arum Orchard. Those names were the ones that Mykel was interested in, and the rest, he didn’t bother to look at.

“God damn, Roxanne and Arum are really a beauty,” Sven said as he exhaled and eyes squinted as he stared at a long, curly, red-haired woman with orange eyes and a short black-haired woman with bright blue eyes.

“Boss, can I ask you a favor?” Sven asked as he looked at Mykel.

Mykel raised his eyebrows as he stared back at Sven.

“Can you not take them? You already have beautiful women, so leave these ladies for us, please?” Sven asked with a desperate tone in his voice.

“That’s not for me to decide, so if those ladies rather choose me than you guys, don’t blame me for it. But I’m not planning on taking them, because as you said, I already have these women for myself,” Mykel said with a smile on his face while glancing at Agnez and Jeanne who were staring at him.

Lillith furrowed her eyebrows and thought she saw familiar faces. She then hurriedly walked toward Edith while Mykel stared at her with curiosity.

“What is it?” Mykel asked as he approached Lillith.

Lillith didn’t say anything as she stared Edith in the eye with a serious expression. It looked like she was reading Edith’s memories, so Mykel waited for her until she came back. It didn’t take long until Lillith came back as she gasped for air while holding her head.

Lillith turned around and looked at those people, and she seemed convinced for some reason.

“Mykel…” Lillith paused as she kept staring at them. “Those people were there, all of them,” Lillith said as she stared at Mykel with a worried expression.

Mykel didn’t know what Lillith was talking about, even Edith looked as confused as him.

“The vision that Edith had, when you were killed by Asmond’s hand,” Lillith said as she stared at Mykel in the eye. “Those people were there, cheering for your death,” Lillith continued as she pointed her index finger at them.

“I see,” Mykel replied as he stared at them without showing any expression.


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