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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 214 Bahasa Indonesia

“Fuck!” Agnez screamed in her trembling voice as Mykel pounded her from behind and choked her neck as she lay down on the bed with Mykel right on top of her. She couldn’t stop shaking and moaning in pleasure no matter how many times she already did that in the past few hours.

They both were covered in sweat, and Agnez was glancing at the balcony where the sun was already up. She covered her face with a pillow but Mykel pulled her head up to hear her moans. She looked to her left, both Lyneth and Jeanne were already passed out from having sex for a whole day.

“Turn over,” Mykel whispered as he pulled out and sat straight on his knees.

Agnez couldn’t even move a muscle and suddenly Mykel grabbed her legs and turned her over. Both her arms were being held above her head as Mykel pressed his left hand on them and used his right hand to choke on her while her legs were hanging off the side of the bed.

“Fuck… how many times have you filled me…” Agnez asked as she moaned and felt it inside her that it gave an unbelievable pleasure and made her whole body shake again.

Mykel pulled out and removed his hands from Agnez, but then she grabbed his right hand as she stared at him. “I want to clean it, I want to taste it,” She was out of breath as she pulled him with the strength she had left.

Mykel put his right knee on the bed as he pulled his messy bang back up and watched Agnez lick and suck him deep.

“Are you done? Don’t you have enough?” Mykel asked.

Agnez didn’t say anything as she kept licking, sucking, and staring him in the eye. She was enjoying it, the expression Mykel made, and she didn’t want to stop until finally, he pushed her head back.

“You’re going to leave now?” Agnez exhaled deeply as she covered her eyes with her left forearm and licked her lips.

I still have a few hours, but I will use it to relax while taking a bath,” Mykel answered as he grabbed a towel on the bed to wipe his sweat but then realized the towel was drenched with another thing already.

“How long you will be there?” Agnez asked as she stared at Mykel drinking a bottle of water.

“Who knows,” Mykel answered as he walked toward the bathroom.

Mykel was done taking a bath and he looked at the three of them laying on the bed sleeping with their naked bodies uncovered and exposed by the sun. He looked at the notification and he had a minute left before he got teleported to the Hall of Triumph.

Mykel walked out to the living room and grabbed his gloves. “Alright, here we go,” Mykel said as he tightened his gloves on his hands and teleported to Hall of Arcana, Temple of Triumph.

The same place, the same smell, but this time there were thousands of Gods and Goddesses around him. The moment he walked through the crowd, those Gods and Goddesses went silent and stared at him. He stared at them back and just smirked as he kept walking toward the closed giant doors.

The door slowly opened and the first thing Mykel saw was the Heptagon table with Hera and the others were sitting at the table staring at the door. Hera, Loki, and Aphrodite smiled at him because they were happy to see him while Ra stared at him and he looked a bit angry.

Mykel looked at the Gods and Goddesses flying to their seats, and it made him realize that he didn’t choose a faction. He had no place to sit, but then he looked at all the empty seats on the bottom right side of the Heptagon. It used to be the place for Gods and Goddesses from the Death faction, and so he used it and sat in the front row since those Gods and Goddesses moved to different factions.

Mykel stared at Nyx, and she just casually sat there with her legs and arms crossed. She suddenly glanced at him and didn’t show any expression toward him while Mykel waved his hand above the armrest at her with a smile to mock her. She scoffed and showed a bit of a smile after that and then continued to stare at the table.

Everyone was present in the Heptagon because it appeared the system was the one in charge of bringing them there. Mykel noticed that both Mara and Lucifer weren’t present and he believed if his [Authority] skill was above or equal to level 4, he could deny or decline the system, or maybe because they were the head of a Major Arcana. But he realized if that was the case, both Nyx and Odin could decline the system and didn’t join the meeting.

Hera stood up and looked around. “It’s been too long since the chair of the Death Arcana is empty, we can’t ignore this situation and start to find a new head to lead the Gods and Goddesses of Death,” Hera said as she walked around the table. “With that being said, we will find the most suitable candidates and vote who’s befitting to sit on the Heptagon,” Hera continued as she looked at Nyx.

“Who are the candidates?” Odin asked as he rubbed the raven’s head on his shoulder.

Loki raised his hand as he stood up. “I will propose Hel as the new head of the Death Arcana since she had proven herself worthy to be one after winning a war recently,” Loki said as he sat on top of the table with his legs crossed.

“I propose Hades to become the next Death Arcana,” Nyx said as she glared at Loki with a smirk on her face.

Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena stared at Nyx in disbelief with their eyes squinted, but then Hera looked at the others. “Who else wants to propose a candidate for the head of Death Arcana?” Hera asked.

They all shook their heads since they had no names that could fight against those two. Ra was planning to propose Anubis, but after looking at the situation he was in and the situation between the Greeks Gods and the Norse Gods, he stayed quiet.

Before Hera could say something, Nyx stood up and raised her hand. “Before we start voting, how about changing the voting system?” Nyx said with a smile and eyebrow raised as she stared at Hera. “Let us, the twenty heads do the voting? Let’s make it fair,”

Hera hesitated, and she didn’t know what the others were thinking because they didn’t show any expression at all. On the other hand, Nyx was the one who was talking, and they all didn’t want to get themselves into trouble after losing to her in the war.

“What’s wrong, Hera? Are you scared?” Nyx asked with a mischievous smile on her face as she walked toward her. “Are you scared that Hades would win if we did it fairly? Do you think I don’t know what you have been doing behind everyone’s back? You have planned everything and did all that just for this moment, but I won’t let it happen so easily,” Nyx said up close to Hera’s face.

“Of course, it’s just a suggestion,” Nyx said as she walked past Hera and stared at all the Gods and Goddesses in the spectator seats. “But, I have been quiet during the war,” Nyx stared at her black shiny nails. “If I want to, I can kill every single one of you the moment you all leave this place,” Nyx smirked and chuckled.

“I will remember every face in this hall, and those who will vote for Hel, I will personally come to you and destroy everything that you have,” Nyx said with a serious expression. “So, don’t you all agree, if you let the voting be internal rather than getting involved in this?” Nyx asked.

Hera took a deep breath as she felt Nyx’s presence coming toward her.

“So, how about we do this fairly? You can choose, do you want to gain a head or lose thousands of bodies?” Nyx whispered into Hera’s ear.

Hera nodded her head slightly. “Alright, let’s make the voting just between the heads and we will do this fairly,” Hera answered as she stared at Nyx from the corner of her eyes.

“I know you’re smart, Hera,” Nyx said as she walked away and giggled mischievously.


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