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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 213 Bahasa Indonesia

“Why it smells so bad here so suddenly?” Gunnar asked as he covered his mouth and nose with his right hand.

“What do you mean? Don’t you listen to what Manna said? We are literally going to the dumping site for human bodies. Of course it would be smell here,” Rozan replied as he smacked Gunnar in the head with his staff.

Everyone knew that the smell was already bad, but they couldn’t help but to complain about how nauseating and pungent it was. No matter how hard they tried to cover their noses and mouths, the smell struck through their hands and masks. The smell was so foul that it made them want to puke and gag at the same time.

They finally saw Mictlan, the pit of death right in front of them, and the tower was only a hundred meters away from the pit. It was a giant circle pit that was made with stone, and they saw the swollen hands and legs hanging on the edge. They were all rotten and they could see the bones inside while the maggots were enjoying the feast.

“Fuck this! I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to burn everything down,” Rozan said as he pointed at the pit and lit the pit like a giant bonfire.

Little that they know that Rozan was doing the right thing because the moment he lit the pit, all those dead bodies started screaming. They could hear the screams and noticed those screams were similar to the screams when they destroyed the totem. They realized all this time, those evil spirits were coming from those dead bodies.

“Oh, you guys don’t like it? I will give you more for free!” Rozan said as he made the fire more powerful that it looked like a blow torch.

The screams slowly faded away and Rozan didn’t stop until he made sure the screams stopped.

In the end, the screams stopped, but something didn’t seem right because the flame was getting weaker and weaker even though Rozan didn’t do anything to the flame. The fire got extinguished, and he was so confused, but then a purple blazing flame blew over the whole pit and the shockwave made everyone fall on their backs.

A pitch-black figure appeared from the pit and it kept growing bigger and bigger as the purple flame grew with it. Everyone stared at that figure, unable to make out what it was until it decided to put its hand on the ground with its pitch-black hand with long claws. It wasn’t the skin of the figure that made it black, but the smoke that covered its whole body that made them unable to see what was beneath it.

“Golgos, we meet again,” Manna said as she stood up and drew her sword from her back.

A fiendish figure with two legs and four arms walked toward them with his massive body that was as tall as a three-stories building. Golgos with his glowing purple eyes and mouth raised all his four arms and suddenly blazed the ground with the purple flame like an explosion that moved toward them.

Rami created earth walls in front of them and managed to protect everyone from the flame.

“Remember, no magic! It will only feed his power, so just use magic to protect ourselves and the others while they’re fighting him,” Rami said to Rozan and the other mages.

Manna jumped over the earth wall and was then followed by Agnez and the others. They watched Manna dodge all the flames that appeared out of nowhere from the ground. They were curious how she knew, but then they saw the ground got burned before the flames appeared.

“He’s quite squishy, so don’t hold back and just be careful with the fire,” Manna said as she walked through the purple flame.

Agnez and Jeanne smiled as they drew their swords. Both of them activated [Harmony], and then Agnez activated [Demonic Manifestation]. They ran past Manna and were already in front of Golgos in less than a second.

“Death,” Lillith said as she stared at Agnez and Jeanne.

Asmond and Manna looked at Lillith with a puzzled look, but then a notification appeared in front of them. They were shocked when they saw that Golgos had been defeated. They only turned their attention toward Lillith for a few seconds, but when they looked back to the front, Golgos was already turned into pieces.

“Great, we aren’t doing anything again here,” Sven said as he sighed and rested his scythe on his shoulder.

“There’s no use complaining, they’re in their own league and the boss is also in a hurry, so yeah,” Vincze said as he looked at Mykel who was busy donating Arcana Coins for the clearance.

Mykel distributed the chest, but since there were only four chests, they gave one to Rami. The other three were given to Asmond so he could give it to his team since Mykel wanted to make him believe that Mykel cared about him.

Mykel approached Manna and grabbed her shoulder from behind. “I’m leaving, so you take care of the rest,” Mykel whispered behind her ear.

Manna nodded with understanding.

“I will see you in a week, Asmond,” Mykel said.

“A week? You’re not going to clear another tower?” Asmond asked as he sheathed his sword.

“No, I have an important thing to do and it’s better for you to prepare as well since we will be going to the Lucifer tower. You can use the time you have for training or find talented people,” Mykel answered as he shook his head.

“Alright, I will do both at the same time,” Asmond nodded his head with understanding. “See you next week then,” Asmond continued.

Mykel just smiled and nodded, then he left and went inside the portal with the others.

“Why are you in a hurry, Mykel?” Agnez asked.

“I’m going to attend a big meeting with all the Constellations. We are going to vote and choose a new head for the Death Arcana,” Mykel answered as he walked in the endless hallway.

“So, you’re going to leave now?” Agnez asked again.

“No, I still have a day before I leave. In the meantime…” Mykel paused as he looked at Agnez and Jeanne. He then wrapped his arms on their waists and pulled them closer. “I remember someone said that they want to have some fun,” Mykel said as he glanced at both of them.

Agnez smiled while Jeanne looked a bit puzzled.

“Wait, I didn’t say that,” Jeanne replied.

“Oh, shut up. If you don’t want to then don’t join us, that simple,” Agnez said as she scoffed.

Mykel slowly removed his right hand from Jeanne’s waist, but then she pulled it back. She held his hand so tightly and didn’t want to let go, it made Mykel chuckle softly.

“Do you think Miss Lyneth wants to join us as well?” Agnez asked as she looked at Mykel.

“We will find out,” Mykel answered with a smile as he stared at the exit.

Gunnar and the others were just staring at them from behind and listening to their weird conversation.

“Man, I want that,” Sven said quietly.

“What do you mean you want that? You already had sex like dozens of times with those chicks on TV. You even paid four prostitutes to just suck your dick,” Lillith said as she glanced at Sven. “Aren’t you still having a burn when peeing?” Lillith continued as she chuckled.

“Wait! You’re looking into my memories?!” Sven asked and he looked so guilty and nervous.

Everyone stared at Sven with disgust and slowly moved away from him.

“It’s obvious. You were groaning whenever you came out from the bathroom lately, and I was curious what happened to you,” Lillith answered with her eyebrows furrowed. “You need to check it to the doctor or maybe asked Mykel to heal your dick for you,”

“Shut up, Lilly,” Sven said in an annoyed and angry tone.

“Let’s change the topic, it’s disgusting,” Vincze said as he stared at Sven with disgust. “Why are you not joining them, Lilly? I thought you have that kind of relationship with the boss,”

“No, I don’t like men in general so I’m not interested in those things. Though, I like to watch when I read their memories. Jeanne, Agnez, and Miss Lyneth,” Lillith answered.

“Isn’t that make you a pervert then?” Vincze asked.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Lillith asked with her eyebrows raised. “You would do the same if you have what I have so don’t be a hypocrite,”

Vincze shrugged his mouth and raised his hands and eyebrows as he backed away.

“Anyway, what are we going to do now since we will be waiting for a week?” Gunnar asked.

“If you guys don’t have any plan, why don’t you guys help me make energy stones? I will make a lot of them for you guys in return,” Rozan replied as he looked at them.

“Yeah, sure, we are in,” Gunnar said, and then the others nodded their heads in agreement.


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