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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 210 Bahasa Indonesia

The sound of the explosion could be heard clearly in the distance, and Mykel looked at the smoke and dust floating in the air with a stoic expression. The others were busy dealing with tribal people, and Mykel stood on the side and was ready to help if needed.

“Jeanne, can you deal with these shadows already? I can’t do anything if these fuckers are chasing me,” Rozan said as he cast a fireball but the shadows were unaffected by it. His magic went right through them which was quite interesting because a demon or a spirit should be weak against fire.

“They seem to be endless! I have been trying to get rid of them but the shaman or the totem keeps sending out these shadows!” Jeanne replied as she slashed the shadows around her. “How are we supposed to deal with that thing if he’s up there?” Jeanne looked up in the sky where Agnez had turned into Mazikeen and was playing with the shaman.

Mazikeen sucked all the evil spirits that were released from the totem because it was the only way to deal with them. It also satiated her hunger which was a great opportunity that wouldn’t come twice. She could just deal with the shaman but it had been a while since she had a feast like that.

“Agnez, Mazikeen, can you deal with the shaman already?!” Jeanne yelled as she was protecting Lillith and Rozan.

“How noisy,” Mazikeen glanced down at Jeanne.

Mazikeen flew toward the shaman and the shadows were still trying to protect him from her even though it was useless. She broke through the shadows and dispersed them with her wings, and then she grabbed the shaman’s head and crushed it like an egg.

Although the shaman’s head was crushed by Mazikeen’s left hand, his body was still moving normally and grabbed her wrist with both hands. He tried to transfer the dark magic to her, but little did the shaman know that he was dealing with the embodiment of chaos herself.

“This is why I hate weak-willed, brainless demons!” Mazikeen said as she threw the shaman down to the ground with all her might.

The ground shook heavily and everyone in the city could feel it, and not only that, they also heard a loud sonic bombing sound. They had no idea what happened over there, but the enemies they were fighting were still attacking them and throwing poisonous needle-like darts at them.

Little did they know that the city was slowly sinking because of Mazikeen. The temple and the buildings were falling to the ground because of erosion. They had to run away while Gunnar and Enma protected everyone from the flying darts. The city was slowly being swallowed by the earth because of Mazikeen, but thankfully, they all managed to escape.

“Are you crazy?!” Rozan asked as he protected Jeanne and Lillith from the damage.

“I did the job as she asked,” Mazikeen said as she looked at pieces of body parts all over the ground. “Anyway,” Mazikeen descended and grabbed the totem hidden behind the debris. “Here, destroy it,” Mazikeen threw the totem toward them and landed in front of Jeanne.

The totem couldn’t even protect the shaman from Mazikeen’s brute strength, and it would be impossible for him to come back to life with missing body parts.

“I should have known…” Rozan mumbled to himself.

Rozan pointed his staff at the totem and melted it with fire. The same thing happened and Jeanne immediately slashed them all before the evil spirits could taste the fresh air.

Mykel was healing the poisoned Awakeners and the same thing happened again, a high-pitched scream could be heard from the sky and it flew away. It indicated that the totem had been destroyed for good.

“Everything is destroyed…” Citall stared at the remains of the biggest civilization in Eagers with a grim face.

“Anything can be rebuilt as long as there are still people in this world, Citall. I will help you rebuild your world once this is over, I promise you that,” Manna said as she stood next to Citall.

Manna knew it wasn’t the demons or the shaman who was responsible for the destruction, but it was either Jeanne or Agnez. She believed it was Agnez who was responsible for the destruction since she knew how ruthless and destructive Agnez was.

“Yes, you’re right. We will rebuild this world into a better place for everyone. It’s a good chance for us to become one as well,” Citall nodded in agreement as he looked at Manna in admiration.

Agnez and the others walked along the remaining walls that had been cracked and damaged by erosion. They were staring at the devastation with a sense of guilt, but Agnez didn’t feel any remorse since it wasn’t her who did it. Mazikeen was the one to blame for that.

“We destroyed the totem and killed the shaman as well,” Rozan said. “Also, I’m sorry about the city, it was kind of out of control and this happened,” Rozan said with a bit of guilt as he stared at Manna and Citall.

“You don’t have to apologize, we are grateful for your help and this is something we can’t control. This is the risk that we, the people of Eagers to take,” Citall replied and started to accept the reality.

“Where are we going next?” Agnez asked Manna.

Manna looked at Citall, who was already deep in thought, and hoped that he knew what to do and where to go next.

“Since this shaman has been killed, the people from the other tribes should be freed from the evil spirits. We should go and check the other tribes if they’re okay or not and maybe Ohnen the leader of Ahucte tribe know something about the other shamans,” Citall answered as he pointed his finger up to the north.

With nothing more to add, they all followed Citall to the north, leaving some people behind to search for the survivors from the erosion.

“How are you doing, Asmond,” Mykel asked as he walked toward him since they were on a small break. “You seem troubled,” Mykel continued as he leaned while Asmond was sitting under the same tree.

“I’m fine,” Asmond answered with a forced smile while staring at Enma.

“No you’re not. Come on, you can tell me what’s on your mind,” Mykel said as he sat next to Asmond and lit his cigarette.

“I have been thinking that I don’t fit in this position that I’m in. I know that Kastor trusted me with his legacy, but it feels like I can’t move freely anymore because all the responsibilities that I’m taking in are strangling me,” Asmond explained quietly because he didn’t want Enma or his team to hear his whine.

“What’s wrong with having responsibility?” Mykel asked as he puffed the smoke.

“It’s not what I mean, Mykel…” Asmond shook his head.

“I know what you mean, you don’t like being dragged down by these people here, right?” Mykel asked with a smirk.

Asmond hesitated, but then he nodded his head in agreement. “How can you hold your urge to go out there and kill the demons?” Asmond asked but then he scoffed and shook his head. “I guess it’s because you’re already so strong that you don’t have to dirty your hands to kill them, huh?” Asmond continued with a smile.

“You’re totally right,” Mykel answered as he stared at his cigarette in between his fingers. “But being too powerful is boring. That’s why I brought them with me,” Mykel nodded up at Agnez and the others who were laughing at each other. “You should find people that you can be comfortable with. Be with them, see them become strong so they can help you here in the tower,” Mykel looked at Asmond with a smile on his face.

“Quality always beat quantity, and I have proven that. If you want to follow my step, go be like Kastor and Caesar. They’re looking for talents and you were the one they picked. How was it when you were with them? Was it fun? Was it memorable? Was it make you happy and comfortable?” Mykel asked as he stood up and wiped the ashes off of his blazer.

“It was the best moment of my life,” Asmond answered as he looked down.

“Then do the same. Find the new talents, make them strong,” Mykel said as he offered his hand to Asmond.

Asmond looked at Mykel and slowly smiled then grabbed Mykel’s hand.

“I will try, and thank you for listening to my problems, Mykel,” Asmond said as he wreathed in a smile.

Mykel smiled back at Asmond and nodded his head. He walked away and burned the cigarette in his hand. “Good luck finding them,” Mykel said in his mind while smirking.


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