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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 209 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel and the rest of them came and saw Citall with the tribal people staring at Jeanne as if they were seeing a God. Citall turned around and saw him, and when he was about to lift his spear, Manna stopped him and told him that they were friendly and came with her.

“What happened to you, Jeanne?” Rozan asked with his eyebrows raised.

“She’s dumb enough to play with a totem filled with evil spirits. She was lucky that she could fight it with her sword or she would be possessed by them,” Agnez said as she helped Jeanne stand by putting Jeanne’s arm around her neck.

“Evil spirits? That sounds bad,” Rozan replied as he looked at Citall who had been staring at them.

“It is, and I think everyone should be careful from now on. Nobody here are immune from getting possessed because I don’t think you have the skill to protect yourself from the inside. Let me and Jeanne take the frontline from now on. You can ignore my words and do as you please, but if you’re getting possessed, I will gladly take your life,” Agnez said as she looked at everyone with a serious expression on her face.

Everyone just stood there and stared at each other, not saying a single word, without blinking an eye. They were more scared of Agnez than the demons since they had seen how fierce and ruthless she was, and how she wasn’t afraid to stare them down.

Enma approached Asmond with a stern expression. “Asmond, we need to talk, now,” Enma said and she sounded so upset.

Agnez told Mykel about what happened there and how Jeanne ended up in that condition. She also told him about Citall and the current situation in the Eagres World. She said that things were getting worse and that Citall and the people with him were the last of them.

“Okay, we should over the mountain to meet with the other tribes before the shaman take them,” Mykel said and nodded his head with understanding.

“We are going now?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows raised.

“It appears that someone is getting a scolding over there,” Mykel replied and stared at Asmond who was talking with Enma in the distance. “We can start moving afterward,” Mykel continued.

“What it’s all about?” Gunnar asked with his arms crossed.

“Leaving his men behind while joining you guys in action. Enma and the others seem to not like it at all,” Mykel answered as he looked at the Awakeners from the Fraternity, they were all staring at Enma who seemed upset and disappointed at Asmond.

They all chuckled and shook their heads.

Jeanne used the opportunity to rest and drink [Stamina Potion] while enjoying the view with the others. Agnez asked if the spirits that she killed ended up inside the sword, and Jeanne answered that they did and she could see how they died. Unlike, Lillith, she couldn’t see all their memories and could only see the few seconds before they died.

Soul Catcher sword couldn’t gain any power from killing a normal human or a lesser demon, or even a low-rank demon. It could only gain power from killing Awakeners and Demon Lords and their servants. At that moment, she only had Kazguul power in her sword which was worth mentioning.

“Wait, if she gained that much power, doesn’t that means there were at least hundreds of Awakeners’ souls inside that swords?” Rozan asked.

“One thousand twenty-six to be exact. That sword had killed that many worths of souls that made Jeanne this powerful,” Mykel answered as he stared at Jeanne who stared at the sword.

“Shit, that sword should be hundreds of years old. I can’t imagine what kind of pain that you felt back then when you took it from the ground,” Rozan said as he looked at Jeanne.

While they were talking about the sword and tried to get information about Empyrean, but Mykel didn’t want to elaborate, Asmond and Enma came and he looked down for some reason.

“I heard that you guys are waiting for me and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’m good to go now,” Asmond said as he looked at Mykel with a bit of guilt on his face.

“No problem,” Mykel gently smiled. “Let’s move then,”

They all started to go to the east where the mountain was. Some of them stayed behind and took care of the tribal people that were possessed by evil spirits and brought them to Minak’s tribe, Cuttob.

It took them two days to reach the base of the mountain. Citall showed them the way to reach the other side of the mountain because Manna and Rami didn’t know how since they used a portal to go to the seventeenth floor.

A day had passed and they finally stood on the other side of the mountain. Gunnar and the others were amazed by the beautiful temples that were visible in the distance and surrounded by lush trees. The morning mist that hid the ground made the Eagres World look so peaceful and magical.

“Coachel, The city of Puled tribe. The biggest tribe in Eagres,” Citall said and pointed at the nearest temple with only the top half visible.

“That’s closer than I thought. As long as the shaman is still alive, we don’t have to worry about the black magic and you guys can finally be useful,” Agnez said as she walked down the hill. “Just remember what I said back then, and Asmond, don’t make the same moronic decision again,” Agnez stared at Asmond with a serious expression.

“I know my priority now,” Asmond said as he nodded his head.

“Good, let’s keep moving,” Agnez said as she followed CItall from behind.

It didn’t take long after they reached the base of the mountain to meet a group of people. Citall knew those people and turned out those people were evacuating to Cuttob tribe. Citall asked them about the situation, and they told them it was already too late to save their tribe because the shaman already occupied the Puled tribe.

“What’s the plan?” Gunnar stared Agnez.

“Knowing they’re not even that strong, just capture them all and tie them up because they will be freed once we kill the shaman. Our main priority is to find the shaman and the totem. You know what happened back there, so you’re going to deal with the shaman and the totem for us, Rozan,” Agnez explained and looked at the distance.

“Leave it to me!” Rozan said proudly.

“You guys are going to stay and deal with the tribal people while Lilly, Jeanne, Rozan, and I are going to find the totem. Lilly, you know what to do and find the shaman for us,” Agnez ordered.

“I already found it,” Lillith answered.

“Great, let’s go and find him,” Agnez said as she unsheathed her sword.

Gunnar and the others followed Manna and Rami since they both knew the world more than them. Since they were going to be a distraction, they used the main path to enter the city. They were careful not to make any noise or create any kind of suspicion, and they made it to the city without any problems.

“Citall,” Manna stared at Citall as she nodded her head.

Citall nodded back at her and started shouting a war cry then followed by the others.

The city was massive and could be compared to the Veatika Empire. Since there were only a few buildings that were scattered inside the wall, the roads were spacious and their voices echoed throughout the city. The city was beautiful, and it had a sense of history and grandeur to it. It was an ideal place to live, and it was clear that many people had lived there for many years.

“Looks like we are hitting the jackpot, ladies,” Rozan said as he stared at the altar in the distance from outside the wall. The altar was covered in shadows that were flying in circles.

“That’s exactly what Miss Edith and I saw when we found the secret room,” Jeanne said.

“Manna and the others already gave the signal, now do your job,” Agnez said as she stared at Rozan.

“No need to tell me that, I can hear it as well,” Rozan replied as he pointed his staff at the wall.

The sky was bright with barely any clouds covering it, but a lightning bolt struck the altar out of nowhere. A flame appeared and it seemed there was flammable material on the altar. Knowing that, Rozan used the opportunity to fuel the fire with wind and created a massive flame pillar on the altar.

“I think you missed,” Agnez said as she looked at the flying shadows that were still circling the altar.

“There’s no way I missed. You’re seeing it right now how big that flame is,” Rozan replied.

The shadows slowly descended and disappeared behind the wall. The wall suddenly broke and the one who did it was the shadows with a man who rode the shadows in a weird looking mask. The man in the mask had a strange, eldritch appearance, and his cape was long and black with a totem in his hand.

“Of course the shaman is immune to magic, why am I so surprised,” Rozan sighed in annoyance with his eyebrows raised.

“As long as he has the totem, it appears he’s immune to magic since the shadows are protecting him. Let’s deal with that first,” Agnez said as she readied her stance.


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