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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 190 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel and Loki went back to Niflheim, and Mykel’s body released steam because of the difference in temperature between Tartarus and Niflheim.

“Here, has some wine,” Dionysus offered a cup of wine to Mykel. “How was it? Do you think they’re going to win the battle against Nyx?” Dionysus asked.

“It depends,” Mykel grabbed the wine and then emptied the cup immediately. “If they stick with their objective, then they will succeed,”

“Nyx looked quite pissed that she decided to release the prisoners of Tartarus to fight them,” Loki said as he sat down on his seat.

Hedone, Dionysus, and Keres were shocked when they heard about Nyx releasing the prisoners of Tartarus.

“They’re going to be fine, just focus on our next move now because this will be the final and decisive battle,” Mykel said as he stared at both of them.

Mykel sat down on Hera’s seat, he looked at the empty hall and thought about the possibility of his plan didn’t go as he planned. Although everything had been or mostly in his favor, things could easily turn over even if he played it carefully.

“Hmm? Something bothers you, Mykel?” Loki rested his head on his hand with his long black hair covering half his face.

“No, just having thoughts,” Mykel answered, he then looked at Hel. “Are you ready to lead them to war, Hel?”

“Yes, Loki and Thor will help me lead them into war. Having both of them on my side is more than enough,” Hel answered while she rubbed Fenrir’s mane.

“Good, let’s summon everyone here,” Mykel stood up and walked up to his throne.

(In Tartarus)

Nyx with darkness over her shoulders flew toward Hera and pulled Hera down using the darkness from above. It didn’t take long for her to overwhelm the light with darkness but Hera resisted by wrapping herself with her wings.

Hera in her phoenix form covered her whole body with her wings and made her look like an egg. The light that she produced became brighter and brighter which pushed the darkness away from her.

“You can hide for as long as you can, but darkness will follow you everywhere,” Nyx said as she tried to confine Hera with a black mist by pulling her right hand.

The crackling sound from the sky distracted Nyx and she saw Zeus’s bolt of lightning pierce Kronos’s body. She used her left hand and tried to do the same thing to Zeus but then her right hand got pulled away from her.

Nyx saw the black mist get absorbed into Hera and gave Hera more power. She was annoyed and decided to use both hands to crush Hera with darkness, but then Hera spread her wings as she screamed.

Hera released energy that was ten times more destructive than a supernova. All the dark mist dispersed with the shockwave that she released, and flattened everything in her vicinity.

Poseidon had to protect everyone with a water barrier that was impossible to breach but the shockwave easily destroyed the barrier. Thankfully, he had prepared multiple barriers behind it and protected everyone from it while Hera became one with darkness and retreated.

Hera flapped her wings as she looked at where Nyx would be, and then she saw a thick mist fly away to the mountain. She didn’t hesitate and flew toward it to catch up on it while the heatwave burned everything below her into ashes.

“Father! Leave them to us! You should go and bring him back!” Ares said as he slashed his sword at Kronos’ body.

Zeus looked at Ares and Poseidon, he hesitated for a moment but then Persephone approached him and told him that Hades was somewhere inside the tower. She could feel Hades’ presence and knew exactly that its presence belonged to him.

“Hermes, you come with us,” Zeus said as he looked at Hermes who hid behind Poseidon.

Hermes nodded his head and then the three of them flew to the Tower of Tartarus.

Hestia, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, and the other powerful Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology fought all the titans with all their might. They knew that they couldn’t win against all of them at once, not in the slight chance, but as long as they could give time for Zeus to bring back Hades, it would be worth it.

Zeus, Hermes, and Persephone landed in front of the gate into the tower of Tartarus. Persephone could feel Hades’ presence from the top floor, and so they immediately flew to where she pointed at and avoid fighting the beasts and beings that were imprisoned inside.

Zeus struck the tower with his lightning and teleported to where it struck. Hermes and Persephone caught up to him and the three of them started looking around what looked like a chamber room without walls.

Persephone ran toward the dark corner and suddenly stopped before she entered the darkness.

“My love,” Persephone said as she stared at something in the corner.

The sound of footsteps was approaching Persephone from the shadow, and then Hades appeared in his black fur robe. He stared at Persephone with a straight face but then he slowly frowned his eyebrows and gently rubbed her left cheek.

“What are you doing here,” Hades asked with his eyebrows raised.

“To be with you,” Persephone answered as she held Hades’ arm with both hands.

Hades slightly smiled, he then looked at Zeus and his smile immediately disappear.

“What do you want from me, brother?” Hades asked with a bit of dislike.

“To bring you back to Mount Olympus,” Zeus answered as he stayed still from the moment he entered the tower. “What are you thinking, brother? To leave your wife behind and decided to join her instead?”

Hades started to chuckle and turned into laughter. “You came all the way down here to bring me back, brother? After you punished me for everything I did, and when I decided to leave for good, you want me back?” Hades asked as he shook his head. “You hate me, and yet you can’t even leave me alone,”

“Because you’re my brother, that’s the only reason why we are all here to risk our lives to bring you back,” Zeus answered. “I don’t care if you want to go back or not, but I will bring you back,”

“You don’t even have to threaten me, brother. I can go back whenever I want, it’s not like Nyx or Lucifer are the ones who forced me to be here,” Hades said as he walked toward the table and sat at it.

Zeus, Hermes, and Persephone stared at Hades with a perplexed look.

“Then why not come back? What are you doing here?” Zeus asked as he approached Hades.

“Because this is what I want, brother,” Hades said as he grabbed a bronze jug and poured himself a cup of wine. “You’re thinking that this is wrong, you’re not wrong about it, but you missed a big picture behind why I want to do this,” Hades continued as he looked at his own reflection in the wine.

Zeus sat down and decided to listen, he knew that forcing Hades to go back wouldn’t work.

“Do you understand, brother? If the demons lose their power if Lucifer loses to all the worlds, what do you think will happen to us? The Gods?” Hades stared at Zeus.

“Peace, what else do you think?” Zeus replied with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Emptiness, brother, peace means emptiness. Emptiness is nothing but a boring and dull life for us, immortals,” Hades answered and offered the cup of wine to Zeus. “Without them, we are nothing and we will be back to where we spend our times doing nothing with no proper reason to stay alive,”

“All these fancy things that we have right now, all the excitement of rivalry, isn’t that what you want? To show who’s the strongest God! And who can rule over all the Gods!” Hades explained as he stood up and spread his arms open.

Zeus looked at Hades with sympathy and didn’t say anything.

“Do you understand if this is over, everything that you have right now will disappear? People from different worlds are worshipping you, the power that they gave you, the wealth, and the pride as a God! Are you really going to let all of that disappear?” Hades looked at Zeus with his eyebrows and frowned.

Hades sighed and then he walked around the table and stood right next to Zeus. He put his hand on Zeus’s shoulder and gently gripped Zeus’s shoulder.

“Let me be the evil God so everyone can live in this moment, forever, my brother,” Hades said as he looked at Zeus with sincerity.


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