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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 189 Bahasa Indonesia

“Is that even possible?” Jeanne asked and then glanced at a group of Constellations who were chilling on the other side of the room while holding a cup of wine that Dionysus provided.

“It won’t be easy because the situation above isn’t as peaceful as you think. These Gods and Goddesses are also in the middle of a conflict between factions because of the same reason that we have here,” Mykel answered and grabbed a cup of wine that Dionysus offered.

“I have to confess that everything that I did in the past made this whole mess not only down here on Earth but also up there in the Constellations,” Mykel stood up as he swirled the wine. “The reason why the breakout happened so early and why the demons were so strong, it was all because of me,”

Everyone stared at Mykel and didn’t say a word.

“It’s the risk that I had to take, but so far everything is still under control and went as I expected. I have said before that I chose all of you so you all can become the best Awakeners in the world. Right now, you all have met my expectation, but that’s not enough because we are all racing against time,” Mykel said as he sat on top of the desk and stared blankly at the wine.

“If we are lacking even for a day, the chance that we are going to lose this war is getting higher and higher,” Mykel continued and looked at them.

“Is that even true? I mean, you barely do some action lately, and we have seen it ourselves that you destroyed the whole District 13 on your own and defeated the real threat during the second breakout,” Rozan asked as he chuckled, but Hera and the others just stared at him with a smile on their faces. “Wait, you’re being serious?” Rozan’s expression changed drastically.

“You know nothing about us, Constellations, human,” Hera said and drank her wine. “It’s better for you to keep doing your best and follow his orders if you want to survive,” Hera continued as she walked toward Mykel.

Hera whispered something into Mykel’s ear, she was talking about Ra and he accepted her request to help them. The reason why she and the others came to Earth was to discuss it and also about the plan of attacking the Death Arcana faction that Hel was going to lead.

“I see, let’s go to Niflheim and discuss this matter,” Mykel said as he nodded his head with understanding, he then looked at Jeanne and Agnez. “I want you guys to stay here and ask Vixelleth about Azrael Tower. We are going to clear Azrael Tower tomorrow,”

They all looked at Mykel with a puzzled look but then he teleported with Hera and the other Gods and Goddesses also disappeared.

“So you know where Hades is at?” Mykel asked as he sat down on his throne.

“Thanks to Ra’s third eye, he managed to locate where Hades is, but the problem is that he’s in Nyx’s realm and if we want to go there, it will take time,” Hera answered.

“That won’t be a problem, I can send you all there instantly,” Mykel answered with confidence because all he had to do was to get the [Nacht Omnipotence] skill again to enter Nyx’s realm. “When are going to plan an attack?” Mykel asked.

“As soon as possible because Ra is ready to help us,” Hera answered.

“Then you should do it now. Bring me to Mount Olympus and summon Ra there as well,” Mykel said as he stood up. “Bring me back here when I’m done sending them to Nyx’s realm, Loki,” Mykel looked at Loki.

Loki nodded with understanding and then Hera brought Mykel to Mount Olympus.

“I heard you can bring us to Nyx’s realm,” Zeus said the moment Mykel entered the hall. “How will you do that?” Zeus asked.

“I have my own way. What’s more important right now is are you ready to fight her?” Mykel replied and stared at Zeus.

“I have been avoiding her, but now there’s no reason to avoid her because she has corrupted my brother and I’m not going to forgive her for what she did,” Zeus answered as the thunder struck his right hand and then a bolt of lightning appeared in his hand. “I’m ready to bring my brother back,”

While Mykel used his [Admin] skill and replaced a skill with [Nacht Omnipotence] skill, Ra appeared from above and landed right in the middle of the hall. He looked at all the Olympian Gods and Goddesses, it was the first time for him to be on Mount Olympus.

“Are you ready?” Mykel asked as he looked at the strongest Gods and Goddesses in Greek mythology gathered in the hall.

Hera nodded her head and then she looked at Ra. “It’s time,” Hera said.

Ra approached Hera and offered his staff. “Hold this with me,” Ra said.

Hera grabbed the staff and Ra’s body produced a blinding light that made everyone look away. Ra’s body got absorbed into the staff, and then the light moved from Ra’s body to his staff and then moved slowly into Hera’s body.

Everyone looked at Hera and nothing really changed, but they all could tell she had become more powerful. Mykel then activated [Nacht Omnipotence] skill and they all immediately entered Nyx’s realm.

“You weren’t lying, this is Nyx’s realm,” Zeus said as he looked around and saw the tower of Tartarus where titans, beasts, and Gods were imprisoned.

They were looking around and immediately felt thousands of strong presences that were coming toward them.

Zeus didn’t hesitate to strike whatever that came toward them from miles away with his [Thunder Wrath] skill as he flew above the sky. Thousands of massive bolts of lighting struck the ground and disintegrated everything that they touched.

Ares let out his anger and made himself big as a titan, he made everyone look like an ant from above. He grabbed his spear and sword and growl to attract Nyx’s attention which he believed was inside the tower.

Poseidon turned himself into water and created a whirlpool around his body and made him float up in the sky with Zeus. He washed up all the blazing flames around them and gave protection to the Gods and Goddesses below.

Those three presences were enough to bring Nyx’s attention, she was standing on top of Tartarus. She flew toward them so slowly and suddenly Kronos, Prometheus, Cyclone, and the other titans climbed up from the ground.

“She’s planning to kill us all here once and for all,” Hera said as she walked to the front.

Hera was the one who was going to fight Nyx and let the rest to find Hades and bring him back to Mount Olympus. Zeus, Ares, and Poseidon were following her from behind to protect her if something decided to ambush her from below the ground.

Nyx descended and stared at Hera with a smirk on her face. “You think you can come all the way down here and do as you please? Especially you, Hera, what can you even do? You’re nothing but an animal lover,”

“Right now, I’m not Hera,” Hera said as she looked at Ra’s staff.

“Is that, Ra’s?” Nyx looked at the staff in Hera’s right hand.

Hera’s eyes glowed bright yellow and blinded Nyx with it, she then flew up into the sky and slowly transformed herself into a giant peacock.

Nyx looked up and saw Hera’s body slowly cracked and flame was burning her body. The giant peacock turned into a phoenix and spread her wings which were as bright as the sun and burned everything around her that even Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares had to make some distance to protect themselves from the heat.

“I’m not Hera, I’m Ra-Hera,” Hera and Ra’s voices overlapped with each other as they stared down at Nyx. “I’m here to destroy your realm for good!”

Nyx smiled with excitement and the darkness started to form behind her. The night world had been divided into the day and night depending on where Nyx and Hera stood.

Mykel slowly walked back and Loki appeared from behind him. “Such a shame we can’t watch the battle because we have another important thing to do,”

“It is, but the outcome is already decided. Let’s leave,” Mykel answered.

Loki giggled mischievously and wrapped his arms around Mykel’s shoulders and then disappeared.


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