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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 187 Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone left the tower after Mykel explained the situation between Lucifer, Nyx, and the others. They all went quiet after knowing the truth about how everything was rigged from the beginning and luckily Mykel was there to prevent Earth from having the same fate as the other worlds.

Thanks to Mykel’s story, they all had no problem with what happened in the past, and after knowing that Agnez’s Benefactor was a part of the Death Arcana faction. He told them the truth about Caesar’s death and who killed him, they were upset at Zherlthsh for killing him and Mykel’s excuse was he hadn’t made a pact with her so he couldn’t do anything about it back then.

“Finally, I have time for myself,” Mykel said as he entered his suite and removed his blazed. “Let’s mess around with this,” Mykel activated [Authority].

Mykel realized that not every skill could be nurtured together because it had no correlation one with another. So he had to read every single skill that he had that had a similar effect and was useful for everyone.

[Are you sure you want to nurture [Demon Bane] and [Retribution] together?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped the [Yes] button.

[It will cost [1,000,000] [Arcana Coins] and both skills will be removed from your [Skill] tab. Are you sure you want to nurture both skills?]

[Yes.] [No.]

“Like I care,” Mykel scoffed and tapped the [Yes] button.

[Nurturing is in process]

[Estimated time until finished nurturing is 100 days]

“Hundred days? Are you fucking serious?” Mykel looked at the notification with his eyebrows furrowed. “I guess the Gods don’t mind since they’re immortal and hundred days are nothing for them,” Mykel rubbed his face as he leaned on the chair.

Mykel stared at the notification and realized there was a double arrow on the top right of the screen. He pressed it and a new notification appeared.

[Would you like to spend [100,000] [Arcana Coins] to instantly complete the process?]

[Yes.] [No.]

“That’s more like it,” Mykel sat straight and pressed the [Yes] button.

[Nurturing complete!]

[Skill [Demon Bane] and [Retribution] have become a [Punishment] skill!]

[Punishment (Active/Toggle) (Benefactor Exclusive): All the demons around the User will be weakened by the [Punishment] Aura (Passive) up to 30%. When activated to a target, it will weaken the target up to 20% and double the User’s basic skills level. (Can be stacked with Divine Aura). (Can be activated once an hour)]

“That’s one to go, let’s try another one,” Mykel said as he looked at all the skills he had.

Mykel took the whole day playing with his [Authority] skill, and he didn’t even realize it was nighttime already. He nurtured almost all the other Benefactor Exclusive skills with his [Punishment] skill and took notes on what kind of skills they produced if he wanted to remake everything again.

The greater the skill effects, the longer it took to nurture them, and that equals more [Arcana Coins] to spend.

“What a nice skill this is,” Mykel said as he yawned and stretched his neck. “Having to spend a hundred million Arcana Coins just for this skill, it’s worth it,” Mykel continued as he looked at the skill’s information.

[Judgement (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): When activated the User will be immune to all status ailments without exception. Everything within 100 meters radius of the User, will be affected by [Judgement] Aura that will disable all passive skills and cannot use any active skills for 30 minutes. (Can only be used once a week)]

“I don’t think I will give this skill to them. I need to redo everything tomorrow and take back all the skills that I used for this,” Mykel said as he walked to the bathroom to take a bath and used [Admin] skill to get his skills back.

The next morning, Mykel made [Punishment] skill again and gave it to all of his recipients. It cost Arcana Coins to give them the skill, it only cost 50,000 Arcana Coins each either he used his own Arcana Coins or took it from the recipient’s Arcana Coins.

Mykel brought everyone to the demon princesses’ castle to meet all of them because he promised Gunnar and the others. They were surprised there was a castle in the middle of the forest, not to mention there were people who got brainwashed and become a servant.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth were waiting for them in the audience room, and so Gunnar and the others went there after Mykel told them to. They were escorted by the servants while Mykel went to Beldathiel’s room to pick her up since she was too lazy to move.

“You awake?” Mykel asked as he opened the door wide open.

Beldathiel was hugging her body pillow and facing the wall in her long white dress as always. Mykel didn’t have time to wake her up and so he carried her in his arms and carefully left the room.

“Where are we going?” Beldathiel asked weakly and then yawned.

“To the audience room, there’s something that we need to discuss,” Mykel answered as he looked at Beldathiel.

“I see, can you just put me down? I can walk on my own,” Beldathiel said as she looked at Mykel from the corner of her eyes.

“You should have said that from earlier, you’re so heavy,” Mykel slowly put her down.

“I’m more surprised that you can move my body,” Beldathiel replied as she put her feet on the ground and started walking on her own.

Mykel and Beldathiel entered the audience room and it was already chaos because Zherlthsh was in her demon form and tied Rozan with her whip. Rozan was screaming and asking for help but they didn’t bother and just sat there doing nothing.

Rozan stopped calling for help the moment he looked at Beldathiel. “Holy…” Rozan said.

Everyone turned around and saw Beldathiel walking next to Mykel with her left arm wrapped around Mykel’s right arm. Although Beldathiel had lazy eyes and messy hair, it was enough to make all the men fall for her beauty.

“So this is all your people?” Beldathiel asked as she walked toward the sofa with her long white dress that got dragged on the carpet. “She has something divine on her, is it the sword?” Beldathiel looked at Jeanne’s sword.

“Something like that,” Mykel said as he sat next at the desk in front of everybody. “Anyway, what are you doing to him?” Mykel looked at Zherlthsh with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Rozan has been having naughty thoughts about me and my sister, and I do recall he wouldn’t mind getting tortured as long as I’m the one doing it,” Zherlthsh answered with a grin on her face.

“I see, then you’re on your own, Rozan,” Mykel said as he opened his status screen.

“Mykel! Please! She’s draining something in my bod-” Before Rozan could finish his sentence, he screamed so loudly then Zherlthsh giggled as she covered his mouth with her tail. “How can she be still so strong even though I used Punishment?!” Rozan said before Beldathiel’s tail could shut his mouth again.

“Because even if you use it on them, they’re still stronger than any of you here,” Mykel answered. “Can you stop playing with him? There’s something that I want to talk about while we are here,” Mykel looked at Zherlthsh.

Zherlthsh unwrapped Rozan from her tail and then she walked away and sat next to Vixelleth while Beldathiel was sleeping on the sofa.

“Let’s talk about Lucifer,” Mykel said as he sat straight and looked at them.


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