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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 186 Bahasa Indonesia

“Like what Hera said, 500 Constellations Points for each recipient for killing a demon lord,” Mykel said as he looked at the notification.

[Your Rank has increased to [104]!]

“Open status,” Mykel said.

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[Rank: 104]


[RECIPIENT(S): Euros Sullus, Costrezeir Mulligan, Rinon Crig, Arvel Laveen, Kurgreo Nielli, Phirzia Kahliste, Manna Immane, Agnez Maurice, Lillith Mort, Edith Levine, …]


[ARCANA COIN: 99,999,830,000] [SHOP]


[Do you want to activate [Authority]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped the [Yes] button, and then a new tab appeared with an option to give Arcana Coins to his recipients and a new unlocked option to provide skill to a recipient. When he tapped on the second option, a notification appeared in front of him.

[You don’t have an original skill that can be given to your [Recipient(s)]

[Would you like to nurture your skills to create an original skill?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel furrowed his forehead as he stared at the notification, he then tapped the [Yes] button.

[Please select two skills to nurture together to create an original skill]

Mykel looked at all the skills that he had on his [Skill] tab, he looked at his [Admin] skill and tapped it.

[This skill cannot be nurtured!]

[Please select another skill to nurture!]

“Figured,” Mykel said as he closed the notifications and started looking for a proper skill.

Mykel tried to add [Benefactor Exclusive] skills that he stole from the Constellations, and he was surprised that he could nurture two [Benefactor Exclusive] skills to make an original skill. He couldn’t wait to mess around with it but at that moment he had to deal with what was in front of him.

Mazikeen flew toward them and landed right in front of Mykel with a smile on her face. She pulled her massive wings back inside her body like it was nothing at all, and then she stood right next to him as she giggled.

“You’re not my master, so you can’t be mad at me since it was her idea,” Mazikeen said.

“I wasn’t planning to,” Mykel answered as he looked at Mazikeen.

Mykel turned around and everyone was staring at him with a puzzled look except for Lillith since she was the only one who knew about the existence of the demon princesses.

“I know that you’re all surprised but first let me tell you something. Some of you already know this already but those who don’t, listen to me very carefully,” Mykel said as he looked at Gunnar, Rozan, and the others. “I’m not what you think I am, and I know all of you are curious about me,” Mykel said as he walked forward while Mazikeen followed him from behind.

Gunnar and the others looked at Mykel nervously.

“I’m a God, I’m a part of the Constellations,” Mykel said with his arms crossed and looked at each one of them.

They all made the same expression, staring at Mykel with a puzzled look, shocked, and disbelief at the same time.

“I know that sounds crazy to you, but that’s the truth,” Mykel said with his eyebrow raised.

Mazikeen wrapped her left arm around Mykel’s neck. “He’s telling the truth, Agnez is one of his recipients,” Maziken giggled as she stared at them but then Mykel flicked her forehead. “That sting,” Mazikeen removed her arm from his shoulder immediately.

“Agnez, Jeanne, Lillith, Edith, Euros, and the others are my recipients,” Mykel pointed at each one of them. “Since there’s no more to hide, I want the rest of you to become my recipients,” Mykel continued.

“Wait, is the boss really serious about this?” Gunnar looked at Jeanne with disbelief.

“Yes, I found out about it a week ago after Brynhilde gave me this sword. She’s also Mykel’s recipient now, and the others as well,” Jeanne answered as she nodded her head and showed the sword.

Mykel sent an invitation to them and they all looked at the notification in front of them. They all couldn’t believe it when they really saw Mykel’s name in the notification, they looked at him and the notification back and forth as if they still couldn’t believe it.

They accepted the invitation and Mykel gave each one of them 10,000 Arcana Coins as a gift immediately.

“Now that it’s done, I’m going to tell you about the next thing which is this woman over here, Mazikeen,” Mykel said as he pointed at Mazikeen with his thumb. “She’s the daughter of Demon King Behemoth,”

Rozan fell on his butt and rubbed his forehead. “Wow, this is too much information to digest,” Rozan said.

“Can you tell us why and how she’s ended up inside Agnez’s body, Mykel?” Jeanne asked and then looked at Mazikeen.

“It’s when you guys tried to clear the eleventh floor of the Behemoth Tower, she got possessed by her,” Mykel answered.

“What’s the reason she decided to help us?” Rozan asked as he looked up at Mykel.

“The demons are like us, they may like or dislike what’s going on in their world. In her case, not every demon like Lucifer for what he did,” Mykel explained with his hands in his pockets. “So, I decided to bring in more allies to fight him. But, rather than taking those lesser demons, it’s better to take the daughters of the demon kings who have power and influence in the demon world,”

“Don’t tell me she’s not the only one,” Jeanne replied.

“There’s more,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head. “Vix and Zeth are also the daughters of the demon kings. Vixelleth the daughter of Azrael, and Zherlthsh the daughter of Azazel. There’s also another one, her name is Beldathiel, the daughter of Belphegor,”

“No wonder they were so strong and could defeat the demons during the breakout,” Rozan chuckled nervously. “Wait, does that mean they were the reason behind the chaos in our world when the Demon Cult killed so many Awakeners in our world?”

“Yes, and the reason behind it is because there are Gods and Goddesses who worked with Lucifer,” Mykel answered. “Those Constellations are the reason why this world, Helmga, Relius, Bumi, and all those worlds are stuck inside the demon towers,” Mykel explained as he looked at Euros.

Everyone went silent and tried to digest all the information that they got from Mykel. Mazikeen suddenly coughed and brought Agnez back, she started vomiting blood and everyone was worried about her.

“Are fucking stupid?! Do you know how awful that demon blood is?!” Agnez said as her body slowly turned back to her own body. “It’s delicious, what are you talking about?” Mazikeen’s voice came out from Agnez’s mouth.

“Shut it, I don’t want to hear your fucking reasoning,” Agnez said as she deactivated [Demonic Manifestation].

They looked at Agnez with a surprised expression and they just witnessed something weird.

“Let’s talk about this back in the Cavasi castle, I’m going to explain everything to you. Right now, take everything in the chest and leave,” Mykel said as he turned around and walked toward the portal.


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