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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 184 Bahasa Indonesia

“We cleared up to the nineteenth floor and we don’t see any Awakeners except those who were resurrected to fight against us. Do you think there’s nothing left of them?” Agnez asked as she looked at the city behind her.

“We have checked every place and building and found nothing, that only means they’re all dead. There weren’t even that many survivors in this world. The demons really didn’t show any mercy to these people,” Gunnar replied as he looked at the massive red portal in front of him.

“This is it, guys, the second demon lord is right up ahead,” Rozan said as he exhaled deeply. “Let’s not take this lightly, we have to remember the difference between a servant and a demon lord from our experience when we first entered the towers. The demon lord could be ten times stronger than the servants,” Rozan warned everyone.

“Should we rest for a bit? We don’t want to regret it later,” Vincze asked as he looked at Agnez and Jeanne.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Jeanne looked at Agnez.

“Sure, let’s chill here for a moment,” Agnez nodded her head in agreement.

It took them three days to clear up to the nineteenth floor not because of how hard it was but because of how big each floor and it took them a while to clear it. Compared to the worlds they had cleared, the Baesir world was twice bigger and the demons were a bit stronger as well.

They were talking about the floors they had cleared in Azazel Tower, they were speculating about what kind of a demon lord Tuzgolth was. They knew the demons were feeding on the living and used the women to breed, and there were a few places in the Baesir world where the demons used humans to breed demons.

“Are you sure there was no information about Tuzgolth?” Gunnar asked Euros and the others.

“No, we remember we saw a notification of it, but the three heroes didn’t come back after they cleared the twentieth floor. They all went to the twenty-first floor immediately and since then, we never heard of them anymore,” Costrezeir answered and stared at the portal. “Everyone was curious why they decided to enter the twenty-first floor instead of coming back,”

“Maybe they thought it wouldn’t be that hard to clear the twenty-first floor since there would be no way that floor was harder than fighting a demon lord. If that was the case, we should be cautious about the next world and the reason why they died on the twenty-first floor,” Rozan said as he plucked the wild grass in front of him.

Agnez sighed and stood up. “Let’s go, we don’t want to waste our time here for too long. It’s fucking hot in here,” Agnez said.

“Yeah, let’s do this,” Gunnar nodded in agreement as he grabbed his shield.

They all stood in front of the portal, they all looked nervous and they didn’t remember when the last time they felt that way. Agnez entered the portal first and then followed by the others because she couldn’t wait to fight the demon lord.

[Tuzgolth, The Second Demon Lord of Azazel, The Butcher has been waiting for this moment]

“Holy… shit…” Rozan said with his eyes and mouth wide open. “So this is where everyone went to,” Rozan continued as he stared at all the women who were laying down naked with their stomachs bulging and some were giving birth to a demon’s baby in front of the tower.

“That’s Tuzgolth?” Gunnar stared at a demon sitting on the stairs to the tower with all his body covered in fat, the demon’s neck was hidden under his chin, and his leg was covered by his belly. His right wrist had a bracelet with a chain that was tied to something underneath his belly.

Tuzgolth stood up and he was fifty feet tall and walked over all the women with a single step. He grabbed something underneath his stomach and it was a massive cleaver and the chains were tied to the cleaver. Everyone was surprised when something that big could be hidden underneath his fat.

“Rozan, give him the appetizer,” Agnez said as she stared at Tuzgolth.

Rozan changed the weather and made it rain in an instant, he struck Tuzgolth with bolts of lightning dozens of times. He looked at Tuzgolth’s reaction but his fat was protecting him so all those efforts were useless.

“Damn fat, let me burn it for you then,” Rozan said as he pointed his staff at Tuzgolth and then created a massive firewall around Tuzgolth.

The firewall was enough to stop Tuzgolth from moving forward, and at the same time, Rozan created two massive tornados in front of him all the way up to the sky. He sent those tornados to the firewall and made two fire tornados that were slowly closing in toward Tuzgolth.

“Let’s see what will your reaction be,” Rozan said as he watched the two fire tornados combined into one and confined Tuzgolth inside the massive fire tornado.

While everyone was staring at the fire tornado and couldn’t hear anything else but the blazing flame, the cleaver was flying toward them at a very high speed. Gunnar was in time to rise his shield and blocked it by himself, but he was slammed to the ground because of how heavy it was.

“Gunnar!” Jeanne ran toward Gunnar with the others and saw he was buried under the cleaver.

The cleaver was being pulled back and they saw only a shield on the ground.

“I’m stuck!” Gunnar yelled as he moved his shield away, his whole body was stuck in the ground with only his head and arms above the ground.

“That’s it, I’m going all out right away!” Rozan said as he struck Tuzgolth with bolts of lightning into the fire tornado. Now it became a firestorm tornado and struck Tuzgolth inside the tornado over and over without stopping.

“Nagy? Got anything?” Agnez asked as she watched Rozan throw massive spike rocks into the tornado.

“I can’t see anything, because the fat was covering his weak spots,” Nagy answered as she shook her head.

“Well, that’s it,” Agnez said as she unsheathed her sword. “Let’s get rid of that fucking fat so we can kill that thing,”

All of them nodded their heads and grabbed their weapons.

“Get that tornado away, Rozan, we are going in,” Agnez said and patted Rozan’s shoulder.

Rozan dispersed the tornado in an instant and everyone was quite surprised that his magic was effective and Tuzgolth’s body looked like it was melting. His fat was dripping down from all over his body and he looked a bit in pain but he was still fine.

“He’s all yours, I will take care of the women,” Rozan said and saw the women staring at them with tears falling down their cheeks. “You come with me, Gerrard, I need your help,”

Gerrard nodded and grabbed Rozan then blink to the side of the tower.

Agnez used [Demonic Manifestation] and her aura could be felt by Jeanne and the others. They all looked at her and were confused why she suddenly oozed that aura and why they were so uncomfortable being around her.

Jeanne was the only one who could see thousands of angry spirits floating above Agnez. It was the soul that Mazikeen had taken and trapped within her.

“What kind of power that you have, Agnez,” Jeanne asked because she didn’t know about the demon princesses.


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