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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 185 Bahasa Indonesia

Tuzgolth swung his cleaver around and then threw it directly at Agnez because he knew she was the real threat to him. Agnez dashed forward and swung her sword at the cleaver that flew toward her, and the moment her sword clashed with the cleaver, it made a loud cracking sound that came from her sword and it shattered into pieces.

Agnez managed to stop the cleaver but it cost her sword, and she regretted doing so. “Tsk, seriously?” Agnez stared at the handle of the sword and threw it away.

Jeanne took the opportunity and unsheathed her sword and activated [Harmony]. Before Tuzgolth could pull his cleaver back, Jeanne slashed the chain with her sword and it broke so easily. Tuzgolth was surprised because the chain should be unbreakable, but Jeanne managed to cut it off.

“Jeanne, lend me your other sword,” Agnez said as she reached out her arm at Jeanne.

Jeanne removed the scabbard on her waist and then threw it at Agnez. “Please don’t break it, it’s my favorite sword as well,” Jeanne stared at Agnez with a worried expression.

“I know, I know,” Agnez said as she unsheathed Jeanne’s sword and swung it around. “This isn’t that bad,” Agnez looked at the sword.

“Gunnar! Get your ass to the front and use your body as our meat shield,” Agnez said as she looked Gunnar was trying to catch up to her because he couldn’t run as fast as the others.

“You know that I’m running so slow, you should have waited for me though,” Gunnar replied as he ran past Agnez. “Alright, stay behind me from now on,” Gunnar raised his sword and watched Tuzgolth swing his chain above his head.

Gunnar blocked the chain with his shield and it shook his whole body, but thankfully he was fine, and only made him stronger thanks to his skill. Since his new shield was made by Mykel halfway, it was unbreakable to low level demon like Tuzgolth.

Knowing there was no way to break Gunnar’s shield, Tuzgolth turned around but he was surprised when he saw Rozan and Gerrard were trying to save the women. He screamed and tried to inflict fear on them but they were immune to fear.

Rozan pushed the ground and made Tuzgolth slip and fall on his belly.

“Yeah, eat grass for once in a while you fat fuck!” Rozan said as he created an earth wall to prevent Tuzgolth from coming toward them.

“It’s our chance! Go!” Agnez shouted.

All of them nodded and immediately ran past Gunnar, and then Jeanne grabbed Gunnar’s right arm with a smile on her face. “Gunnar’s airline coming through!” Jeanne said as she threw Gunnar up in the air toward Tuzgolth.

Gunnar lifted his axe and swung it down vertically when he was about to land on Tuzgolth’s back. It bounced back and he rolled all the way back to the ground because of the impact.

“Holy shit, he’s fat!” Gunnar said as he stood up.

Jeanne and Agnez swung their swords and created projectile attacks that cut the fat on Tuzgolth’s legs. They cut it so easily that and immediately jumped on top of Tuzgolth’s head and stabbed their swords at the back of his head.

Tuzgolth was fine because the fat that covered his skull protected him, he then smacked both of them off of his head. Before he could stand up properly, Rozan had prepared the iceberg he created above the clouds.

The iceberg nailed Tuzgolth to the ground, but suddenly he burned all his fat, and now his whole body was covered with muscles. He elbowed the massive iceberg on his back and it shattered into pieces.

“So this is his true form,” Gunnar said as he fixed his hand on his shield and protected himself from the debris.

“Let’s regroup!” Agnez shouted as she walked all the way to the back.

Everyone followed her and watched Tuzgolth stand up with a hole on his back.

“Princess Mazikeen! You betrayed us!” Tuzgolth said with his deep demonic voice. “Not only you, but Princess Zherlthsh is also betraying the demons,” Tuzgolth continued and turned around.

“What’s he talking about?” Rozan asked as he looked at Gerrard.

Gerrard shrugged and shook his head.

Tuzgolth’s eyes were pointing at Agnez and everyone knew to whom he was talking. Agnez didn’t say a single word and just smirked, she had no reason to hide it anymore and let Mazikeen take over her appearance.

“I don’t even know who you are,” Mazikeen said and tore Agnez’s lower back to push out her long black feather wings that got dragged on the ground. “You know who I am and you should bow your head!” Mazikeen spread her thirty meters long wings.

“I bow to no traitor,” Tuzgolth said without hesitation.

“How foolish,” Mazikeen giggled mischievously and suddenly she flew toward Tuzgolth.

Tuzgolth swung his chain at Mazikeen, but it got cut off when she swung her left wing at it. The feathers weren’t just ordinary feathers because the feathers were as sharp and sturdy as Mykel’s throwing knives.

Mazikeen cut off Tuzgolth’s wrists with her wings as she maneuvered and spun her body when Tuzgolth tried to grab her wings. She flew up and grabbed Tuzgolth’s head as she laughed maniacally, she then started to tear face, head, flesh, and skull with her claws while she stabbed her wings on his back.

Tuzgolth’s lower body got cut off from his upper body, and Mazikeen brought his upper body up into the sky and started to mince him into pieces with her claws and wings simultaneously.

Everyone watched how a demon lord was being slaughtered helplessly, and it was the first time they saw something like that. If only they saw Mykel’s battle with Luciel, maybe they would see this battle like it was nothing compared to his battle.

Mazikeen laughed as her wings were dripping blood and looked like rain from below. She was so excited to finally be able to slaughter something again after being trapped inside Agnez’s body for so long.

Mazikeen washed her face with blood and he missed the smell of the blood under her nostrils. She then glanced her eyes toward the women near the tower, she smirked and immediately dove down and landed right in front of one of the women. They all screamed hysterically because she was scarier than Tuzgolth.

“You’re not going to save them, why are you gathering them all together?” Mazikeen asked as she looked at Rozan. “They’re all have been corrupted and there’s no way to bring them back,”

Rozan didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to interact with a demon even though he knew she was Agnez or used to be.

“Let me do the favor then,” Mazikeen said as she cracked her left fingers while licking the blood on her right fingers while smiling sinisterly. “You can stay if you want to see, but I suggest you leave,” Mazikeen continued.

Rozan looked at Gerrard and nodded his head, they both looked at the women and they were all looking at them as if they didn’t want to be left alone with Mazikeen. They didn’t want to feel the guilt, so Gerrard grabbed Rozan and teleported to where the others were.

Everyone didn’t know what happened behind that earth wall but it was just silence and then a notification appeared.

[You have cleared the twentieth floor of Azazel Tower]

[You are the first to clear the twentieth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[Enter the Tower of Azazel to enter the twenty-first floor]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

[You have saved the Baesir World from Demon King Azazel!]

[All the floors that belonged to the Baesir World are now being reunited!]

Mykel stared at the notification and donated 100,000 Arcana Coins for the treasure. Hera and the others donated 100,000 Arcana Coins since it was the only opportunity to spend more than usual because of the achievement of killing a demon lord.

[A total of [10] [High-Quality Arcana Chests] are being delivered to [Baesir] World]

[Thank you for your participation!]

[You have gained 200 [Constellation Points] from donation!]

[You have gained 5,000 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] amazing achievement!]

[Your [Authority] skill has leveled up to level 2!]

[10,230/100,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [3]!]


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