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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 182 Bahasa Indonesia

Ra stared at Loki for quite a while and he knew what kind of a God Loki was, it would be best if he didn’t get involved in anything that Loki was interested in. He could object to Loki’s wish to speak with him, but there was no reason to object before letting Loki speak first and deciding whether to listen to him or not.

“Go ahead,” Ra said loudly and clearly.

Loki bowed down as he put his right hand on his chest.

“I know that I have no place to talk about the affairs with what happened to them,” Loki said as he pointed at Hera and the others. “But, I do have a voice in this because I’m not representing them, I’m representing myself,” Loki smiled with a gorgeous smile of his.

Ra started to lose interest in Loki’s words, but before he could say something, Loki raised his hand and stared him in the eye as if Loki knew what he was looking at and what kind of expression Ra was making.

“Before you say anything, I want to say this,” Loki said with his index finger raised. “I know what kind of struggle you’re having. Not about you, but about them because they’re being underappreciated by the other Constellations, correct? Why don’t you work for me and I will make them all get recognition from all the Constellations?”

“There’s nothing else that we need to discuss, Loki,” Ra said and immediately averted his gaze toward Hera.

Loki raised his eyebrows and looked a bit shocked but he didn’t say a word and then walked to the back while exhaling deeply. Hera looked at him and she looked puzzled because of the words that he just said to Ra, not just her, but Aphrodite and Athena looked confused as well.

“Should we speak somewhere else without disturbance?” Ra asked Hera.

“No, here is fine,” Hera said as she shook her head.

“I see, then go ahead and say what do you need from me,” Ra said as he made himself comfortable on his throne.

“You said you heard enough, do you know anything about Hades and Thanatos’ disappearance?” Hera asked with a serious expression.

“Anubis told me about what happened. You waged war with the Death Arcana and it made most of them leave the faction thanks to you,” Ra said as he pointed his left hand at the Gods and Goddesses who stood on the sides.

“You know what they did and there’s no reason to forgive them,” Hera said as she stared at Anubis who was taking part in Nyx’s scheme. “I’m not sorry even if that anger you because we lost more than what we gained. We made a deal when we joined the Constellations and you know the rules,” Hera stared at Ra with a straight face.

Ra was annoyed with Hera’s words because no matter what the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses did, they were all his creations. His emotion could be seen by the sun behind him, the brighter and fiercer it got, and that mean he wasn’t pleased with the conversation.

“You can protect them and we are not going to complain about it, but if you keep protecting them like this, your reputation as one of the Major Arcana will be gone sooner or later. You know what will happen next,” Hera warned Ra as she stared at the sun that got warmer and warmer.

Loki suddenly giggled as he covered his mouth and it attracted everyone’s attention.

“You should consider my offer, Ra,” Loki said mockingly as he peek his head at him.

A small supernova happened and it made all the Gods and Goddesses in the temple get blown away except for Hera and the others because it was nothing to them. Ra was still being patient with the insult that Loki uttered but he didn’t tolerate Loki’s cockiness.

“If you say another word, the lasting you taste is the sun in your mouth!” Ra raised his voice as he pointed his staff at Loki. “And you! Hera! You dare to warn me in my temple? You’re going to regret stepping your foot here,” Ra stared down at Hera who was half of his size.

“Even if I didn’t do anything right now, whatever happened here, everyone will know. The outcome depends on how are you going to react to this meeting, and I can assure you that I’m here not for them who associated with Nyx, but I came here to ask for your help,” Hera said and didn’t even try to protect herself from Ra’s presence in front of her.

“I see now, you both are working together and you have planned all this beforehand to either take me down or take me with you,” Ra said as the sun slowly got bigger and made the whole temple tremble because of the gravitational force.

“Although we came here together, I have no idea what Loki is trying to do and we are as shocked as you are right now. What’s the point of angering you if we are in need of your help, Ra?” Hera said with a serious expression. “You can use your third eye, Ra, you can tell if I’m lying or telling the truth,” Hera continued as she kept staring at Ra.

Ra used his third eye and stared at each one of them, he saw their true expressions like there was an afterimage of their faces.

They all looked confused and angry at Loki except for Persephone because she looked desperate and heartbroken while kept staring at Ra. Lastly, he stared at Loki and it surprised him that Loki was still making the same cockiness expression with that suspicious smile on his face.

Loki didn’t say a single word and just tilted his head as he shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands because he was told to shut his mouth.

Ra started to calm down and the sun slowly shrunk to its original size. He sat down on his throne and took a deep breath as he kept staring at Ra.

“What kind of help do you need from me?” Ra asked.

Hera turned around and pointed her left hand at Persephone. “I want you to bring her husband, Hades back,” Hera said as she turned her head back to look at Ra. “That’s it, but we both know that it won’t be easy because Nyx is going to be there as well,”

“You want me to deal with Nyx? You know how powerful she is and I can’t risk myself for this,” Ra answered calmly.

“I know, that’s why I’m offering myself and we both will fight her together,” Hera replied without hesitation.

Ares, Aphrodite, Ares, and Persephone were shocked when Hera said that.

“Mother?! Are you really thinking of betraying him?!” Ares asked as he glared at Hera.

“I’m not talking about that, Ares, I’m talking about making myself as Ra’s vessel to fight Nyx. With both my power and Ra’s power, I think we have a chance to fight Nyx while you bring Hades back,” Hera answered and looked at Ares with a serious expression.

Ra had another power that no other Gods or Goddesses had, and that was [Integrate] which allowed him to merge his body into another being. It let him and the one that he merged with become a more powerful being. For example, Amun merged with Ra and became Amun-Ra, Horus and Ra became Ra-Horakthy, and Atum merged with Ra and became Atum-Ra.

Ra sat on his throne with his head rested on his left fist, he thought about it for quite a while.

“You already know what you will get in exchange, Ra. You will be recognized by the Constellations and we, the Olympian Gods will bring all your creations to where it belongs, a respectful place in the Temple of Triumph,” Hera said truthfully.

“Give me time to think, I will tell you when I have the answer,” Ra replied as he nodded his head.

Hera nodded her head. “That’s all, and we will be leaving now,” Hera said and then looked at Loki but she couldn’t find him anywhere. “Where’s Loki?” Hera asked the others.

“He left the moment that fool didn’t get what he wanted,” Ra said.

Hera looked at Ra and hummed with understanding. “I hope that you can give the answer soon, Ra,” Hera said and then left with the rest of them.

(Back to earth)

Mykel was walking in the endless hallway and then he heard Loki’s voice in his head.

“What is it?” Mykel asked in his mind.

“Everything went as we planned,” Loki said with a cheerful tone.

“I know that you can handle it, I never doubt you,” Mykel replied as he smirked.

Loki chuckled happily and slowly it faded away.


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