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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 181 Bahasa Indonesia

“Whew, that was something else,” Gunnar said as he sat down and stared at the demon servant with his whole body coated with gold. “To think that it took us ten minutes just to break the coating, we need a stronger weapon if the second Demon Lord Serron has something more sturdy than this guy,”

“You guys are just too weak,” Agnez said as she stood next to Mykel with Jeanne. “All of your weapons are still sharp and didn’t break after all that. That means the problem is the lack of your strength,”

“Said the woman who got an easy power from an archdemon,” Rozan said as he stared at Agnez unamused. “You should stay quiet like Jeanne since she knows that she has no right to say something like that,”

Agnez giggled as she walked toward Rozan.

Jeanne was laughing while Rozan tried to send Agnez away from him with magic but she wasn’t affected by his magic at all. Thanks to Mazikeen’s power, Agnez had [Element Resistance], [Status Resistance], and [Physical Resistance]. She basically untouchable, but those skills appeared when she activated her [Demonic Manifestation].

Nobody knew about Agnez’s new power because Lillith kept it a secret from everyone. She was able to manipulate her own body at her will and she could keep her normal appearance even though she activated the [Demonic Manifestation].

[Thank you for your participation!]

[You have gained 20 [Constellation Points] from donation!]

[You have gained 400 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] achievement!]

[5,030/10,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [2]!]

[A total of [3] [Arcana Chests] are being delivered to [Ralius] World]

Mykel closed all the notifications in front of him and then looked at Rozan who was being chased by Agnez.

“Let’s leave,” Mykel said as he turned around and saw people of Ralius cheering for them in the distance. “Don’t forget to grab the keys from the chest,” Mykel continued as he walked toward the people of Ralius.

A man in a gold-coated robe was standing in front of the others, his name was Vasilus and he was the king of Ralius. Everything in Ralius’s world had turned into gold because of Mammon’s power, and because of that, they had nothing, not even food because everything that grew turned into gold.

“It looks like your world is slowly turning itself like how it used to be,” Mykel said as he looked at the golds on the flowers that started to wear off and slowly blossom.

“It’s all thanks to you, Mykel. We have been suffering for a very long time because of this,” Vasilus replied and looked at the world of gold that had turned into a normal and beautiful world. “Anyway, are you going to leave now?”

“Yes, we have another tower that we want to clear,” Mykel nodded his head.

“Such a shame, but I guess we can celebrate when you come back to Ralius,” Vasilus replied as he looked at Gunnar and the others checking the chests.

“Speaking of that, can I ask you a favor, King Vasilus?” Mykel asked.

“Of course, ask away,” Vasilus answered.

“There will be a person who will enter your world, I don’t know when, but his name is Lexus. I want you to give one of the chests to him, and tell him it’s a present from me,” Mykel said as he stared at the distance. “If he asked why you gave him the chest, just tell him it’s to make him stronger so he can avenge his brother’s death,”

“His brother’s death?” Vasilus looked at Mykel with a puzzled look.

“Lexus will come to your world with his dying brother. His brother will die the moment they entered the portal, and when that happens, I want you to prevent him from burying his brother’s body,” Mykel explained as he looked at Vasilus. “Tell him that there will be someone who can bring his brother back to life,”

“There’s someone who has such power to bring the dead back to life?” Vasilus stared at Mykel with a shocked expression.

“I don’t find it impossible after everything that happened, Gods, Demons, don’t you think there’s no way to resurrect the dead?” Mykel replied with a smile. “Anyway, just tell him to not bury his brother,”

“I see, but what if he decides to go back to his world? I don’t think we can prevent him from going back,” Vasilus asked with his eyebrows raised.

“That won’t be a problem because he’s not planning on going back to his world,” Mykel answered with confidence. “Just remember what I said, until then, farewell, King Vasilus,” Mykel said as he walked backward and then approached the others to leave the tower.

(In the Temple of the Sun)

Hera, Loki, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, and Persephone entered Ra’s world after Ra decided to allow them to pay a visit. It took them a while for that, and it was thanks to Eos and Sol from the Sun Arcana to persuade Ra to meet them.

A muscular man twice the size of Ares with a falcon helmet that covered his whole face with it and his skin was shiny black like a black falcon feather. A floating ring behind his head that was believed to be the real shape of a sun and everything on his body was made from gold.

Ra was sitting on his throne with the sun right behind his throne which would make any mortal turn into dust. He watched the six of them walk into his temple through his third eye and was immediately welcomed by the other Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

“To see the five Major Arcana in my temple, it appears to be you came here for something that requires my help,” Ra said as he walked toward them with a crooked staff in his right hand.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Hera said with a serious expression. “I wish that we came all the way here for just a visit, but the opportunity made us see each other for something else,” Hera continued as he looked at Amun, Atum, and Horus who stood right next to Ra’s throne.

“I have heard enough and I know why you all came here. Let us talk with comfort,” Ra said as he looked at all the Gods and Goddesses who were standing on the sides.

“It’s fine, it’s better if all of them stay here,” Hera said as she looked at Ra. “We all believe none of them have any connection with what we are dealing with right now. We came here not just to ask for help, but we are also here to propose something that you might be interested in,” Hera explained as Ra stared her in the eye beneath his falcon mask.

Ra nodded his head so slowly as he walked back to sit on his throne.

“Since you came all the way here, you can speak straight to the point,” Ra said as he pointed his staff at Hera.

Loki was standing in the far back, and then he slowly made his way to the front with a smile on his face.

“Allow me do the talking,” Loki smiled as he chuckled softly and stared at Ra.


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