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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 180 Bahasa Indonesia

“Where did you go, Agnez? We have been looking for you,” Gunnar stared at Agnez who just came back to the hotel after she attained a new skill from Mazikeen’s power.

“I was having fun,” Agnez looked at Jeanne with a smirk as she wiped the bottom of her lips with her thumb while licking the upper lips with her tongue to tease her. “Well, I’m satisfied now and I’m going to get some sleep,” Agnez continued as she sighed and walked into one of the rooms with a big smile on her face.

“Wow, what kind of fun she had? She looks happier than ever for some reason, I mean I have never seen her wreathes in a smile like that before,” Rozan said as he ate his cereal and watched a movie.

Sven and Vincze looked at each other while raising their eyebrows because they thought they knew what happened to Agnez.

“Stop thinking about sex you moron,” Lillith said as she stared at both of them with disgust. “Agnez got something new and it’s really amazing,” Lillith continued as she looked at the room Agnez went in.

(In a different suite room)

“You’re really going to clear another tower again?” Lyneth asked as she frowned at Mykel.

“Yes, I need to clear all the fifteenth floors. I don’t want another breakout to happen because next time we might not be able to survive,” Mykel answered as he took off his blazer. “Are you lonely?” Mykel stared at her while he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his cuffs.

“Do you really need to ask that question?” Lyneth kept frowning as she sat on the bed and leaned on the headboard.

Mykel smirked and chuckled softly, he then removed his shirt and walked to the bed. He suddenly grabbed Lyneth’s legs and pulled her toward her, and then he sat on top of her with a smile on his face.

“I miss you too, Lyn. I want you all night and I’m not going to pull out this time because I want you to bear my child,” Mykel said as he leaned his head toward Lyneht’s head so she could feel needed and wanted. “Let’s just enjoy the moment we have right now,” He continued and started kissing her.

Mykel didn’t care if she got pregnant because he could just modify her [Story] and made her unable to bear a child.

The next day, Mykel and the others stood in front of the Astaroth Tower. It felt empty and peaceful because it had been a while since it was only them to clear a tower.

The Demon King Astaroth wasn’t as cruel as the other Demon Kings, he gave knowledge to the people but in exchange, they had to become his loyal followers. Without the Fraternity, they all went all out and cleared up to the fifteenth floor in a day and killed every single one of them because no matter how peaceful the world he conquered, it was still a world filled with demon followers.

They went to District 10 the next day where the Satan Tower at. The Demon King Satan was ruthless and didn’t leave a single living being alive, he killed everyone in the world that he conquered. With that being said, there were only demons on all five floors.

During their clearance of the fifteenth floor, they struggled a bit to kill the demon servant of Demon Lord Mizzolon because he could come back to life every time he was killed.

It was similar to the demon servant in the Belphegor Tower where Manna tried to kill the demon servant. There was an orb hidden inside the demon’s body and Gerrard was the one who noticed it first, he destroyed the orb and finally, the demon servant died for good.

Asmond saw the notification of the tower clearance for the last two days, he wanted to join them but he was stuck with Gustav to talk about the future of Fraternity with Enma. Since it was Kastor’s last will, he couldn’t do anything but accept his role as the new leader of the Fraternity Association.

“There are two towers left that we need to clear, huh? Wow, it’s a lot faster without them don’t you think?” Rozan said as he walked toward the Mammon Tower in District 11.

“They’re just heavy luggage, without them, we can do better and I’m glad that we don’t hear whines from him ever again,” Agnez answered and looked at the crowd of people staring at them near the tower. “Are we going to clear the Lucifer Tower as well, Mykel?” Agnez stared at Mykel who seemed to be staring at something invisible in front of him.

“This will be the last one for now because District 13 is still being rebuilt and we can wait until they’re done making the bridge to the Lucifer Tower that’s now in the middle of a huge lake. We are going to clear the Lucifer Tower three weeks from now,” Mykel answered as he read a message from Loki because he and the others were going to meet Ra.

“Why taking so long, boss?” Gunnar asked as he made a path for them to enter the gate into the tower.

“Because we will be clearing the Lucifer Tower with Brynhilde’s team and Barika’s team. It will be a joint team with two different worlds,” Mykel answered as he entered the tower and closed the screen in front of him.

“Three weeks? Are we going to do nothing while we are waiting?” Sven asked as he sighed.

“No, we will be using the time we have left to clear the twentieth floor of the Azazel Tower with Euros and the others. Maybe we can also try to clear the twentieth floor of the Belphegor tower with Manna,” Mykel answered. “Both Jeanne and Agnez are already way above you all, and I’m going to use this opportunity to make the rest of you stronger,” He continued as he patted on Gunnar’s shoulder.

“You’re the best, boss! I have been wanting to get stronger after my battle against that demon during the breakout. I don’t want to be useless and I want to be depended on,” Gunnar said with a grin on his face.

“I know, I know exactly what you all want, so just be patient because I’m going to make all your wishes come true,” Mykel answered as he stared at the door in front of him. “Right now, just focus on clearing this tower so we can go to Azazel Tower and clear the twentieth floor,”

“Don’t worry about that boss, we will clear all the floors for you! Right, guys?” Gunnar asked as he looked at the others behind him.

“You’re so noisy, just open the door already,” Lillith replied as she rubbed her right ear because Gunnar’s voice was echoing throughout the hallway. “Why don’t you use that stamina on clearing the first tenth floor on your own?” She continued and stared at Gunnar.

“Sure, does that mean I will have the loot for myself?” Gunnar asked with his eyebrows raised.

Everyone smiled and chuckled as they shook their heads, and then they entered the tower high-spirited.


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