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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 177 Bahasa Indonesia

Asmond started to wander around and tried to feel their presence but he got nothing. He started to panic and wander aimlessly, and he didn’t know for how long he had been looking for them until he was startled by a loud scream.

“Jeanne?!” Asmond looked around and tried to remember where the scream was coming from.

Asmond started running and was confident that it was Jeanne’s voice.

Asmond saw a hut and heard loud banging from inside, he immediately ran and kicked the door open. He looked around and saw Jeanne being pushed down onto the table, and his head immediately boiled when he saw Mykel was trying to stab Jeanne in the heart with a sword.

“Asmond, help me! Something is wrong with him!” Jeanne yelled since she couldn’t hold it any longer.

Asmond ran toward them and he immediately pulled Mykel all the way to the back. Mykel was so confused when Asmond pushed him, but he didn’t bother and started running and pointing his sword at Jeanne.

“Asmond, she’s a demon don’t you see!” Mykel said as he stared at Asmond.

“Asmond, I’m not a demon! You have to tell him!” Jeanne said as she hide behind Asmond’s back.

Mykel looked at Asmond and Asmond wasn’t planning on moving from where he stood. Mykel decided to use wind magic and pushed Asmond to the side because he caught Asmond off guard.

Asmond was thrown onto the wall and noticed Mykel was about to stab Jeanne in the heart. Without thinking twice, Asmond pointed his sword and thrust it onto Mykel’s chest. He just realized that he used too much strength, and now the sword cut through all the way to Mykel’s back.

Mykel was surprised when he saw a blade pierced through his chest. He dropped the sword and slowly walked back as he looked at the blood dripping onto the wooden floor.

“Asmond? Why?” Mykel asked and started coughing blood.

“Asmond?! What are you doing?!” Jeanne’s voice started to distort.

Asmond looked at Jeanne but she suddenly became Enma, he couldn’t believe what he saw. He slowly turned his head toward Mykel and turned out that he wasn’t Mykel, but Kastor who was laying on the floor as he tried to breathe.

“Kastor!” Asmond yelled as he went to his knees and carefully lifted Kastor’s body which was covered by his own blood. “I-I’m sorry! I’ll get stop the bleeding!” Asmond said as he looked around to find something that could stop the bleeding.

“You were trying to kill him, Asmond, what were you thinking?” Enma asked as she stared at Asmond with disbelief.

“He was trying to kill you, Jeanne, no, I mean, Enma,” Asmond answered nervously as he tore his clothes.

“Jeanne? Did you see me as Jeanne?” Enma asked as she furrowed her eyebrows with a puzzled look.

“I see you as a demon, Enma,” Kastor said weakly as he stared at Enma. “I think this whole place is similar to the twelfth floor,” Kastor continued and then started coughing blood again.

“Kastor, don’t talk! I’m trying to treat your wound,” Asmond pressed the cloth onto the wound but the sword on Kastor’s chest was preventing him from stopping the bleeding. “Here, have a health potion!” Asmond hands trembled when he tried to open the bottle.

“We both know that potion won’t do anything. It can’t heal a wound like this, just keep it for yourself,” Kastor said with a forced smile while enduring the pain.

“Who did you see, Asmond? Who did you think Kastor was back there?” Enma was still confused and curious about who Asmond saw. “You were trying to kill him back there,” Enma stared at Asmond.

Asmond hesitated and tried to ignore Enma’s question, but her gaze was making him uncomfortable and only made him feel more guilty about it.

“I saw Mykel,” Asmond answered quietly as he looked down because he was ashamed and knew what kind of expression they both were going to make.

“I see, you saw Jeanne and Mykel, no wonder you didn’t hesitate to thrust your sword at him,” Enma said and Asmond could tell she was furious because of her trembling voice. “You know what you did, right, Asmond?” Enma continued as she glared at Asmond.

“Enma, it’s okay,” Kastor said weakly. “I’m glad that I didn’t kill you because Asmond stopped me, if not, I would be the one who’s going to be sitting here with you in my arms,” Kastor continued.

Enma sighed as she kept pressing Kastor’s back and the atmosphere became awkward.

“A leader can be replaced, but not you, Asmond,” Kastor said as he grabbed Asmond’s hand. “If I die, I want you to lead the Fraternity with Enma,” Kastor’s hand felt so cold that Asmond couldn’t help but look how pale Kastor’s skin had become.

“No, you’re going to live, just stay with us,” Asmond said with his watering eyes.

“Please, don’t be like me, Asmond, you have to take your emotions aside and do what’s best for yourself and the people,” Kastor said. “You will be a great leader, I can feel it and I know it,”

Kastor slowly closed his eyes but Asmond and Enma tried to shake his body to make him stay awake, but it was all futile. Asmond pulled the sword so slowly and the blood spurted on his face, he started to cry while Enma carried Kastor’s body.

The moment they left the hut a notification appeared.

[You have cleared the fourteenth floor of the Samael Tower!]

[You are the first to clear the fourteenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[The red portal to the fifteenth floor is now open!]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

Asmond fell to his knees and started sobbing and screaming in frustration while Enma stared down at him and didn’t say anything.

The fog slowly disappeared and Enma saw so many people scattered around the forest. Some of them were laying on the ground dead while some of them were standing with weapons in their hands and blood all over their bodies.

Enma and Asmond realized the moment they observed their surroundings that the island wasn’t that big. Everyone was walking in a circle and killed each other because they thought they were demons. Asmond looked at his trembling hands that he just killed a lot of his own friends because of the illusion that the fog created.

“I’m a murderer, I killed so many of them,” Asmond mumbled to himself.

One of them looked around and saw Kastor’s body in Enma’s arms, he screamed Kastor’s name and attracted everyone’s attention. They all looked a lifeless Kastor’s body and immediately ran toward them to go and check on his condition.

Mykel heard the commotion in the distance, and so he decided to check what was going on. Mykel and the others saw dead bodies scattered around the forest and then they saw crowds of people near the hut.

Mykel saw Kastor’s dead body in Enma’s arms, Gunnar and the others were surprised because never thought that Kastor would die, but then they saw the wound on his chest. Asmond walked toward Mykel and he grabbed his arm so tightly with his watering eyes.

“I killed him, Mykel,” Asmond said quietly.


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