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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 178 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel raised his eyebrows and looked at Asmond with a mild shock, he was surprised and confused at the same time. He grabbed Asmond’s arm and dragged him away from the crowd because he didn’t want the others to hear what he just said.

“What happened?” Mykel asked as he held his best to not smile in excitement.

Asmond couldn’t stop trembling and sobbing while Mykel enjoyed what he saw.

“It happened so fast, I thought he was someone else because he tried to harm Enma. The moment I stabbed him, he became Kastor, and I killed him because of that,” Asmond explained but his explanation was a bit hard to understand since he was still shocked.

“Is everyone know about this? Did you tell them the truth about what happened?” Mykel asked as he grabbed Asmond’s shoulders firmly.

“No, only Enma who knows the whole truth,” Asmond said as he wiped his eyes with his gauntlet but his eyes were now covered in Kastor’s blood. “What should I do, Mykel? I don’t know what to do,” Asmond looked at Mykel desperately.

“For now, don’t tell anyone about this, let me speak with Enma first. You need to calm down and take your time,” Mykel said as he patted Asmond’s left shoulder. “I will take care of everything for you,” Mykel smiled.

Mykel left and went back to the hut where everyone was still mourning Kastor’s death. He saw Enma standing right next to Kastor’s body, he then stood in front of her and tilted his head to the other side of the hut.

“Can you come with me for a moment?” Mykel asked.

Enma didn’t say a word and just nodded her head.

“What did Asmond see?” Mykel asked as he looked Enma in the eye.

On the fourteenth floor, there was only one demon, and that demon was the one who created the thick fog on the island. She was one of the servants of Demon Lord Bor’azur, and her only purpose was to deceive every one who entered the fourteenth floor with her skill.

Mykel purposely prolonged the clearance on the fourteenth floor and let those people kill each other. The thing that people saw was either the thing they want or don’t want to see, most of them saw demons because their fear of demons overwhelmed their thoughts, so he was curious about what Asmond saw back there.

“He saw you, Mykel. Asmond saw you were trying to harm me, as Jeanne,” Enma said and stared back at Mykel.

“I see, so it’s all because of a woman again,” Mykel said as he sighed and fixed his hair while pretending to be disappointed.

“I hate him for it. I don’t think I can work with him if everything in his head is all about Jeanne,” Enma suddenly said as she furrowed her forehead.

Mykel stared at Enma’s expression and noticed that her anger could be useful for him.

“Do you think I did something that made him like this, Enma?” Mykel asked as he leaned on the wall next to Enma.

“No, if it’s someone’s fault, it would be Asmond who’s still thinking like a child. He has a high spirit but his mentality is so easy to crumble the moment things didn’t go as he wants,” Enma shook her head and sighed. “Now that Kastor wants him to become the leader of the Fraternity Association, I think there will be no hope for us,”

“Kastor wants him to be a leader? Even though you’re more experienced in both Guild Association and Fraternity? What was he thinking?” Mykel scoffed as she shook his head with disbelief. “I know that you don’t even want to be a leader, but thinking he chose Asmond instead of someone else is really mind-blowing,”

Enma went quiet and suddenly bursted into tears because she went back to her sense and realized that Kastor was no longer with them. Mykel stood in front of her and opened his arms, she slowly walked toward him and hugged him so tightly while Mykel rubbed her back to comfort her.

“Everything will be fine,” Mykel whispered into her ear. “You can find us if you need help,”

Enma nodded her head repeatedly as she let out all her emotions.

Mykel and Enma came back to the front after she felt better, he asked her to keep it a secret for the time being knowing that discord could be destructive in Fraternity. They both saw Kastor was already wrapped in cloth while everyone was still mourning his death.

Since there was nobody else they could rely on and depend on, they chose Mykel to lead them to the fifteenth floor.

“If you want to mourn just stay here because I don’t need people who dwell on the dead,” Mykel said to them as he stood in front of the portal. “People die here, so just deal with it,”

Mykel entered the portal and didn’t care if they followed him or not.

[The servant of the Second Demon Lord Bor’azur of Samael has been waiting for this moment]

[Kill the servant and the Caspea world will be reunited]

Mykel and his team were sent to the base of the volcano, they saw the big cave that lead into the volcano. They could see the lava was coming down from the top of the volcano and everything was covered in lava.

Before they could enter the volcano, they could feel heavy stomping coming from inside the volcano. They all looked at the silhouette of a demon as tall as the cave mouth, the long arms and claws dragged all the way down to the ground, and horns that scratched the ceiling of the cave.

“Go all out, all of you, I need that demon to die as soon as possible,” Mykel said as he looked at Agnez and the others who stood in front of him.

“We have been waiting for a very long time for this,” Gunnar banged the shield with his axe and immediately activated [Harmony].

Jeanne activated [Harmony] as she unsheathed the Soul Catcher sword, and the pain she felt, all the emotions that she felt made the [Harmony] skill way superior to the others. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she swung her sword around. The moment she opened her eyes, she dashed toward the mouth of the cave in a blink of an eye.

Jeanne saw how gigantic the demon was and didn’t hesitate to swing her sword toward the demon’s legs and butchered the demon into pieces. She single-handedly killed the demon servant, and everyone was a bit annoyed because they hadn’t even taken a single step forward from where they stood.

Agnez ignored the notification of the clearance and stared at Jeanne because she was a bit jealous of her sudden growth just because of the sword that she got from Brynhilde.

“Let’s leave and bring all the dead,” Mykel said as he looked at Asmond and Enma.

Since they were in the middle of a different island that was far away from the city, they used the portal to go back and reentered the Caspea world by using the door. Mykel was planning to stay behind for a day to make Clancy his recipient but knowing that Kastor died, he had to leave for the funeral.

After they retrieved the bodies, they left the tower and everyone who was waiting outside the tower welcomed them with silence when they saw Asmond was carrying Kastor’s dead body. They saw dozens of dead bodies being carried out from the tower, and they immediately opened a path for them to walk through.

“You should handle the internal affair of the Fraternity first, Asmond. You can join us when you’re done with it,” Mykel said as he looked at Asmond walking toward the car with Enma following behind him.

Asmond turned around and just nodded his head then he entered the car and left.


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