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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 163 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel helped Zeus and Ares by giving them a million Arcana Coins each, they were shocked that he would give them Arcana Coins like it was nothing to him. Hera, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Apollo, Athena, and Artemis were holding their smiles because they knew those two were going to make that kind of expression.

“Is that enough or do you need more?” Mykel asked as he looked at Zeus and Ares.

“No, this is more than enough,” Zeus answered as he stared at the notification in front of him.

“If you need more, just say it,” Mykel said as he walked down the stairs from Zeus’s throne. “Oh, and one more thing. Can you tell your recipient, Barika that I need him to join me in clearing the fifteenth floor of the Lucifer Tower?”

Zeus looked at Mykel and was a bit surprised when he heard it. “You’re planning on clearing the Lucifer Tower?”

“Not now, a month from today. I need to clear the rest of the towers first, I want to keep the best for last,” Mykel shook his head as he looked at his watch and the needles were spinning like crazy.

“I see, I will inform him now and tell him to raise his level,” Zeus replied as he wrote a message for Barika. “Is there anything else?” Zeus glanced at Mykel.

“No, that will be enough,” Mykel answered as he looked at Loki and raised his eyebrows. Loki nodded his head with understanding and then Mykel turned around to look at Zeus. “I hope this relationship will last for a very long time because I’m going to need your help and your recipients to fight Lucifer and his followers down there,”

Zeus nodded his head and then Mykel left with Loki.

“Well then, since you already got what you wanted, I will take my leave now,” Hera said as she walked toward the giant white door.

“Wait,” Zeus said as he stood up and walked down the stairs. “I have been paying attention and I notice that you are barely in your palace. Where are you going right now?”

Hera stopped and turned around. “Paying attention?” Hera stared at Zeus with her eyebrows furrowed. “I know that I’m still your wife, but you have never seen me as one after you got what you wanted. Now you’re paying attention to me again?” Hera stared at Zeus and her gaze was different than usual and made Zeus a bit shocked.

Zeus could tell that she had become stronger than before, and he was suspicious of her sudden changes and growth.

“I’m curious because I’m your husband,” Zeus answered.

“Curious or suspicious?” Hera asked and it made Zeus flinch his eyes because she saw through him. “I have promised you that I would never do anything behind your back anymore. I will keep that promise even if you never care about it,” Hera said then left the hall.

All the Olympian Gods and Goddesses left the hall as well, but then Zeus stopped Ares from leaving.

“Ares, my son, come here,” Zeus said as he sat and leaned on his throne.

Athena stole a glance at Zeus as she left the hall with Artemis and Aphrodite.

“Yes, father?” Ares asked with his arms crossed and his red cape covered half of his body.

“Follow Hermes, I have asked him to follow Hera and I want you to find out where she went,” Zeus said with his head rested on his left fist. “Stay as long as you can and report to me once you understood the situation. Can you do it?” Zeus asked as he stared at Ares with a serious expression.

“Yes, I will bring back the information that I will find,” Ares nodded his head and then hurriedly left the hall to see Hermes.

Hermes had been paying attention to Hera, and then he saw Hera teleported somewhere. Hermes had the ability to move through time and space, he could see what the other Gods and Goddesses couldn’t see which was wormholes.

Hermes could see the wormhole whenever someone teleported and he could see the trail in a split second and where it went. The wormholes looked like billions of threads that were entangled with each other, even if there was a God or Goddess who could see what he saw, they would lose the trace, or even worse they wouldn’t be able to find a way back because they didn’t know which thread they were looking at.

“Hermes, where’s my mother?” Ares asked with his right hand resting on his waist.

“Hera has left, but I know where she went,” Hermes answered. “Are you ready to follow where she went to?”

Ares nodded and then Hermes grabbed Ares’ shoulder, he then used the wormhole Hera used which was faster than the speed of light.

Ares didn’t even have the chance to blink his eyes but he had arrived at the destination with Hermes. They both looked around and noticed that it was a world that they weren’t familiar with.

“Niflheim,” Hermes said after he looked at the wormholes above him that he recognized. “We are in the realm of Norse,” Hermes looked at Ares.

“Niflheim? Isn’t this the Underworld of the Norse?” Ares asked as he looked at Hermes with a bit of suspicion because he thought that Hera was scheming something behind Zeus’ back and it was enough to make Ares a bit disappointed with Hera.

“I didn’t know that we have a new guest here,” Hel said as she appeared from the black mist on the long bridge into her Kingdom. “What do you think, father? Should we let them stay or send them away?”

Ares and Hermes immediately turned around and saw Hel standing on the bridge with Fenrir behind her who appeared from the dark mist. Before they could say anything, Loki appeared from behind them with daggers on their necks.

“Hermes, you know it’s rude to enter someone’s world without the owner’s permission,” Loki giggled with his eyes closed.

“Where’s my mother?” Ares asked and glared at Loki over his shoulder.

“Who do you think you are giving orders like that in a world that you don’t even know? Do you even know what kind of things live below you?” Loki barely opened his eyes and showed a sharp gaze toward Ares.

An echoing deep rumble came from down below them, and then suddenly Nidhoggr appeared from the river and flew all the way to the top of the Niflheim. Both Ares and Hermes were startled by how massive and unworldly Nidhoggr was.

“Nidhoggr hasn’t tasted a God flesh for a very long time and has been gnawing on the root of Yggdrasil, I wonder if he would enjoy a flesh of Gods from another world,” Loki said with a sinister smile.

“We have something bigger and scarier than that snake!” Ares said as he unsheathed his sword and swung it at Loki, but Loki disappeared and reappeared instantly right next to Hel.

“It seems that the guest is hostile toward us the owner of this place,” Loki said as he made the daggers in between his fingers disappeared as he waved his fingers.

Ares looked at Loki from the corner of his eyes and immediately grabbed his shield that was hidden behind his cape. He was so ready to fight them and didn’t care about anything because he came to find out about what Hera was doing in Niflheim.

Hermes stayed back since he didn’t have the ability to fight, he was preparing to leave and bring Ares with him if things went bad.

Ares rubbed his sword on his shield, the spark ignited the shield and sword, not only that, it ignited his whole body. His hair turned into a blazing flame and his eyes were glowing bright red like a sun, every step he took melted the ice around him.

Ares dashed toward Loki and Hel while they both were just staring at him without even bothering to ready their stances to fight. Before Ares could reach them, a lightning bolt struck him and it was enough to knock him back so far away that he had to stab his sword to the ground to stop him from falling down.

A muscular man with bright yellow hair and wore a helmet with a golden hammer in his right hand appeared out of nowhere.

“Stay away from my brother and my niece,” Thor said as his bright blue eyes sparked flashes of lightning.


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