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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 162 Bahasa Indonesia

“This world is in ruins, even if they want to rebuild this world, I don’t think there will be enough men to do so. Not to mention, there are still cursed people out there that are hiding,” Gaswin said as he followed Brynhilde and Mykel from behind.

“They will survive even without anyone’s help and that’s enough for now,” Mykel replied as he looked at the bright sun above his head. “You don’t have to think about anything else because your family is waiting for you back home,”

Brynhilde and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

“Jeanne,” Brynhilde called Jeanne as she showed the blue sword. “This is yours, please take it,”

Jeanne looked at the sword and hesitated but then she grabbed it from Brynhilde’s hand and stared at it.

“Wait, I don’t think I can bring this back to my world right, Mykel?” Jeanne asked as she looked at Mykel and showed the sword in her hand.

“Of course, you can,” Mykel answered as he looked at the sword. “That sword can walk through time and space because Celeste and Lucian brought that weapon from the Empyrean world then Berta brought that weapon to Earth with her. That sword is made from something beyond your understanding and now it belongs to you,”

Jeanne looked at Brynhilde and Brynhilde was smiling at Jeanne and nodding her head at Jeanne. She opened the sword again for the second time out of curiosity but then the memories of the souls came back to haunt her.

Mykel didn’t help Jeanne this time and let her endure it herself, and as he expected, she endured it way better than back then. She then looked at the blade and noticed she could see spirits or ghosts right from the blade’s reflection.

“You will get used to it, and those spirits will help you in the future. But, you have to be careful because some of them are bad and want to harm you while the others are going to help you,” Brynhilde said with a smile on her face.

“You shouldn’t be wasting your time here, Brynhilde. The emperor is waiting for you and he believes that you’re still alive,” Mykel said as he walked toward Brynhilde. “Also, you should go and check this…” Mykel whispered halfway through his words that anyone couldn’t hear what he was saying.

Brynhilde looked at Mykel with a mild shock on her face.

“You will find something interesting over there,” Mykel said with a smile on his face.

Brynhilde nodded with understanding and then they all walked toward the portal.

“Let’s meet again, a month from today,” Mykel said as he looked at them.

“A month? We can do that. Are we going to clear the twentieth floor of Mahazael Tower?” Brynhilde asked as she rested her left hand on her sword.

“No, the Lucifer Tower,” Mykel answered as he put a cigarette in his mouth. “There’s another group of people that will join us as well, they’re from the more futuristic world. You’re going to be amazed by their technology,”

“We will be there,” Brynhilde nodded her head, and then they all entered the portal.

Mykel and Jeanne entered the portal and went back to Earth. They both were walking in the endless hallway and Jeanne was stealing a glance at him.

“You can say it,” Mykel said as he looked at Jeanne.

“You said that Agnez, Lillith, and Edith knew that you’re a God. Was Agnez the first one that knew about it?” Jeanne seemed a bit jealous.

“None of them,” Mykel answered. “The first one to know about my existence was Euros and the others. If you’re asking which one knows about this among our team, Lillith was the one who knew about it because she looked at Euros and the other’s memories,”

Mykel stopped walking and then stood in front of Jeanne as he lifted Jeanne’s face with both hands on her cheeks.

“Are you jealous?” Mykel raised his eyebrows with a smile on his face. “You should know already that you belong to me now, and I’m not going to let you go,” Mykel said as he leaned his head forward.

Jeanne leaned her head toward Mykel and she was about to kiss him but Mykel put his finger in front of her lips. He chuckled and then lifted her up by the waist, he looked up with a smirk on his face as he pushed her to the wall gently.

“Are you trying to kiss me? Can’t you wait until we are back at the hotel?” Mykel asked while Jeanne locked her legs on Mykel’s waist.

“Then, can I have you for a whole day today?” Jeanne asked back as she rubbed Mykel’s cheek and then put her thumbs on his lips.

“That’s my plan for today,” Mykel answered and then Jeanne kissed him so passionately as she wrapped her arms around his head.

Mykel and Jeanne came out from the gate and saw Asmond was still surrounded by reporters. Jeanne looked at Mykel’s hand and then she held it so tightly as she dragged him down the stairs. Mykel looked at her with a smile and eyebrows furrowed but he played along because he knew what she was trying to do.

Asmond turned around when the reporters saw someone coming out from the gate, the first thing he saw was Jeanne’s hand holding Mykel’s hand. He looked at how happy Jeanne was while Mykel wasn’t even showing any expression as always.

Jeanne didn’t even bother to look at Asmond’s reaction as they both walked past him.

“I will see you tomorrow, Asmond. Don’t stay up late, you need to get some rest for tomorrow because we are going to the Samael Tower,” Mykel said as he was being dragged by Jeanne.

Asmond couldn’t say anything and faked his smile as he nodded his head with understanding.

The night came and Mykel was staring at the moonlight from the balcony door while Jeanne was asleep after a whole day playing with him. He couldn’t sleep because he was a bit worried about the war between Constellations that was happening at that moment.

[Goddess of Vengeful wants you to enter her world, Mount Olympus]

“What a perfect timing,” Mykel said as he stood up and grabbed his shirt and blazer.

Mykel teleported to Mount Olympus and he was surprised when he was inside the Olympus with all the Gods and Goddesses of Olympian. He looked around and everyone seemed to be fine but their expression was telling otherwise, another thing he realized was that Hades wasn’t there with them.

“What’s with the long face?” Mykel asked as he looked at Zeus who was sitting on his throne with his head rested on his fist.

Zeus looked at Mykel and he looked unfazed by Mykel’s presence, and then Hera stood up and walked down to the middle of the hall.

“You might have realized, but Hades isn’t here with us,” Hera said as she stood in front of Mykel. “It’s not because we did something to him or forbid him from entering the Olympus, but it’s because he went missing,”

Before Mykel could say anything, Loki appeared next to Mykel as he floated in the air.

“Not just Hades, but Odin and Thanatos as well,” Loki whispered into Mykel’s ear.

“The three of them? At the same time?” Mykel asked as he looked at both of them.

“Yes, the moment we wage war with the Death Arcana faction, we realized that Nyx wasn’t there to help Thanatos,” Hera answered. “We pushed Thanatos back to the Underworld, and when we thought Hades would help him, both Thanatos and Hades were gone when we checked Hades’ castle,”

“That’s when Odin went missing as well, I couldn’t find his presence at all,” Loki answered.

Mykel hummed as he crossed his arms because it must have something to do with Lucifer.

“So? Why are you bringing me here?” Mykel asked as he looked at Hera.

Hera looked at Zeus and Ares. “Both of them are in need of your help,”

“My help?” Mykel raised his eyebrow.

“They both were at the frontline to fight the Gods and Goddesses, they wasted a lot of Arcana Coins to recover and they don’t have enough coins to give to their recipients anymore,” Hera answered as she looked at Zeus.

Mykel stared at Zeus and then he walked up the stairs. “I can give you as many Arcana Coins as you want, and I’m not going to make fun of you or show off my wealth,” Mykel said with his hands in his pocket.

Zeus stared at Mykel with suspicion. “Just go straight to the point,”

“Let’s work together, I know no matter how much Hades make mistakes or scheme behind your back, you can’t hate him for it. It’s not him that you should punish, but Lucifer himself, and since we both are now standing equally, let’s help each other to bring Lucifer down,” Mykel explained with a serious expression.

“That’s it?” Zeus was still skeptical about Mykel’s explanation and believed there was another reason behind it.

“Yes, you need to remember that Lucifer is invading my world, and he’s the real and only threat to everyone that lives in my world. If you can help me with that, then I can give you Arcana Coins in return,” Mykel answered.

Zeus stared at Mykel while thinking, it took him quite a while to decide whether to accept Mykel’s offer or not. He looked at Zeus and Poseidon, they both nodded their heads and would follow his decision.

Zeus stood up and walked toward Mykel, he then offered his hand for a handshake. “Then we both have a deal,” Zeus said.

Mykel nodded and shook Zeus’ hand.


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