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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 161 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel and the others used a small farmhouse to discuss what Jeanne saw during her journey with the sword. The native people of Tirth weren’t that many left, but they started to make a plan for their own future.

“Tell us, Jeanne, what did you see?” Brynhilde asked as she sat down at the small round table.

“It was a dark room with nothing but a giant mirror in front of her with candles on the floor. She was sitting on her knees and she was staring at herself, then she said something about her descendant when I thought I was staring at myself in the mirror,” Jeanne explained as she tried to reimagine it.

“She then said about saving the Empyrean, the world of our father and mother. She said something about the truth about everything if we manage to save the Empyrean, but I have no idea what that means,” Jeanne looked at Brynhilde and the others who were staring at her with a shocked expression.

“You told me that whoever holds the weapon would feel all the pain of the souls that are trapped in the sword, but why are you guys looking so surprised about it?” Jeanne asked with her eyebrows raised in confusion.

Brynhilde was putting her fingers on her chin then she looked at Jeanne. “That’s right, but nobody has ever seen Berta inside that sword. My ancestors have never seen something like that because they have been living with this sword all their lives until they passed it down to their child,” Brynhilde explained as she put the sword on the table.

“So, I’m the only one who knows that Berta is trapped in that sword?” Jeanne looked at the sword.

“Yes, nobody knows how she died because in the record, Berta was mentioned died of old age,” Alberta answered as she nodded in agreement.

“Old age? She was the same age as mine, she looked exactly like me, the only difference was that she wore a beautiful gold dress,” Jeanne said as she pressed her right hand on her chest to convince them.

“We heard you,” Brynhilde nodded her head. “That means the history of Aersland was changed by someone. This is a new discovery for us as well,” Brynhilde looked at Gaswin and Alberta who were shocked by the truth as well.

Mykel checked outside through the window and saw everyone was burning the dead bodies that died after getting purified.

“So, how did she die?” Alberta asked.

“A man, I don’t who that was because I could only see his hand holding the sword then he slit Berta’s neck so slowly and painfully. Berta was closing her eyes after she told me about that, I think she was trying to enhance the painful moment of her death,” Jeanne answered as she held her neck because the pain was still lingering around her neck.

“The one who was so close to Berta and would cooperate with her would be her twin brother,” Alberta said.

“Before you talk about who’s the man who killed Berta, can you guys explain to me how could I see her in the sword? Am I really having a connection with your ancestor? A woman who’s from another world?” Jeanne looked so confused and uneased at the same time.

“The simplest answer is yes, you’re Berta’s descendant because it has been proven by what you experienced. This sword has never been held by Berta’s descendants so we didn’t know the truth about Berta. Now that you told us everything, we all believe you’re her descendant,” Brynhilde answered as she pointed her hand at Jeanne.

“The Oracle or prophet about Berta’s descendant that came from another world who can hold the sword is also the truth because of you. Then there’s nothing else that needs to be questioned, but if you’re asking me how everything ended up like this, I don’t know,” Brynhilde explained as she stood up and kept staring at Jeanne.

“The answer is simple,” Mykel said as he kept staring at the dead bodies being burned in the pit.

Everyone looked at Mykel and they were all confused and curious at the same time.

“Simple?” Brynhilde mocked with a smile.

“Yes, because your ancestors, to be exact Lucian and Celeste came from the Empyrean world. That alone is enough clue to say that they both can travel from one world to another,” Mykel turned around and leaned on the wall while staring at them. “You said that both Berta and her twin brother were abandoned and exiled, but what makes you think they were exiled in your world, Aersland? What If Lucian and Celeste sent them to another world?”

“But that doesn’t make sense because if Lucian and Celeste exiled them to the other world, then how can there be people with yellow hair and blue eyes in Aersland?” Gaswin looked at Mykel with his arms crossed.

“Because Lucian brought them back after both Berta and her twin brother have children in a different world,” Mykel answered as he looked at them. “It’s written in the history book that both Berta and Hubert were welcoming them back after years of exclusion,”

Brynhilde and the others looked at Mykel with their eyes wide open, they were shocked by the fact Mykel knew about Aersland’s history since they never mentioned anything about Hubert or even how Celeste welcomed them back.

“How did you know that?” Brynhilde asked.

Mykel walked to the table and stared at all of them.

“I know everything about Aersland, I know everything about Empyrean and what’s hidden in that world because I’m a God,” Mykel answered and stared at the table, he then looked at Jeanne with a smile on his face.

Brynhilde chuckled nervously. “Don’t joke around, Mykel,” Brynhilde said.

“I’m not, I’m the God in a black suit,” Mykel said as he stared at Alberta.

Alberta dropped her staff and immediately covered her mouth with both of her hands which made everyone look at her with confusion.

“You’re him?” Alberta asked with her trembling voice.

Mykel smirked and offered an invitation to all of them, they all stared at the notification in front of them and made the same expression as Alberta.

[God Mykel Alester of the Factionless has offered you to be his recipient]

– “I can help you find the answer, I will protect you all, and lastly I will help you save Empyrean,” Mykel said as he walked toward Jeanne who was still shocked by the notification. “In exchange, I want you to be my recipient,” Mykel gently put his hands on Jeanne’s cheek and lifted her head up to look at his smile.

“You’re really a God…” Jeanne looked at Mykel with a bit of fear because she might have angered him by her behavior.

“Yes, Agnez, Lillith, and Edith knew about this as well. They’re my recipients and I want you to be a part of it,” Mykel said as he slowly leaned his head and stared at Jeanne’s lips. “Do you want to be my recipient, Jeanne?” Mykel kissed Jeanne so passionately and it reminded her of the time she kissed him that night.

“I do,” Jeanne said with a smile on her face after Mykel pulled his head back.

“What about you guys?” Mykel asked as his hands wrapped around Jeanne’s neck. “You won’t regret it,” Mykel said as he looked at Brynhilde.

Brynhilde looked at the notification and then looked at Mykel and how he had been treating his team. He never acted or showed any sign of abusing his superiority, he nurtured all his recipients with care and he proved to her that he could make his recipients strong than anyone else.

Brynhilde accepted the offer and then followed by the others except for Alberta since she didn’t want her Benefactor Goddess Astraea to be angry at her.

“Astraea, you don’t mind if we share a recipient, don’t you? I can promise you that I won’t do anything bad or affect her purity. I just want to support her because I believe she will play a huge role in dealing with Lucifer,” Mykel said as he looked up at the ceiling.

[Goddess of Purity is nodding her head with understanding]

“She has spoken and is fine with it, so what do you say, Alberta?” Mykel asked.

Alberta looked at the notification from Astraea and Astraea wanted her to accept Mykel’s offer.

“I hope that I can be a good and obedient servant of you, God Mykel Alester,” Alberta said as she lowered her head and went to her knees.


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