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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 159 Bahasa Indonesia

Vigdis choked on Brynhilde as she lifted Brynhilde from the ground while Brynhilde was trying to free herself. She strengthened her grip on Brynhilde’s neck and it was only a moment away before she snapped Brynhilde’s neck.

“Your lies, why did I believe you,” Vigdis glared at Brynhilde and was filled with hatred. “You used me and then you abandoned me! I want you to be one of us now,”

Rozan created an earth spike in between Vigdis’s legs and launched her into the air, it was enough to save Brynhilde. He threw fireballs at Vigdis but then he got dragged by the spirits like Alberta earlier while Vigdis took the fireballs and threw her away to the wall behind the throne.

Brynhilde coughed as she was laying on the ground and held her neck. She slowly lifted her head to look at the sword but then she saw Jeanne walking toward the sword with Mykel following her from behind to make sure she was safe.

“Jeanne…” Brynhilde tried to say something but her windpipe was damaged that she couldn’t say more than one word at a time. “Don’t…” Brynhilde stared at Jeanne as she shook her head.

“Jeanne! What are trying to do?! It’s dangerous!” Gaswin shouted at Jeanne.

Agnez stared at Mykel and stopped Gaswin from approaching them. “Don’t interfere, there’s a reason why Mykel wants Jeanne to do it,”

Jeanne stood in front of the Soul Catcher sword and she hesitated to grab it after she heard Gaswin’s warning but then Mykel grabbed her right hand from behind.

“I will be here, so don’t be scared,” Mykel whispered as he led Jeanne’s hand to the sword. “Just keep listening to my voice,”

Jeanne grabbed the sword with both of her hands, her mind suddenly went blank and her eyes rolled back as dozens of memories of pain passed through her head every second. She collapsed but Mykel grabbed her body with his left arm while he kept holding Jeanne’s right hand on the sword since she was still conscious.

Mykel said everything that Jeanne hated about Asmond, Agnez, and her disappointment toward him for making her feel like a side chick. Mykel made her pent up all the emotions that she accumulated ever since he purposedly ignored her and treated her coldly.

All of that was for this moment, he changed a lot of course in the story, but in the fight between Vigdis and Brynhilde, he didn’t interfere and it went as how it was portrayed in the original story. All he did was made the encounter faster and forced Jeanne to grab the sword so Brynhilde realized that Jeanne was the right person she was looking for.

“What a foolish human,” Vigdis walked toward Brynhilde who stared at Jeanne and Mykel. “How many lives were taken back then when people tried to steal that sword from you, Prince Brynhilde?”

Brynhilde turned around as she unsheathed both of her swords and glared at Vigdis.

“You can’t even kill me with that sword, and now you want to fight me with those swords instead?” Vigdis asked as she rubbed her bulging stomach gently.

Brynhilde ignored Vigdis’s words and charged at her without hesitation, but without the sword, she couldn’t see the spirits. Brynhilde was floating with her four limbs being held by the spirits who seek revenge.

“Prince Brynhilde!” Gaswin screamed and started to run toward her with Eckerhard and Emmer.

Before they could even take a few steps, the spirits pushed them back like the others.

Alberta held her staff as she ran toward Agnez because she believed that she would be safe around her. She then lifted her staff as high as she could with both of her hands, and then she stabbed the staff to the ground with all strength she had left.

“With the power of Goddess Astraea! I purify the evil spirits and the demons in this room!” Alberta said and then activated [Purification].

The beam of light came out from the staff and brightened the whole room with it.

Everyone was covering their eyes and suddenly they smelt burned flesh in the air. They all opened their eyes and heard nothing but silence and a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

Alberta opened her eyes slowly and saw Agnez staring at her with her eyebrows raised. “It’s still impossible to purify the demon inside you?” Alberta asked with a bit smile of disbelief and then collapsed after she used all her stamina.

Agnez saw Brynhilde was laying on the ground and that was enough sign that all the spirits had been purified by Alberta.

“Kill that bitch,” Agnez pointed her sword at Vigdis who was covered with shadow figures around her body.

“Let’s go!” Vincze yelled and started running with Sven toward Vigdis.

Asmond groaned and was awoken by the commotion, he opened his eyes and saw everyone was fighting Vigdis. He stood up and then saw Mykel holding Jeanne in his arm while Jeanne looked like she was in pain because of something.

“Asmond! Let’s go!” Kastor said.

Vigdis fought dozens of them at once with the demons that were inside her stomach. She and her demons covered the whole room with black smoke that smell like rotten flesh.

Blood was splattered around the wall, floor, and bodies, they had no idea whose blood it belonged but they cared more about killing Vigdis. Nagy found Vigdis’s weakness, and it was on her stomach because the demons were giving her power.

“How many demons are inside her body?!” Rozan asked as he tried to create a whip made from fire to send the demons away from him.

“There used to be hundreds, but it was a year ago, so we didn’t know exactly how many are there right now,” Gaswin answered as he warded off the shadow figures around him.

Mykel stared at Jeanne and he believed that she should have reached the end of her painful journey.

(Inside Jeanne’s mind)

Every inch of her body was burned, skinned, sliced, and crushed by different things. She was reliving the painful moment of each soul as Gaswin said and it made her be in each soul’s point of view of their painful death.

Jeanne was screaming and crying with the souls, and suddenly everything stopped. She opened her eyes and saw her reflection in the mirror, she was sitting on her knees as she stared at herself with candles on the floor in front of her.

“If you’re seeing this, you must be my descendant,” Jeanne looked at herself and talked to her from the mirror but then she realized that Brynhilde mentioned that Berta looked exactly like her.

“I have a message for you,” Berta spoke to the mirror. “Save Empyrean, please, save the world of our father and mother. You will find the truth behind everything,”

A man walked toward Berta from behind with the Soul Catcher sword in his hand. Berta closed her eyes and so was Jeanne, and then she felt a sting on her throat and it slowly got more painful.

The man was slitting Berta’s neck so slowly to make Berta’s most painful memory would be the day of her death. Jeanne could feel the sword slowly moving from her the front of her neck and all the way to the back.

Jeanne opened her eyes and saw Mykel staring at her with his hand right hand on her forehead. He used [Mind Control] to calm herself down a bit, she then stood up and looked at the sword in her right hand.

“I would like to congratulate you for passing the torture, but right now, everyone is in need of your help,” Mykel said as he pointed at the dark smoke that covered the battle.

Jeanne looked at the black smoke and then realized it slowly turned into a demon figure because she was holding the Soul Catcher sword. She heard screams, bone-cracking, and guts splattered, everyone was struggling to fight Vigdis.

Jeanne took a deep breath and activated [Harmony], her whole body got so warm and her heart pounded really fast. She opened her eyes and saw everything barely move as if the time moved so slowly in her eyes.

Jeanne ran toward the battle and sliced all the demons then she saw Agnez was trying to overpower Vigdis without her [Demonification]. Jeanne knew that Agnez didn’t want them to know the truth about her, then she walked toward Vigdis and saw her stomach.

Jeanne stabbed the sword into Vigdis’s stomach and slowly pulled the sword up and opened Vigdis’s stomach up to her neck.

The time suddenly moved normally and Agnez was shocked when Jeanne suddenly appeared next to her. Vigdis stopped moving and looked down where the demons inside her body had been slain by Jeanne, then Jeanne passed out after she took a glance at the sword.

Brynhilde grabbed the sword and she was shocked by it, then she looked at Jeanne with disbelief.

“It seems like you have found it,” Vigdis said as her guts were falling down to the ground while she tried to grab them all.

Brynhilde looked at Vigdis as she raised her sword. “I should have done this a long time ago, I’m sorry, Princess Vigdis,”

“So, this whole time you were pitying me? Oh, the irony, but it seems that you have finally gotten what you wanted, right? To kill me with thousands of demons inside me?” Vigdis chuckled and then Brynhilde cut Vigdis’s head off.

Everyone was staring at Vigdis laying on the ground dead, but then Rozan looked around and was confused about something.

“So, where’s the notification? We killed the servant, right?” Rozan asked as he looked at Gunnar and Agnez.

“No, she’s not the servant,” Mykel said as he walked through the crowd and carefully lifted Jeanne’s body. “The real servant is over there,” Mykel nodded his head up and the sky.

Thousands of shadowy figures were flying in the same direction, and they were combining themselves into one big shadowy figure with arms as big as the tower itself.

“So that was just an appetizer, now the main course is here,” Agnez said as she raised her eyebrows. “Legion, huh?”


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