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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 158 Bahasa Indonesia

“Look at you, bringing everyone back,” Vigdis slowly stood up and walked down the hall with an eerie smile. “But that doesn’t change a thing after everything you did to me,” Vigdis giggled and black shadows came out from her back that covered all of her body.

Vigdis’ started to lose her hair and her white dress turned brown of dried blood, and her white skin turn grey. Her beautiful body turned skinny with only skin that wrapped the bones in her body and her stomach was bulging as if she was pregnant.

“It all happened for a reason, isn’t it, Prince Brynhilde,” Vigdis smiled with no teeth in her mouth. “Your mistake is making me like this!” Vigdis yelled in a high-pitched voice.

Brynhilde just stood there and stared at the wrongdoings that she made to Vigdis, and her feelings were filled with guilt.

“I think we found the one we are looking for,” Agnez unsheathed her sword and then followed by the others.

Asmond was the one who charged at Vigdis and then Kastor and Enma followed him from behind with the rest of his team. Vigdis glanced at them and looked unfazed then she swung her right hand to the right and threw all of them to the wall really hard.

“Telekinesis?” Rozan asked and looked at Mykel.

“No, it’s different,” Mykel answered as he looked at his surroundings. “It’s just angry spirits, and there are a lot of them here,”

The moment Mykel said that a chill wind struck everyone in the bone and it gave all of them goosebumps.

“Stay back, it’s my mistake and I will take care of this on my own,” Brynhilde said as she looked around.

Brynhilde sheathed both of her swords and then grabbed the blue sword and unsheathed it. The sword reflected the moonlight and suddenly everyone could see the spirits that floats in the room with them because of the light that got reflected from the sword.

There were hundreds of them and they all glared at Brynhilde with hatred and anger.

“So that’s what a spirit looks like?” Gunnar asked as he looked at the spirits in worn-out dresses and clothes. Some of them lost a limb or two, some even held their heads in their hands, some even just floating heads with a deformed faces.

Brynhilde suddenly screamed as her both arms trembled while she was holding the sword. She endured the pain she felt the moment the sword breathed the air and sucked the spirits around her which made everyone look at her with confusion.

“What’s happening to her? Why is she in pain?” Sven asked.

“That’s Soul Catcher Sword, it can attack a spirit and preserve it inside the sword. When a soul is taken by the sword, the wielder will relive all the memories of that soul,” Gaswin explained as he stared at Brynhilde.

“Then why is she in pain when she hasn’t even taken any soul?” Vincze asked.

“Whenever the souls live inside the sword, they will attack the wielder’s mind and force the wielder to relive the most painful moments in their lives. That sword was passed down by Lucian Aersland to Berta and Barret when he decided to abandon them so they both could survive in the wild,” Gaswin answered.

“Wait, does that mean she-” Before Rozan finish his sentence, Gaswin interrupted him.

“Yes, right now, she’s reliving thousands of painful moments of the souls that are trapped inside the sword in exchange for gaining the power of the trapped souls,” Gaswin nodded his head and looked at Rozan. “But she will be alright because she’s one in a million of Celeste and Lucian descendants that’s blessed with their power,”

The moment Gaswin finished explaining, Brynhilde’s arms stopped trembling, and then she dashed forward as she swung the sword around to catch the spirits in her way.

All the projectile attacks that Brynhilde produced destroyed the walls of the castle while Vigdis didn’t even bother to dodge them. Vigdis took one of the projectile attacks like it was nothing, not even a scratch on her body.

Brynhilde dashed forward as she swung her sword at Vigdis but Vigdis grabbed the sword with her bare hand, but she wasn’t a match for the sword’s sharpness and power. Brynhilde pushed her sword down and cut off Vigdis’ left hand, but before she could pull the sword, Vigdis scratched her face.

Brynhilde was thrown away from the pillar and all the way to the wall. Her jaw and mouth were hanging down because she lost her left cheek since Vigdis was holding the skin of her cheek.

Alberta healed the wound and fixed Brynhilde face in an instant while Vigdis grabbed her left hand and attached it back to her arm. Brynhilde charged toward Vigdis again without hesitation and pointed her sword toward Vigdis.

“Everything changed, Prince Brynhilde,” Vigdis said as she repelled the sword with her bare hands before Brynhilde could cut her hands. “I was a fool, but not anymore,” Vigdis tried to scratch Brynhilde but Brynhilde was faster than her.

Brynhilde ignored all the words Vigdis said and kept swinging her sword while she was destroying the whole castle without her realizing it.

“I knew from the moment you proposed that idea by putting these demons inside my body just because I could handle them. I never wanted this kind of pain and you used my innocent,” Vigdis’s stomach was slowly shrinking, and moved it to her arms. “You made me like this, a cold and heartless woman,” Vigdis said as she grabbed the sword with her both hands.

Brynhilde was shocked by the sudden changes in Vigdis’s body, she then kicked Vigdis’s bulging stomach as hard as she could to make some distance.

“One thing that matter, Prince Brynhilde,” Vigdis said as the shadow figure came out of her mouth but it came back inside again. “You can’t run away from your mistake, and now it’s time for me to repay you back,”

Vigdis thrust Brynhilde’s right pauldron with her right hand and it broke into pieces. Her hand was inside Brynhilde’s shoulder and then she slammed Brynhilde to the ground and broke her spine.

Brynhilde lost her sword and it spun in the air and stabbed the floor, everyone was trying to help but the spirits were preventing them from helping her. Alberta tried to use [Purification] but then she was dragged to the back and slammed to the wall really hard.

Mykel walked toward Jeanne and grabbed her shoulders from behind.

“Don’t you hate it when the people around you slowly get stronger than you are?” Mykel whispered into Jeanne’s ear. “Agnez is currently stronger than you are and I know you don’t like it,”

Jeanne glanced at Mykel and then stared at Agnez who stood at the front and tried to dodge the invisible spirits around her.

“Don’t you want to become as strong as her? Or even better to become stronger than her?” Mykel whispered and stared at Jeanne who started to sway by his words. “What about Asmond? He’s slowly catching up with you. Soon he will surpass you, do you want that to happen?”

“No, I don’t want that to happen. I want to be useful, not for them, but for you. I want you to look at me like how you look at Agnez,” Jeanne turned around and looked at Mykel with a bit of anger and jealousy.

“Then take that sword, it will give you a tremendous amount of power,” Mykel said as he stared at the sword. “You still trust me, right?” Mykel asked as he put his forehead on Jeanne’s forehead and his index finger and thumb on her chin.

Jeanne nodded as she grabbed Mykel’s hand. “Yes, I never doubt you,”


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