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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 154 Bahasa Indonesia

“A year?!” Jeanne stared at them with her eyes wide open. “You’re stuck here in this world for a whole year?!” She repeated her question but in a calmer manner.

“Yes, we can’t clear this world and that means we are stuck here,” Brynhilde answered and looked at Jeanne while nodding her head. “I’m sorry to say this but there’s no hope in this world because everyone is cursed and there’s nothing that we can do to bring them back,”

Mykel looked at Alberta and pointed his finger at her. “But she can,” Mykel said.

Alberta who had been staring at Jeanne suddenly looked at Mykel and she was a bit shocked when Mykel pointed his finger at her.

Alberta’s Benefactor was Astraea, the purest Goddess in the entire Constellations, and Alberta inherited Astraea’s skill called [Purification] that could banish all demonic powers. The problem behind that skill was that [Purification] needed the User to be a virgin to be able to use it, but Alberta was no longer a virgin after she was raped by the cursed.

In the original story, Asmond found them by accident when he retreated after knowing the truth about the Tirth world. Alberta told Asmond about her condition but Asmond didn’t want to give up, so he told her that Astraea would forgive her since it wasn’t her fault that she lost her virginity.

Alberta was moved by Asmond’s strong determination about saving the world no matter what it cost. She then prayed to Astraea for three months without stopping until Astraea decided to forgive her, but in the end, Alberta still couldn’t use her power.

Astraea looked at the situation in the Tirth world, and it reminded her of her past when she lived amongst the humans. It ended in the same situation where people didn’t trust each other and would kill anyone without hesitation.

Astraea gave Alberta a new skill called [Sanctuary] that allowed Alberta to sacrifice herself and purified everything around her. She activated [Sanctuary] inside a massive temple that they found, and she turned herself into a statue that gave an aura of [Purification] around it.

Asmond lured everyone inside that temple and it worked like a charm, it was the end of Alberta in the original story. Asmond oftentimes came to the temple if he needed a place to be alone and talked to Alberta to calm himself.

Asmond believed she wasn’t dead and she still had her consciousness behind the statue because the only reason the [Purification] aura was still there was that Alberta kept praying to Astraea to purify all the evil.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it anymore,” Alberta looked like she was about to cry and it made Jeanne and Edith curious.

Brynhilde hugged Alberta so tightly to calm her down before she burst into tears, Gaswin on the other hand, stood up and looked at Mykel. “We have tried everything as we said earlier, and please believe me,”

“There’s a reason why I’m here, Gaswin,” Mykel stood up and looked at Alberta who started to tremble because she remembered the nightmare she had been through. “I can fix her,”

They looked at Mykel with confusion. “Fix her? It’s impossible because what’s done is done,” Brynhilde said and looked at Mykel with suspicion. “I will not let you touch her,” Brynhilde glared at Mykel and she was being serious about it.

“I’m not going to touch her,” Mykel said as he walked toward Alberta but both Eckerhard and Emmer pointed their swords at him. “I’m not going to do anything,” Mykel stared at both of them with his hands up in the air.

Mykel stopped right in front of them while everyone was on guard in case he made a sudden move. He used [Admin] skill to change Alberta’s [Story], he put “Alberta is miraculously still a virgin after that incident.” In her [Story].

Mykel went to his knees with a gentle smile on his face as he stared at Alberta who looked at him with fear written all over her face.

“It’s done, and I want you to give it a try,” Mykel said with his eyebrows raised and kept smiling at her.

Alberta looked so confused about what Mykel was talking about but deep down she knew exactly what he was talking about. She slowly sat straight and Brynhilde removed her arms from her, Alberta then looked at her [Purification] skill and activated it.

Everyone saw a blinding light come out from Alberta’s hands, Brynhilde and the others were shocked when they saw her hands glowing again.

Alberta stared at her hands with her eyes wide open, and then she looked at Mykel with teary eyes. “H-how?” Alberta asked with her trembling voice and tears falling down her cheeks.

[Goddess of Purity is closing her eyes and grateful for what you did for Alberta]

“It wasn’t me who did it, but my Benefactor did,” Mykel answered.

Alberta was so confused but then she saw a notification in front of her.

[God in Black Suit is happy to be able to help]

[3,000 Arcana Coins have been gifted!]

“He’s your Benefactor?” Alberta asked while sobbing.

“I’m not sure what you’re seeing in your notification, but if he mentioned something about helping you, then yes, he is,” Mykel answered. “Come, we still have a chance to save this world and I can’t let you suffer like this anymore,” Mykel offered his hand to Alberta.

Alberta looked at Mykel’s glove for a moment and then she grabbed his hand with a bit smile on her face. “Yes, I will do my best,” Alberta said as she wiped her tears with her sleeves.

Brynhilde stared at Mykel for quite a while until Mykel glanced at her with a smile. She immediately looked away and cleared her throat then looked at Jeanne.

“There are more of you out there, right?” Brynhilde asked.

“Yes, there are seven of us who are currently looking for information about this world, and there’s another group that’s coming with us,” Jeanne answered. “There are at least a hundred people with us,”

“I see, they should understand about the situation by now, about the curse,” Gaswin said and stared blankly at nothing.

Mykel looked at Brynhilde and the others while Alberta was still holding Mykel’s hand. “Let’s meet with the rest of my team, they should be somewhere near the battlefield,”

All of them nodded with understanding and followed Mykel.

“Jeanne, was it?” Brynhilde walked next to Jeanne while resting her left hand on her sword.

“Yes, Prince Brynhilde,” Jeanne nodded her head and looked at Brynhilde.

“My title is nothing in this world, just call me Bryn or Hilde,” Brynhilde said while smiling.

“I’ll go with Bryn then,” Jeanne smiled back at her. “By the way, can I ask you something? It’s uncanny to see all of you have the same hair color and eyes. Is there a reason behind it?”

“Hmm, that might be unusual to you, but it has something to do with the history of my world, Aersland,” Brynhilde answered. “There were fraternal twins, Celeste and Lucian Aersland the first people that live in our world that we believe came down from the Empyrean. They both had the same hair color and eyes. They had six children together, and they were all twins,”

Jeanne and Edith were shocked when they heard about incest because it was a really weird story.

“From the six of them, there were twins who didn’t have white hair and yellow eyes, they had yellow hair and blue eyes. So, Celeste and Lucian banished them once they were old enough and create their own family because they both want to keep the bloodline to be “Pure” since those twins who were different from the rest were “Tainted”,” Brynhilde explained.

“Long story short, those who have white hair and yellow eyes are the purest,” Brynhilde said and looked at Jeanne and Edith. “We are not discriminating the other colors, it’s just those who don’t have white hair and yellow eyes can’t have a high position in the empire,”

Jeanne was staring at nothing while Brynhilde stared at her with curiosity.

“You look exactly like Berta, Jeanne,” Brynhilde said and it made Gaswin and the others looked at Jeanne.

“Berta? Who’s that?” Jeanne raised her eyebrows.

“The mother of the yellow-haired and blue eyes people,” Brynhilde answered. “The first Saint of Aersland and everyone who became a Saint had to change their name and add Berta on the back to get her blessing,”

Jeanne looked at them and they all kept staring at her as if they were seeing a ghost. They didn’t realize it until Brynhilde mentioned it except for Alberta who had noticed it before Mykel gave her virginity back.

While everyone was busy staring at Jeanne and talking about how similar she was to Berta, they heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes. It made them on guard and pointed their weapons in the direction of the sound.

“You’re quite deep in the forest, I thought we are lost for a moment” Agnez came out from the bushes with Gunnar and the others.

Alberta stared at Agnez and she immediately could tell there was a demon inside her.

“She’s dangerous, there’s an archdemon inside her body!” Alberta pointed her staff at Agnez and glared at her furiously.

Brynhilde and the others unsheathed their swords as they covered Alberta from Agnez and the others.

Alberta used [Purification] and a beam of light came out from her staff and beamed Agnez’s body. She kept pointing her staff at Agnez while the others were blinded by the light, but when the light disappeared, Alberta was shocked when she saw Agnez was unaffected by her [Purification] skill.

Agnez raised her eyebrow and stared at her. “What are you doing?”


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