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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 153 Bahasa Indonesia

“How do you know that there’s someone in here that can save this world?” Jeanne asked quietly as she followed Mykel from behind.

“Edith told me, she got a vision the moment we entered the world,” Mykel lied without hesitation and Edith nodded her head as she looked at Jeanne to convince her.

When they walked deeper into the cave, they started to feel a presence further inside the cave, they could tell there were six people in there. The three of them kept on walking and didn’t hide their presence at all because Mykel wanted those people to notice his presence.

Mykel looked at the end of the tunnel in front of him, and the moment he left the tunnel, a sword on his neck welcomed him.

“Who are you?” An old man’s voice could be heard from Mykel’s right.

Mykel glanced at the old man with white hair and beard, he then raised his hands to show the old man that he came in peace. “I’m here to help,” Mykel answered.

The sound of a bowstring being stretched could be heard in the distance and Mykel could see a woman behind a pillar in the shadow with a bow pointing at his head. The old man looked at Jeanne and Edith then he looked at their attires which looked weird and unusual.

“Yes, we came from another world, just like you guys,” Mykel said before the old man could say anything.

The old man was a bit surprised and he looked to his right then raised his hand and clenched it.

“Sorry for my rudeness, we had to make sure that you’re not one of them but I can tell that you’re not,” The old man lowered his sword and looked at Mykel’s black suit.

“It’s fine, I don’t blame you for being cautious,” Mykel replied as he shook his head.

The old man signaled the others to come out, and there was a total of five people came out from the shadow. Two women and three men, their armor and attire looked worn out, not just their attire but their bodies were thin.

All of them wore the same color attire, a combination of blue and yellow, not just their attire but their hair was all white and green eyes. One of the women didn’t wear armor, and instead of attire, she wore a white dress with a priest hat on top of her white long hair.

Jeanne looked at them and her focus was toward one of the women with three swords on her left waist and a bow on her back. Jeanne looked at her as if she had some kind of connection between her and Jeanne, and the woman was also staring at her.

“Allow me to introduce ourselves,” The old man said as he walked to the front of those people and sheathed his sword. “We are from Aersland world, and our world is similar to this world but we are more advanced,”

“My name is Herzog Gaswin,” The old man said. “I’m one of the high-ranked family named Herzog in Aersland who serve the emperor directly,”

“My name is Markgrafin Emmer,” A man with spiky hair with his sideburn all the way down to his jaw. “Markgrafin is also one of the high ranked families,”

“Edler Eckerhard,” A man with round glasses and his straight long hair down to his neck introduced himself. “I’m just a humble servant of the emperor,”

“Frey Wilfred,” A man with a body that was almost as big as Gunnar said. “My family is the shield of the empire,”

“Heilige Alberta,” A woman in a white dress said. “I’m the messenger of the Holiness,”

Jeanne and Edith raised their eyebrows and were surprised when they heard that Alberta was a Saint.

“Prinz Brynhilde,” A woman with curly short hair stared at Jeanne. “I’m the prince of the empire,”

“A prince? Not a princess?” Jeanne asked.

“I’m one of the candidates to take the throne, so I’m no longer a princess,” Brynhilde answered. “But there’s no reason to have this title any more,” She continued as she rested her left hand on one of the swords on her waist.

Jeanne and Edith looked at Brynhilde because they were curious about what she just said.

“Our world is called Earth, and we are also more advanced than this world, we have airplanes and vehicles to travel and transport,” Mykel answered.

“Airplane and vehicles? We also have them in our world. Our world has airplanes made from a ship and tied it to an oval balloon. The vehicles, we have something called a motor and it used engine and coal, but primarily we use trains and carriages,” Gaswin replied and looked a bit surprised.

“You have those technologies but your world is similar to this? Do you guys have guns in your world?” Jeanne asked and a bit confused.

“We do, but it’s mainly for defending our empire from demons and those guns are too big for us to carry. We do have guns on us but we are out of bullets and gunpowder. Here, have a look,” The old man showed the flintlock pistol to them.

“So you still use a castle and a palace in your world?” Jeanne asked.

“Yes, because it’s the most efficient way to protect us from any threat,” Brynhilde answered. “Before we continue, how did you find us? There’s no way you found us just by coincidence,” She asked.

“She’s the one who led us here, her name is Edith Levine,” Mykel answered. “This woman right here is Jeanne Dvar, and my name is Mykel Alester,” Mykel said.

“She led you here? How?” Gaswin asked with his eyebrows raised.

“She can see the future, and she brought us here because you can save this world,” Mykel answered and pointed his finger at Alberta. “You’re a Saint, you should be able to remove the curse, correct?”

Gaswin and the others looked at each other and they seemed to already know about it, but something was bothering them.

“She can but we have tried everything,” Gaswin said and looked at Mykel with a sorrowful expression. “There used to be hundreds of us here, but we are the only ones left here,”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Jeanne said.

“Don’t be, it’s not like they’re dead or anything, or at least they used to be dead,” Gaswin replied as he sighed.

“Used to be? Did they come back to life or something?” Jeanne looked at them with confusion.

“Why don’t you guys have a seat? I will tell you about everything that we know about this world,” Gaswin said with a smile that hid the pain on his face.

Gaswin explained the truth about the Tirth world, they told Mykel and the others about the curse that made everyone could come back to life. He explained the same thing as what Agnez told the others about the truth behind the curse.

The curse itself wasn’t contagious like a plague or anything, but everyone would get the curse if they died inside the Tirth world. The moment they died, the curse was carved on their back and made them come back to life and lost their sense except for their sense of thirst for blood and hatred.

“So, as long as we don’t die, we won’t get the curse?” Jeanne wanted to make sure that she heard it right.

“Yes, they said that the curse came from the Demon King Mahazael himself. There used to be a lot of demons in this world, but we took care of everything,” Alberta said with her empty eyes staring at nothing. “We thought we saved the world but we were wrong because of our own fault,”

The three of them stared at Alberta and didn’t say anything.

. “When we wanted to bury the fallen knights, one of them came back to life, one of the Blessed like us and we were shocked when we saw him with our own two eyes. We should have killed him, and it was my fault for preventing them from killing him,” Alberta said and clenched her skinny hands.

“What happened after that?” Jeanne looked at Alberta.

“He started to kill everyone and the curse started to spread all over the world,” Eckerhard answered. “It was too late because we didn’t know anything about it back then,”

“Hold on, the curse spread that fast even though the world is this big?” Jeanne was so confused because it didn’t make any sense if they didn’t try to stop it.

“We tried everything to stop the curse, but we couldn’t protect anyone and not to mention that there are eight Kingdoms in this world. We didn’t have enough force to stop the cursed ones from killing the villagers, the common folk,” Eckerhard answered.

“Wait, how long have you guys been in this world?” Jeanne asked and looked at every one of them.

“We have been stuck in this world for a whole year,” Brynhilde answered and stared at Jeanne.


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