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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 152 Bahasa Indonesia

“Mahazael Tower, huh? Miss Vix and Miss Zeth said that we are not strong enough to handle this tower back then. Do you think there’s a reason why they said that?” Gunnar stared at the Mahazael Tower in front of him.

Rozan and the others were thinking the same question, they believed there might be a reason behind it. Agnez, Lillith, and Edith knew about the true identity of Zherlthsh and Vixelleth, so if they said the Mahazael Tower was dangerous, then it was the truth.

Agnez looked at Jeanne and she was a bit confused by her sudden changes even though it was just a little but she noticed it. She thought that Jeanne would hate Mykel for ignoring her, but she didn’t, even though she hated Agnez for making fun and mocking her last night.

Mykel made a small modification to Jeanne’s [Story] and made her unable to hate him or leave him. He didn’t want to make Jeanne look like Edith because he made Edith act like a different person even though she looked normal from the outside.

“Did you spend the night with Jeanne, Mykel?” Agnez walked next to Mykel and stared at him.

“I did,” Mykel answered.

“No wonder she’s not being grumpy,” Agnez said and then chuckled softly. “So, about this tower, do you want me to lead the team as well?”

“Yes, because I will be doing something else inside the tower,” Mykel looked at Agnez and then glanced at Asmond. “It’s not necessary to lead everyone inside, just our own team will be fine,”

Agnez looked at Asmond and raised her eyebrows. “Are you thinking of letting them be?”

“I’m thinking of not dragging you all down because of them, you guys need to become stronger because we are going to clear the twentieth floor of the Azazel Tower once we clear all the fifteenth floors,” Mykel answered with his hands in his pocket and stared at the end of the endless hallway.

[You have proven yourself in the trial, you have been chosen to save the worlds that the Demon King, Mahazael has conquered]

[The first world, Tirth]

[Free Tirth from the Second Demon Lord Urdt’s army!]

“This isn’t like what I imagined,” Rozan said as he stared at a fortress swallowed by the sea of flames.

Something felt different compared to the other worlds that they have visited, and that was because the world seemed to not have a barrier to separate one floor from another. The reason why they thought of that was that they saw catapults and trebuchets in the distance and they threw flaming boulders at the fortress.

“What are those people doing?! Why are they fighting against each other?!” Kastor said as he watched the fortress slowly crumble after getting bombarded by boulders. “We should go and help them!” Kastor looked at Agnez.

“Go ahead, I’m not leading everyone this time,” Agnez replied and stared at Kastor with her unfazed expression. “You can do whatever you want,”

Hearing that, Kastor immediately ordered his team to go to the fortress and helped those who were in need.

“Now that we don’t have any heavy luggage on us, let’s go and find someone to explain about the situation,” Agnez unsheathed her sword and looked at her surroundings. “Maybe we should pay a visit to the commander that led the army to attack that fortress. Let’s go,”

“Jeanne, you’re not going with them, you’re coming with me,” Mykel said and looked at Jeanne.

Jeanne turned around and looked at Mykel, she looked a bit excited and happy when he wanted her to be by his side.

“Come on, follow me,” Mykel said as he walked into the forest with Edith.

The sound of people screaming and weapons clashing could be heard from outside the forest. Their emotions could be heard from their screams that they had unmanageable hatred toward each other.

Jeanne watched a knight slit another knight’s head and cut it off then showed it to the others. His smile was more terrifying than the head hanging in his hand, his laughter was more sinister than his action.

“Something isn’t right about this world, Mykel. I know that nothing is right but this one is more disturbing than the others,” Jeanne said as she looked at Mykel who wasn’t bothered by it.

“We are fighting against the demons, nothing is morally correct once a world is occupied by them. Remember that we only know the first world those Demon Kings occupied, the second world might be way scarier than you thought,” Mykel replied. “The more you prepared for the worst the less worried you will become,”

Jeanne looked at the battlefield for one last time and then she decided to follow Mykel and didn’t bother with what was going on outside the forest.

Agnez and the others were avoiding the war but they were attacked by both sides as if they didn’t care who they were. Words didn’t get through their ears no matter how much Gunnar tried to convince them that they were not an enemy.

“What the fuck is wrong with these people?!” Rozan asked as he pierced a knight with an ice bolt through his skull down to his crotch.

Agnez quietly stared at the knight as she stabbed his heart and then kicked him down as she pulled the sword from the knight’s body. She understood the situation thanks to Mazikeen’s explanation about the worlds that were conquered by Mahazael, one of the Princes of Hell.

“Slaughter one after another until the end of eternity,” Agnez said as she let the blood on her sword drip down onto the ground and watched the battlefield.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Rozan raised his eyebrow and looked at Agnez.

Agnez didn’t say a word and stared at the dead body that she killed, the knight started to rise from the dead and immediately grabbed his sword again and charged toward her. She swung her sword so quickly that the knight’s head suddenly fell off and it rolled over toward her foot.

“These people can’t die unless you cut their heads off,” Agnez answered and stared at Rozan from the corner of her eyes. “They’re all cursed by Mahazael himself and brought these people’s inner demons to the surface. They’re basically a mindless human,”

“So, what should we do now if these people are not even listening to us?” Gunnar looked at his surroundings and blocked the arrows that were coming toward them.

Agnez looked around and she wanted to kill all of them since there was no more reason to let them live. The only thing that stopped her from doing so was that she didn’t want to make a decision that would make Mykel disappointed.

“I’m not sure, but we should kill those people that are not an Awakener. Mykel might need them,” Agnez answered and looked at every knight on the battlefield to see which one of them looked different from the others.

“And how are we supposed to know which one is not and which one is an Awakener?” Vincze asked as he repelled an arrow with his spear.

“Lilly, you know what to do,” Agnez stared at Lillith. “Gerrard, I want you to scout the area with Nagy and bring me the commander,” Agnez stared at both of them.

They nodded and then started to do what Agnez told them.

Asmond and the others were checking the fortress and they regretted it the moment they entered the gate. They got attacked by the knights, it was the same as what happened to Agnez and the others, so they couldn’t do anything but protect themselves from the knights.

“This is weird, we can’t keep on doing like this, or we will be surrounded by them,” Enma said as she pushed the knights away from her with her shield.

“Let’s leave! We don’t want to hurt them since they’re not demons!” Kastor said as he signaled the others to fall back.

“Where’s Mykel and the others go? I thought they were going to follow us?” Asmond asked as he handled a dozen knights on his own and tried to give time for the others to leave.

“We can find them later, just focus on your opponents, Asmond,” Kastor said as he punched a knight in the face and knocked him down.

On the other side of the area, Mykel, Jeanne, and Edith were far away from the battlefield and standing in front of a hut under the cliff that didn’t belong to the forest. Mykel walked toward it with Jeanne and Edith following from behind, then they entered the hut to see nothing but beds made from wood and leaves.

“What’s this place? This looks like a shelter or some sort,” Jeanne looked at the manmade cups and bowls made from clay.

Mykel didn’t respond to her question and kept walking until he found a massive hole in front of him that looked like a cave. The whole hut was a cover to hide the cave and there was a reason behind it.

“She should be in there, let’s get inside,” Mykel said as he lit a fire on his hand to be used as a torch.

“She?” Jeanne asked quietly.

“The one who can save this world,” Mykel answered as he entered the cave.


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