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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 145 Bahasa Indonesia

Recognition of ten thousand Gods and Goddesses was the requirement for Mykel to ascend to become [Deus]. That alone was enough proof that almost or all the Gods and Goddesses who were with him in the hall were looking highly of him.

Hera and the others hurriedly walked toward Mykel and stood right below him. They all couldn’t believe it and every single one of them was happy for him.

“God Mykel,” Loki said with a smirk on his face, his eyes were so full of excitement and desire. “I have never doubted you, not even for a second,” Loki continued as he slowly walked up the stairs and looked up at Mykel.

“I know that already, I have been observing you as well,” Mykel answered with a mischievous smile.

Loki couldn’t hold his laughter and so he started to laugh in excitement while Hera and the others looked at him with confusion.

“He’s always like that when he’s genuinely happy, so there’s no need to be worried about it,” Hel explained while she looked at Hera and the others. “But more importantly, we should celebrate Mykel’s ascension,”

“That’s right,” Hera replied as she stared at Mykel who was sitting on the throne and she never thought to see a newly born God appeared right in front of her. Not just any ordinary God, but the God that could change the fate of the Constellations and everything in it.

Mykel looked at the distance and all the Gods and Goddesses kept staring at him with disbelief.

“Dionysus, can you entertain them while I still have some business to take care of first?” Mykel asked and stared at Dionysus.

“Of course! You’re choosing the right person for this kind of thing. I will make sure everyone’s belly is full and their lips wet from wine!” Dionysus replied and immediately walked toward those Gods and Goddesses with a grin on his face.

“Loki, Hera, tell me about this new stuff that I’m dealing with. I need details information about Authority,” Mykel said as he looked at the skill tab in front of him.

Mykel knew how to become a God since he was the one who made it that way when he introduced God and Goddesses of the Constellations in the story. He didn’t know much about how things exactly work because he never put the details on it or anyone in the original story that became a God.

“Authority?” Hera asked as she sat on the armrest of the throne. “Authority is the only thing that’s important as a part of the Constellations,” Hera continued as she stared at Mykel.

“I’m listening,” Mykel leaned his back on the throne.

“You already know about the first level and it’s when you have the authority to pick a recipient for yourself,” Hera said with her index finger pointed out. “That affects your skill rank as well because your recipient is your follower,” Hera explained.

Mykel nodded with understanding and already answered one of his questions about it. Arcana Coins weren’t the only thing to measure the power of the Gods and Goddesses.

“Having followers isn’t the same as having wealth. While wealth is more of quantity when followers are more of quality. The more your recipient achieved, the more power you will get in return. It’s a fifty-fifty ratio between wealth and followers,” Hera stared at Mykel.

“So it’s more like gambling if you spent a lot of your wealth on your recipient but ended up giving you nothing in return because they died,” Mykel stared at Hera.

“Yes, that’s exactly why and why we are all so furious at Nyx and her scheme because we all lost everything because of her,” Hera answered and nodded her head.

“What happens when you reached level two?” Mykel asked.

“Level two is when you can give your Exclusive skill to your recipient,” Loki suddenly appeared next to Mykel with a smile on his face. “Also, it allows us, the Constellations to spend our Arcana Coins to nurture and choose our own skills that the system provided,”

“I see, that’s logical,” Mykel rubbed his lips while Loki was staring at his lips. “What about level three?” Mykel furrowed his eyebrows and stared at Loki weirdly.

“Level three is when we can speak directly to our recipient to guide them and even control them if needed,” Loki answered as he looked at the commotion in the hall where the Gods and Goddesses were enjoying the feast.

“None of you are level 4, so I guess you wouldn’t know what it does?” Mykel looked at both of them.

“We do know, it’s to allow us, Constellations to go down to each world. Lucifer’s Authority level is four and that’s why he can do something like this,” Hera answered with her arms crossed.

“Hmm, what about her? Do you guys know what level of her Authority is?” Mykel asked.

“For that, we have no idea,” Hera shook her head and stared at Mykel with a serious expression.

Mykel wasn’t expecting them to know, and it was good enough that he knew about levels one to four [Authority]. With that being said, Mykel already had planned in his head and knew what he needed to do to grow stronger.

“Do you have anything else in mind, Mykel?” Hera asked as she tilted her head and smiled at Mykel.

“That’s it for now,” Mykel answered as he stood up and looked at the crowds. “It’s time for me to tell them about my plan,”

All of them nodded with understanding and then Hel swirled her fingers that changed the hall temperature to cold. It made everyone suddenly stop cheering and laughing then they all looked at Mykel walking toward the table with Hera and the others followed him from behind.

“Were you all having fun?” Mykel asked and his voice echoed throughout the hall.

Everyone went quiet and stared at Mykel.

“Unfortunately, I brought you all here not only for a feast or celebration,” Mykel looked from left to right. “I brought you all here to tell you about my plan,” Mykel crossed his arms with a serious expression on his face.

“Now that I have ascended, there’s no need for me to hold back anymore. With all of you here with me and I know your feeling of betrayal that Nyx did to all of you, I will ask you one question,” Mykel rested his hands on the table as he leaned his body forward.

“Do you want to seek revenge?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised.

All of them nodded their heads but they hesitated first.

“I know all your worries, you guys are no match for Nyx and I understand that,” Mykel said as he walked past the tables next to him. “I won’t be telling you to take her down, my next goal will be taking down Thanatos and overthrowing him from his throne,”

All of the Gods and Goddesses looked at each other and started to murmur while Loki and Hera were smiling in excitement.

“I’m not going to take his throne, I don’t care about it,” Mykel said as he kept walking and stared at them in the eye.

“I have prepared the one who fit to become the new head of the Death Arcana, and that’s Hel, Goddess of Death,” Mykel said as he pointed at Hel.

All of them turned their heads toward Hel and they weren’t surprised because they had a hunch about it already the moment they heard that Mykel wasn’t interested in the throne.

“So, what you say? Any objection to my plan?” Mykel asked as he looked around and none of them seemed to have any objection. “Perfect, and they will personally lead you all to the battle and fight those Constellations from the Death Arcana faction,” Mykel said as he pointed at Hera and the others.

“When are we going to do that, Mykel? And why don’t you lead us to the battle?” Keres asked with a serious expression.

“Very soon,” Mykel answered. “I need to do some preparation to make first, and I still have to be careful around her as you know,” Mykel looked at his skill tab and activated [Authority] skill.

(In Helmga World)

Euros, Costrezeir, Rinon, Arvel, Kurgreo, and Phirzia were busy running their Kingdoms until a notification appeared in front of them.

[God Mykel Alester of the Factionless has offered you to be his recipient]

All of them were shocked but they all accepted the invitation without hesitation.

(In Veatika World)

Manna was busy rebuilding the capital city and a notification appeared in front of her.

[God Mykel Alester of the Factionless has offered you to be his recipient]

“God Mykel, you have decided to choose me as your recipient? I will accept it gladly,” Manna accepted the invitation and looked at the bright sky.

(On Earth)

Agnez, Lillith, and Edith were checking everyone’s weapons and armor in the workshop, and then a notification appeared in front of them.

[God Mykel Alester of the Factionless has offered you to be his recipient]

The three of them were frozen when they read the notification, but they were the only ones who got the notification. They looked at each other and nodded their heads then accepted the invitation from Mykel.

[God in Black Suit is smiling at you]

[10,000 Arcana Coins have been gifted!]

(In the hall of Niflheim)

Mykel received a notification that all of them had accepted his invitation and then he closed the notification.

“I made a deal to keep the balance in my world, but I never make a deal to keep the balance in the Realm of Constellations. So, let’s make some changes, shall we?” Mykel asked as he stared at Hera with a smirk on his face.


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