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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 146 Bahasa Indonesia

“What happened to the boss? He looked kind of happy and I have never seen him that happy before,” Gunnar leaned his head toward Agnez as he stared at Mykel who had been smiling ever since he came back to the suite.

“I don’t know exactly what happened but you wouldn’t understand,” Agnez answered while she stared at her new sword. “Just because he’s happy doesn’t mean we need to know what happened, right?” Agnez pointed her sword at Gunnar.

“I mean, yeah, I’m just curious, that’s all,” Gunnar leaned his head back as he stared at the tip of the blade.

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[Rank: 141]


[RECIPIENT(S): Euros Sullus, Costrezeir Mulligan, Rinon Crig, Arvel Laveen, Kurgreo Nielli, Phirzia Kahliste, Manna Immane, Agnez Maurice, Lillith Mort, Edith Levine]


[ARCANA COIN: 100,000,600,800] [SHOP]


Mykel tried to use his [Admin] skill to rose all those skills he had but his [Admin] skill level was not high enough to be able to modify his skills’ ranks. He couldn’t modify his [Rank] and [Authority] as well because of it.

“It doesn’t matter how much Arcana Coin that I have, it won’t let me go higher,” Mykel stared at his [Rank]. “There are at least 140 Constellations that are stronger than me. I wonder who these guys are,”

“Mykel, are we really going to clear the towers with the Fraternity from now on?” Jeanne stood in front of Mykel with a bit displeased on her face.

“Yes, we are going to clear the towers with them because Asmond is going to be a huge help for us,” Mykel nodded his head as he sighed. “I know that you don’t like it, but I hope you can put your feeling aside because this is for the best,” Mykel stared Jeanne in the eye.

Jeanne exhaled deeply and nodded with understanding then left.

Mykel had thought about this ever since his return from the Void, he didn’t want to mess around with Asmond at least for the meantime. He knew Mara was paying attention to both of them and the only way to play safely in Mara’s game, he had to play mind games with either Mara or Asmond.

Keeping your friend close and your enemy closer was the only thing that came to Mykel’s mind. If Asmond became stronger, the less problem that Mykel would get from Mara and it didn’t bother him at all since he could kill Asmond with his [Admin] skill. The problem would be that if he did that, Mara knew who exactly could do something like that since those three Goddesses wouldn’t dare to touch Asmond’s thread of fate.

Mykel’s plan was to clear the towers as far as they could, and that would bring his [Admin] skill level up faster. The sooner he leveled up his [Admin] skill, the better because Mara wouldn’t be able to abuse the system with her [Authority] once his [Admin] skill level was sufficient enough to fight her.

Right now, all he had to do was to play safe and assist Asmond to become the best Awakener even though he didn’t like that plan. There was another problem that made him a bit anxious, and that was Mara congratulated him through notification about his ascension as a God.

“What are you planning, Mara?” Mykel asked in his mind. “I’m walking on a thin thread right now, I need to be careful,”

Mykel stood up and grabbed a cigarette from his pocket, he went to the balcony to get some fresh air.

“It’s been a while since the last time I saw you smoking. Is something in your mind?” Agnez asked as she walked into the balcony. “Also, that was really something when I received the notification,”

“It’s just the beginning,” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke and stared at the city.

Agnez shrugged her mouth and raised her eyebrows. “It seems that you don’t want to talk about it, how about we talk about the towers instead?” Agnez asked as she leaned on the railing. “When are we going to clear the Behemoth tower?”

“Tomorrow, with the Fraternity,” Mykel looked at Agnez. “Because of the Breakout, we will have to clear it from floor eleventh again. But that won’t be a problem, right? You can clear up to the fifteenth floor since you have gained power from Mazikeen,”

Agnez chuckled softly. “That won’t be a problem, you can leave it to me,” Agnez answered. “I’ll let you be,” Agnez said then left the balcony.

A day passed, Gunnar and the others departed to the Behemoth tower with the Fraternity with Mykel.

On their way to District 5, Mykel heard a voice in his head.

“Mykel, we are going to take down the Death Arcana faction,” Hera said in his head.

“That’s earlier than I thought, why are you doing it so suddenly?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows furrowed and eyes closed.

“I talked about this to Zeus and the other Olympian Gods, they’re all going to come with us and since we have more than enough, we decided to take them down now,” Hera answered.

“I see, what do you need?” Mykel asked.

“We might need more Arcana Coins just in case Nyx decided to show up and help Thanatos,” Hera answered and Mykel could hear her sighing.

“That won’t be a problem, but are you sure you’re going to be able to fight Nyx?” Mykel asked as he stared at the clouds from the plane.

“We will be able to fight her but we will lose, horribly,” Hera answered. “As long as we can reduce the number of Gods and Goddesses in the Death Arcana faction, it’s worth it,”

“Alright, I will send the coins, and don’t die,” Mykel said.

Mykel had to give a lot of Arcana Coins to them to increase their [Rank], and he knew it wouldn’t be a problem for Hera, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Athena since they brought the other high-rank Constellations with them. Their influences were enough to bring extra thousands of Constellations to this cause.

Loki on the other hand stayed behind since he had a different plan on his plate, a plan to overthrow his own father, Odin. It wouldn’t be easy because he had to persuade Thor to do a rebellion, and although it was hard to do, Loki could easily persuade the Asgardians since it was his specialty to stir up problems.

Mykel and the others drove to the Behemoth tower and the moment they arrived, the Fraternity was already there waiting for them. He couldn’t help but chuckle because the moment Asmond rose up as one of the best Awakeners, they were all excited to clear the tower again. The internal affairs seemed to have been cleared out since the death of Caesar brought them back together and became solid.

“Finally, you guys are here,” Kastor said with his arms crossed and stared at them.

Gunnar and the others furrowed their eyebrows and were annoyed by Kastor’s words and his attitude.

“We had to do some preparation first since they had to adjust with their new weapons and armor after battling the demon lords during Breakout,” Mykel answered. “We aren’t complaining when you guys watch instead helping them fight the demon lords,” Mykel said with a smirk on his face as he walked past Kastor.

Gunnar and the others snorted as they followed Mykel from behind.

“Asmond, I watch you on the news, I’m proud of you,” Mykel said as he patted Asmond on the back. “Here, a gift for you,” Mykel offered a skill scroll to Asmond.

“You don’t have to keep giving me a gift like this, Mykel,” Asmond said as he looked at the scroll.

“Have you decided on what you’re going to do? Do you remember the words I said back then after we cleared the fifteenth floor of Azrael tower?” Mykel asked with a serious expression.

“Yes, I have decided and I will become a hero that can protect the people. I’m prepared to take the hardship and carry the burden on my shoulders,” Asmond answered as he nodded his head seriously.

“Well then, you have to take this because the responsibility of being a hero might be harder than you think,” Mykel said as he offered the scroll.

“You’re right, I should get everything to help me while I still can,” Asmond replied and took the scroll from Mykel’s hand. “Thank you, for always being there to guide me, Mykel. I learned a lot of things from you and you were brutally honest that it opened my eyes,”

“No need to mention, Asmond. I will always be there for you and I will make you the best Awakener like Jeanne and the others,” Mykel said with a gentle smile on his face.

“Yes, I will be in your care, Mykel,” Asmond said and wreathed in a smile.


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