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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 143 Bahasa Indonesia

Vixelleth was slammed to the ground by Mykel and he wasn’t planning on stopping there, but before he could stab her with the throwing knives, he heard a clanking sound in the distance. He clenched his right fist and stopped the knives from flying toward Vixelleth then he lifted his head to see a dice rolling down to the crater where he was.

“Mykel, can you let go of my sister?” Beldathiel stood at the edge as she looked down at him. “I know she did a horrible mistake, but she also helped your people defeat the demon lords,”

Mykel scoffed and raised his eyebrow. “That was a part of the deal and it was something that she had to do. Now, putting Mazikeen inside Agnez’s body wasn’t in the deal, so that doesn’t count,” Mykel answered and stared back at Beldathiel.

“That’s true, but are you sure you want to keep doing this? Look at Agnez right now, she’s suffering because Mazikeen is trying to take over her body,” Beldathiel pointed at Agnez who was screaming in pain while Zherlthsh was staring at her from behind.

“Do I look like I care about it?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised.

Beldathiel furrowed her eyebrows and stared at Mykel with confusion and suspicion because of what Mykel said. He looked pissed but at the same time, he didn’t care if Agnez died, and that made Beldathiel think that he had something behind his sleeve.

Mykel could let Agnez die and delete the [Demonic Possession] skill from Agnez, then he could just resurrect her back to life afterward.

Beldathiel could see the resemblances between Mykel and Lucifer, and they used the same method to get something that they wanted. Either used force or mind games that nobody could win against them, and knowing that, she might be able to save Vixelleth’s life if she was right about what he wanted or death.

Beldathiel thought that it wasn’t really a bad idea after she witnessed what Mykel was capable of. She already played with fire, so why should she stop now when she would get punished for it anyway.

“Let’s make a pact, I will offer you my loyalty in exchange for you to spare my sister’s life,” Beldathiel said with a serious expression.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth were shocked when they heard it from Beldathiel’s mouth, even Agnez stopped screaming in agony. Mykel, on the other hand, looked at Beldathiel with his eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face.

“Sister! I don’t want you to make a pact just because of me. I will be fine even if he killed me,” Vixelleth weakly said with her demonic voice since she turned into her true form.

“Don’t be stupid, Vixelleth,” Beldathiel stared down at Vixelleth. “Your life is more important than anything in my life because you’re my sister,”

Zherlthsh ran toward Beldathiel and then stood next to her as she stared at Mykel. “Mykel, I will make a pact with you as well, so please spare her life,” Zherlthsh said with her hands clenched.

Vixelleth lifted her head up to see both of them, and they were serious about it that it made her feel guilty and furious at the same time. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a match for Mykel since he defeated Luciel so easily without even a single injury on his body.

Mykel stood up and then climbed up the crater while Beldathiel and Zherlthsh stared at him silently. When he reached the top, he walked past them and didn’t even put his guard up as he walked toward Agnez.

“Agnez, use your Demonic Possession skill,” Mykel ordered her calmly.

Agnez looked at Mykel for a second and she didn’t question his decision and immediately activated [Demonic Possession].

The moment Agnez activated [Demonic Possession] her body felt like being sucked into the darkness as her vision disappeared. Her eyes turned black with the blood red pupils, she stood up and glared at Mykel furiously.

“What are you going to do? Kill me?” Mykel asked with his hands in his pockets. “If you make a single move, I will kill the three of them, painfully. You have to know that I can make them die permanently, so I want you to think before you act,”

Mazikeen averted her gaze toward Beldathiel and Zherlthsh.

“For a Demon Princess who’s known for her violence, you sure still have a brain to think,” Mykel said as he stood in front of Agnez.

“What’s the reason for you letting me take over this woman’s body? Are you going to ask me to make a pact with you as well?” Mazikeen asked as she kept glaring at Mykel furiously.

“No, I’m not going to tell you to make a pact with me,” Mykel answered. “I want you to make a pact with Agnez instead and let her be your master,”

Mazikeen squinted her eyes and judgingly stared at Mykel. “That’s it?”

“Of course, you like her power, don’t you? You’re always hungry for power so she’s the perfect vessel for you. The stronger she gets, the stronger you will become, and sooner or later, she will possess a power that’s beyond what you’re capable of,” Mykel replied with a smile on his face. “You won’t regret it,”

Mazikeen was tempted by Mykel’s offer and thought there was no reason for her to not do that since Beldathiel and the others would be by her side anyway because they were going to make a pact with him.

“I will make a pact with her,” Mazikeen said, and then she closed her eyes.

“If you try to trick her, I will not hesitate to kill those two the moment they made a pact with me,” Mykel said and then walked away.

Mykel looked at Beldathiel and Zherlthsh then he saw Vixelleth slowly climbing up the crater.

“Let’s start with you first, Beldathiel,” Mykel said and stood in front of Beldathiel.

Beldathiel offered her left wrist at Mykel but Mykel suddenly chuckled that making her flinch her eyes. Before she could ask, Mykel grabbed her cheeks and stared her in the eye with a smirk on his face then he decided to kiss Beldathiel and bit her lips and made her bleed.

Mykel sucked the blood from her lips and there was nothing Beldathiel could do since it was already been done. Her body felt warm and it started to get hot, but before she could enjoy it, Mykel stopped kissing her and licked all the blood on his lips.

Mykel proceeded on kissing Zherlthsh in the mouth and did the same thing while Vixelleth watched him make a pact with her sister. Not just any pact, it was a pact of Master and Servant type of pact, and she was a bit mad seeing her sisters sacrifice themselves just for her.

“Let me make a pact with you as well,” Vixelleth said as she stared at Mykel who was cleaning his lips from Zherlthsh blood.

Mykel looked at Vixelleth and waved his index finger at her to tell her to come closer.

(Inside a throne room)

A clanking sound could be heard from outside the room, and Lucifer was sitting on his throne with his eyes closed. The massive doors were opened and he slowly opened his eyes to see Luciel walking toward him.

Luciel stood right below the stairs as she stared at Lucifer sitting on the throne with his legs crossed and head resting on his right fist.

“Father, I have failed you,” Luciel said as she dropped her sword and went to her knees. “Please, punish me as you punish those beings,” Luciel lowered her head and heard the screams of agony from outside the room.

“If I want to punish you, I have done it before you can set your foot here, Luciel,” Lucifer replied calmly and with a straight face. “If you failed, that’s not your fault, it was my fault,” Lucifer explained as he fixed his sitting.

Luciel stared at Lucifer for quite a while and didn’t say a word then she bowed her head.

“Get some rest, I heard you fought well and injured yourself badly. You can leave and use the time to regain your power,” Lucifer said and leaned his back on the throne with his eyes closed with his white long hair covered half of his face.

“Yes, Father,” Luciel grabbed her sword and then left the throne quietly.

The moment the doors were closed, the illusion disappeared and the calm and collected Lucifer disappeared.

Lucifer’s whole body was covered in open wounds with his six broken black and white wings that he tried to spread open. The same black mist was coming out from his body, the mist that came to pay a visit and punished him for what he did.

“To think that I failed this miserably, this reminds me of the old times,” Lucifer said and then coughed.

Lucifer grabbed the armrests of the throne and crushed them into small pieces as he glared at the doors.

“Mykel Alester, was it?” Lucifer asked as he breathe heavily.


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