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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 142 Bahasa Indonesia

“Hero Mykel!” Euros said as he entered Costrezeir’s office with the other heroes. They all looked so happy when they saw Mykel again and Edith just stood on the side with a smile on her face.

“Can you close the door, Edith?” Mykel asked as he looked at Edith.

Edith nodded and closed the door in front of her and then walked back to where she was.

Costrezeir was still dumbfounded by the words she heard from Mykel’s mouth and she was a bit scared.

“What brings you here, Hero Mykel?” Euros asked and looked at Mykel and Edith back and forth since he didn’t want to call Mykel a God in front of the others.

“I came here for her,” Mykel pointed his finger at Costrezeir. “There’s something I want her to do for me,” Mykel stared at Costrezeir with his arms crossed.

“Costrezeir?” Phirzia asked as she noticed the expression Costrezeir was making. “Did something happen?”

“No, I just want her to die,” Mykel answered so casually and it made everyone in the office shocked by his words. “I want you guys to stay back and just watch,” Mykel said as he looked at them over his shoulder.

Euros and the others looked at each other and then walked away to the side with Edith.

“Are you scared? If so, then I will kill you instead,” Mykel asked as he stared at Costrezeir.

“Yes, I know that I will die in a year or less, but to think that I’m going to die today, is catching me off guard,” Costrezeir answered. “I don’t think I have the courage to kill myself, so if Hero Mykel wants to do it for me, then it’s better for you to do it,” She nodded her head nervously as she stared back at Mykel.

“Alright, I will kill you then,” Mykel said as he grabbed one of his throwing knives.

“Do you want me to remove my armor?” Costrezeir asked.

“Yes, it’s better that way,” Mykel answered as he checked the sharpness of the knife in his hand.

Costrezeir removed her armor while Mykel looked at the notification from Hera. She was dumbfounded that he wanted her recipient to die which would be a waste, but Mykel ignored her and wanted her to see.

“I’m ready, Hero Mykel,” Costrezeir said with only a brown garment on her body.

Mykel without hesitation and warning immediately stabbed Costrezeir in the heart and it startled everyone including her. Mykel stared down at Costrezeir’s face and she slowly smiled at him before her eyes went empty.

Mykel carefully put Costrezeir on the ground as she slowly closed her eyes and breathed her last breath.

Mykel opened Costrezeir’s [Character] profile and looked at it for a moment.

[Name: Costrezeir Mulligan (Deceased)]

[Gender: Female]

[Race: Human]

[Hair: Very Long (Dark Yellow)]

[Height: 5.9 ft]

[Weight: 166 lbs]

[Size(s): 40 – 29 – 38]

[Age: 33]

[Status: Unmarried]

[Interest: Mykel Alester]

[Networth: 71,000 Gold]

[Story: Costrezeir Mulligan, the strongest Hero from the Peom Kingdom. She used to be personal knight of the daughter of King Parlion of Peom Kingdom, Helmine. She devotes herself and will sacrifice her life for the people to fight off the demons after Princess Helmine sent her off because she believes that Costrezeir would come back and save the people from the demons.]



[PLEASE SELECT AND MODIFY [Costrezeir Mulligan]!]

[ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO EDIT [Costrezeir Mulligan]?]

[YES.] [NO.]

“Yes,” Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

[THE CHARACTER [Costrezeir Mulligan] IS [DECEASED], MODIFIED CHARACTER [Costrezeir Mulligan] TO [ALIVE]?]

[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button and immediately looked at Costrezeir.

Costrezeir groaned and her eyes were twitching, it made Euros and the others stared at Costrezeir with their eyes wide open and in disbelief. Mykel smirked as he saw Costrezeir slowly open her eyes and looked at her surroundings.

“Am I, dead?” Costrezeir asked as she tried to stand up.

“You were, but I brought you back to life,” Mykel answered and offered his hand at Costrezeir.

[The Goddess of Vengeful is shocked]

[The Trickster is laughing in disbelief]

[The Goddess of Love is confused]

[The Goddess of Pleasure is blinking her eyes repeatedly]

[The God of Wine and Ecstasy is choking on his wine]

[The God with a Harp snaps a few strings of his harp]

[The Goddess of Death is frowning]

[The Goddess of Wisdom is staring at you with curiosity]

[The Goddess with a Bow snaps her bow string]

(Somewhere in cloudy space)

Three women were staring at the thread that they were holding on to, the three of them were so confused at what they had witnessed.

“That’s not supposed to happen,” The brown curly short-haired woman in a blue silky dress was holding a Spinner in her right hand said and looked at the other two women next to her.

“We should tell this abnormality to Goddess Nyx,” A woman in a black curly short-haired woman in a yellow silky dress was holding the long thread in her hands. “Her life should end now but how can the thread connected to each other again the moment she cut it off?”

“All we can do is wait until Goddess Nyx comes to visit us,” A woman in blonde curly short haired woman in green silky dress holding a scissor in her right hand said. “For now, let’s not bother with this thread until Goddess Nyx decided what should we do about it,”

(Back in the Peom Kingdom)

Costrezeir’s hands were trembling as she looked up at Mykel while she was still on her knees. She then bowed her head on the floor as she cried in happiness.

“God Mykel, thank you!” Costrezeir said so loudly that Edith could hear what she said about calling Mykel a God. The reason why she was so happy was that the curse in her body had been lifted the moment she died.

Mykel was surprised when he was messing around with Lyneth’s [Character] profile, and he was curious when he looked at Lyneth’s name and he could modify it. He knew that changing a character’s name would be stupid, and so when he tapped on her name, the same notification appeared and it was the opposite of Costrezeir which was the system asked Mykel if he wanted to modify her life to death.

Euros and the others walked toward Mykel and they all went to their knees as they looked up at him then they all bowed their heads. Mykel looked at Edith who was shocked by what she saw and heard, and then Mykel put her finger in front of his lips.

Mykel was still staring at Costrezeir’s [Character] profile, he could modify everything in her profile. Her age could be changed, her Networth, sizes, and even her gender could be changed, but he didn’t want to do that because it would be weird.

“That’s enough, you guys can stand up,” Mykel said as he stared at Euros and the others.

“God- I mean, Hero Mykel, does that mean Costrezeir’s curse has been lifted and she can live longer?” Phirzia asked as she stood up.

“You guys already blew my cover, there’s no need to call me Hero anymore,” Mykel replied as he looked at Edith. “And yes, Costrezeir is fine now, she can live freely without having to worry about her death,” Mykel answered and nodded his head.

“Thank you, God Mykel,” Euros said with his hands pressed together and looked up at Mykel.

“It’s nothing,” Mykel said as he walked toward Edith. “Since I have tested it out, there’s nothing that you guys need to be worried about. If you die, I can bring you back to life if that’s what you wish for,”

They all looked at Mykel and nodded with understanding.

“Alright, we both are leaving now,” Mykel said and walked toward the door.

“God Mykel, when are we going to clear the sixteenth floor?” Euros asked.

“Hmm, maybe a month from now because there are still other towers that we need to take care of. We also just had a breakout and the situation in my world is quite a mess,” Mykel answered and looked at them from the corner of his eye.

“Understood,” Euros replied as he nodded his head with understanding.

Both Mykel and Edith walked in the endless hallway and Edith had been so quiet because she was still dumbfounded by what she witnessed. Mykel looked at her and was curious about one thing about [Character] profile.

Mykel opened Edith’s [Character] profile and he read her story.

Edith was scared and terrified about the fact that Mykel was considered a God. She believed it after he could bring Costrezeir back to life, and she didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to be on Mykel’s bad side.

Mykel tapped on Edith’s story, and he could write anything he wanted in the column of her story.

Mykel wrote “Edith’s loyalty to Mykel is unaverred and would do anything for him.” in her story then proceeded on put it in and then done with editing.

“Edith, look at me,” Mykel said as he stopped walking.

Edith looked at Mykel and her expression drastically changed from anxious to happy.

“Open your clothes,” Mykel said without hesitation.

Edith smiled and proceeded on removing her suit and shirt, but before she could remove her bra, Mykel grabbed her hands and shook his head. “That’s enough, you can put them back on,”

Edith put them on immediately without asking a single question.

“Interesting,” Mykel smirked as he lowered his head and couldn’t help but chuckle in excitement.


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