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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 140 Bahasa Indonesia

“Ugh…” Mykel slowly opened his eyes and felt his whole body was sore from the result of the battle between him and Luciel.

Mykel looked around and realized that he was in a hospital, then he saw everyone was sleeping in the room with him. He didn’t see Jeanne, Sven, and Vincze in the room, he knew what happened to Vincze and Sven, but he didn’t know what happened to Jeanne.

Lyneth was sleeping on the bed with him as she hugged him so tightly and it was hard for him to let go of her arms without waking her up.

“Mykel?” Lyneth awoke by Mykel’s movements and then she saw Mykel was awake. “Mykel!” She jolted from the bed and startled everyone.

“Boss!” Gunnar said with a huge smile on his face as he and the others walked to the bed and surrounded him.

Mykel sat up and the first thing he needed to know was about Agnez’s left eye. “What happened to your eye?” Mykel asked and stared at Agnez who wore black glasses with a serious expression.

“I got possessed by a demon, and now she’s living inside my body,” Agnez answered.

Mykel squinted his eyes and then he used [Telepathic] and stared at Agnez’s memories. He saw everything and understood the situation, but he didn’t like it when Vixelleth decided to use one of his people for her own benefit.

“Where’s Vix?” Mykel stared at Lyneth.

“She’s outside, I believe,” Lyneth hesitated because Mykel sounded mad in his voice.

“Don’t follow me outside,” Mykel said as he got off of the bed and removed the catheter in his left arm then he walked outside.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth were standing next to the door and leaning on the wall when Mykel came out from the room. He stared at Vixelleth and it scared her because she knew what she did was something that could make him angry.

Mykel grabbed Vixelleth on the neck and choked on her while Zherlthsh tried to stop him but she was powerless against Mykel’s strength.

“You put Mazikeen inside Agnez’s body? Are you trying to kill her?” Mykel pushed her onto the wall as he kept choking her.

Vixelleth tried to free herself and tried to remove Mykel’s fingers from her neck. “I had… to do it…” Vixelleth struggled to answer.

“Do you understand what that means? Putting a demon inside a human body is the same as killing them,” Mykel tightened his grip and when Zherlthsh tried to help Vixelleth, Mykel choked her as well. “I can send you back to your world and let Luciel kill you,”

Agnez overheard the conversation and decided to come out of the room.

“Mykel, she won’t be able to possess my body,” Agnez said and looked at both of them getting pushed onto the wall. “I somehow got a skill called Demonic Possession and it seems that the system made her into a skill,”

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows and removed his hands from both of them. He looked at Agnez with confusion because he never heard such a thing as [Demonic Possession] skill, not even in the original story.

“Demonic Possession?” Mykel asked as he walked toward Agnez then removed her glasses and stared at her left eye. “Tell me about it,”

“Before I tell you about it, why don’t you tell me about your secret first? I have heard enough from these two and Lillith about you,” Agnez said as she stared back at Mykel with a serious expression.

“What else do you want to know? You have heard enough from them,” Mykel asked back as he kept staring at her.

“Are you really a God?” Agnez’s voice trembled when she asked that question as if she wasn’t ready for the answer.

“Listen to yourself, you’re even scared from asking that question,” Mykel walked closer to her and she unconsciously walked back as if she was avoiding him.

Mykel heard footsteps from the other side of the hallway and saw Asmond with Kastor and Enma walking next to him. He looked at Agnez and then glanced at Zherlthsh and Vixelleth, he decided to deal with them later.

“How are you feeling, Mykel,” Asmond asked and he looked so happy.

“I’m fine, how’s Jeanne?” Mykel faked his smile even though deep down he regretted making a deal with Mara so he could leave the Void.

“She should be fine, she didn’t want to see me around her so I was waiting outside,” Asmond replied and the happiness in his voice was pissing him off.

“You looked so happy, Asmond, did something happen?” Mykel asked as he gritted his teeth and kept smiling.

Asmond laughed quietly as he scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, but I would prefer to talk about it somewhere private,” he answered.

“I see, let’s talk about it later, I need to check on Jeanne and the others,” Mykel said and looked at the hallway.

“Okay, let’s have a drink if you want so we can talk freely?” Asmond asked with his eyebrows raised.

“It’s been a while, let’s do that,” Mykel smiled and nodded in agreement. “Alright, I’m going to check on them now,”

Mykel walked past Asmond, Kastor, and Enma then the moment he was far enough from them, his smile disappeared. His hands clenched and tried to resist punching the walls around him to satiate his anger.

Mykel entered the room and saw Jeanne, Vincze, and Sven watching TV while laughing at each other. The three of them went quiet when they saw Mykel, and the first one to react was Jeanne, she ran toward him and jumped into his arms.

“Mykel!” Jeanne hugged him so tightly and started to sniffle. “I’m happy that you’re back!” Her voice trembled as she held down her tears.

Jeanne couldn’t hold herself and started kissing Mykel so passionately as Sven and Vincze watched with surprised expressions.

Mykel checked on them and listened to their experience during the breakout. He was surprised when Jeanne mentioned a demon in black armor who held a halberd because that demon was the fifth demon lord that resided on the Fiftieth floor in Mammon tower.

Jeanne was lucky to be alive and Mykel thought that the demon lord wasn’t planning on killing her but waiting for Luciel’s arrival. Either way, he was glad that she survived because she was the only one who could still hurt Asmond’s heart and feelings.

As promised, Mykel and Asmond went out to have a drink in a bar near the hospital because Asmond couldn’t wait to tell the good news to him.

Mykel sat down at the table while Asmond brought a bottle of vodka for Mykel and a pitcher of beer for himself. He couldn’t stop smiling ever since he left the hospital and then he emptied the glass in his hand and sighed with relief.

“So? What’s the good news you want to tell me?” Mykel asked and then took a shot.

“I have finally got an offer, from a Constellation,” Asmond answered as he poured a beer in his glass. “I don’t know if you remember, but I mentioned you the Goddess name a while ago,”

Mykel closed his eyes and nodded while he held the shot glass in his hand so tightly that it started to crack.

“The Goddess of All is now my Benefactor, Mykel!” Asmond said as he stared at Mykel with excitement and was waiting for Mykel’s reaction.

Mykel shattered the glass and it startled Asmond which made Mykel snap back to reality. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, it’s just that my hand is kind of numb,” Mykel said. “But, that’s really good news, Asmond! I’m so happy for you,” Mykel smiled and grabbed Asmond’s shoulder then shook it gently.

Back when Luciel was sent to Earth, Mara didn’t plan on letting Mykel go because she knew that Mykel was worried about his plan. So, Mara used the opportunity to offer him a deal that he couldn’t reject, a deal that would slow down Mykel’s plan or even stop him from getting what he wanted.

Mara offered a deal in exchange for Mykel’s freedom, and that deal was to stop bothering Asmond. She decided to become Asmond’s Benefactor just to rub a grain of salt on an open wound to Mykel.

Mara didn’t know exactly what Mykel was planning behind her back, and Mykel knew that as well because if she knew, she wouldn’t be making that kind of a deal to him. He was a bit glad but at the same time furious about it, and she could bring him back to her world again if he broke the deal.

Myke didn’t want to take a risk since his [Admin] skill might not be sufficient enough to stop her from doing so. He had to play more carefully as he patiently waited until his [Admin] skill level was high enough which he didn’t know exactly how high it needed.

In the end, the vision that Edith saw back then, might not be just an illusion, it might be a reality.


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