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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 139 Bahasa Indonesia

Luciel stared at Zherlthsh, Vixelleth, and Agnez, she knew that they were all her sisters. She proceeded to walk down the stairs with a long silver handle-less curved sword that she held with her right hand.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth grabbed Agnez’s arm and pulled her back toward them. They kept pulling her back as they were terrified by Luciel’s presence and they didn’t want to get too close to her because Luciel could easily send them back to the demon world.

Luciel kept staring at them and ignored Mykel’s existence until she decided to steal a glance at him. She suddenly stopped moving and stared at him with a disturbed expression and the only reason why she made that kind of expression was because his appearance resembled her father, Lucifer.

“You, who are you,” Luciel pointed her sword at Mykel and the tip of the blade touched his nose and his nose started to bleed. “Are you the one behind all this?” Luciel asked with her expressionless face as she stared at Mykel.

Mykel didn’t say a single word as he slowly grabbed the blade with his right hand and kept staring at Luciel.

A shockwave suddenly created from the middle of the blade and pushed everyone away including Zherlthsh and Vixelleth. Mykel was trying to pull the sword away from Luciel’s hand but Luciel evenly matched his strength and made tension on the sword which made the shockwave.

“Run,” Vixelleth said as she grabbed Agnez’s arm so tightly and kept staring at those two.

The moment they lifted their foot to turn around, both Luciel and Mykel started to make a move.

Luciel swung her swords countless times and shattered the earth all the way into the middle of the city. Every single swing that she did, created a projectile attack and cut everything in half.

In less than five seconds, the whole city of District 13 was destroyed because of it while Mykel dodged and weaved the attacks.

Mykel was unable to get close to Luciel because she could see his movement like the back of her hand. Both of them were so slick that they couldn’t hit each other but Mykel was the one at a disadvantage because of it.

Mykel threw all the throwing knives at Luciel and controlled them with [Telekinesis] to make a distraction. Luciel was a bit surprised the knives were so sturdy that her sword couldn’t even cut them or break them.

Neither of them showed their true power yet and Luciel wanted to see what Mykel was capable of first. She started to realize that he couldn’t be underestimated and so she started using her wing to give her more speed and power.

Mykel saw an opening while Luciel was distracted by all the knives, and he proceeded to dash forward so quickly that he almost went as fast as the speed of light. He was close enough to her and threw a straight punch at her but she immediately used her wings to repel all the knives and used the sword to block his punch.

The ground they were standing on turned into a massive crater that the tower tilted and almost collapsed. The shockwave was so strong that it tore everyone’s skin, and that made both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth forced to show their true form while they protected Agnez.

They were protecting Agnez not because of her, but because Mazikeen was inside her body and they didn’t want her to leave Agnez’s body since she was Mazikeen’s perfect vessel.

Mykel gritted his teeth as he kept pushing his fist down at Luciel, and Luciel was slowly getting pushed down by his strength. She was surprised to see a human or even a being that could match her strength.

Luciel in fact had the same amount of strength as Lucifer, and she wasn’t actually his “real” daughter. It was a child that Lucifer made with half of his strength, so Lucifer’s true power was twice Luciel’s power.

In the original story, Asmond ascended and became a demi-god by Mara’s blessing. He fought Luciel with all the strongest Awakeners from different worlds, and the moment they killed Luciel, Lucifer took back the power that belonged to him.

Knowing that Lucifer was above Asmond and the others, he asked for help from all the Gods and Goddess in the constellations to help him. Thousands of Gods and Goddesses with Asmond and the strongest Awakeners fought Lucifer, Nyx, Thanatos, and Hades for the final war.

At that moment, Mykel knew he was strong enough to defeat Luciel and he wasn’t worried about it and was confident about himself.

Mykel kept throwing punches and kicks while the knives were cutting Luciel’s skin and making her bleed white blood. Blood that was stayed intact within her body because that was a part of her body like flesh that immediately went back inside and healed the wound itself.

Luciel had enough of it and finally flew up high in the sky and the wing started to split itself and became three of them. Three wings on her right shoulder then they radiated bright light that made everything below her bright white.

[Active [All] skills?]

“Yes,” Mykel said as he squinted his eyes.

Mykel was overwhelmed by the sudden change in his body that it almost made him faint. He forced himself to breathe and exhaled deeply to keep himself conscious, and then he looked up at Luciel who was glaring down at him.

[Activate [Duplicate]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

[Please select a target]


[Which skill do you want to duplicate?]

[False Daemon]

[[False Daemon] skill is successfully duplicated!]

[Activated [False Daemon] skill?]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

Mykel grew wings on his right shoulder and the right side of his body slowly petrified. The right side of his body was stiffened and he used a bit of force and it cracked open, then he saw his whole right arm and leg had turned plain white.

Luciel was disturbed by the fact that Mykel could copy her skill and she understood why Zherlthsh and Vixelleth decided to follow him. She saw the right side of Mykel’s hair turn white and she almost thought she was staring at her own father.

“Let’s get serious from now on,” Mykel stared at Luciel in the sky and then he spread his wings and flew toward her.

Zherlthsh opened a portal and the three of them left the scene to avoid getting disintegrated from the battle between Mykel and Luciel.

It couldn’t even be called a battle because they were almost invisible most of the time. The whole city in District 13 was flattened and turned into craters because of the shockwaves that they both produced from clashing at each other.

There wasn’t a single survivor from their battle, and they didn’t even feel any pain because their bodies disappeared like dust. Their battle could be seen from the neighboring city, and the earthquakes were enough to damage the city in Districts 14, 12, 11, and 10. The buildings collapsed the rivers and seas were ravaging and flooding the cities because of those two.

The ground waved like water when one of them got thrown to the ground, and Mykel’s blood was all over the city as he tried to block the sword with his bare hands. He didn’t care because he took a [Regeneration] skill from God Asclepius after he left the Void.

The night time came, and the moonlight that used to lucent the Earth was overwhelmed by the radiating lights that both Mykel and Luciel produced. A light that everyone feared and called the light to the afterlife.

The battle lasted for a whole day and everyone was hiding and trembling in fear until Mykel threw a final punch at Luciel right in the gut and threw her to the tower. The tower was fine and it was quite unbelievable for Mykel to see but he wasn’t really surprised since the tower was indestructible in the first place.

Mykel caught his breath as he stared down at Luciel who didn’t have the power to regenerate all the wounds in her body. She used everything she had and went beyond her limitation, she exhausted herself so that she was unable to move a single muscle in her body.

Luciel stared at Mykel and tried so hard to not fall unconscious, she could only stare at him and had no energy left to speak.

Mykel grabbed Luciel on the neck and lifted her up, he stared at her with a straight face then brought her inside the tower.

“I’m not going to let you die, at least not yet,” Mykel said as he dragged Luciel by the hair. “It’s not time for our meeting, let’s meet again someday,” Mykel opened the door and threw her inside the first floor of Lucifer tower.

“Farewell, Luciel,” Mykel closed the door as Luciel stared at him with confusion and curiosity.

Mykel immediately collapsed and before he closed his eyes, he saw a notification in front of him.

[You have increased a skill!]

[Admin (Lv.3) > Admin (Lv.4)]


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