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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 113 Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you being serious about this? Do you think we will be able to clear the fifteenth floor in Asmodeus tower on our own?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed as she looked at Mykel who was putting his blazer on with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“You guys will be fine,” Mykel answered as he looked at all of them. “Gerrard, take care of them for me, okay? You’re the only one that I can depend on in this kind of situation. You too, Agnez,”

Gerrard and Agnez looked at each other, then Agnez sighed while she rubbed her forehead. “Asmodeus tower, right? Rozan will play a huge part in this, so let’s plan everything based on Rozan’s decision,”

Mykel smirked as he looked at them. “See? Everything will be fine because you guys know each other so well,” he said with a smile on his face. “Gunnar, protect them for me,” he stared at Gunnar and nodded his head.

“Yes, boss!” Gunnar answered without hesitation.

Mykel left the suite on his own because Edith would be following them to Asmodeus tower.

“It has been raining since last night and it doesn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon,” Jeanne looked at the dark clouds and the heavy rains from the window. The flashes of lightning were so loud and fierce that they made some of the people too scared to walk out of their houses.

“This whole place is like a living nightmare right now not because of the endless rain but because the stuff that Miss Lyneth told us earlier about the Demonic Cult is starting to hunt for more heads,” Lillith said as she looked at Rozan.

“Did they really kill Caesar?” Sven asked and looked at the others. “If they could kill him in his sleep, who knows what will happen to us? No matter how high our level and skill, a slit on the throat is enough to kill us,” he continued.

Agnez sighed and grabbed her sword. “Stop with this topic, go and prepare your stuff because we are going to leave in an hour,” she said as she looked at them.

Mykel get out from the car and the Azrael tower was empty with nobody around except the guards. He didn’t bother with the rain since it evaporated the moment it touched his skin or shirt.

Before he entered the tower gate, he heard a car revving and he immediately turned his head. A car from the Fraternity parked right next to his car, he furrowed his forehead, and Asmond and Enma came out from the car.

“Mykel!” Asmond shouted as he ran toward him with Enma following behind him.

“What are you two doing here?” Mykel stared at them.

“We heard from Miss Lyneth about the vision and we were sent here because Kastor wants us to follow you to clear the fifteenth floor. We want to help you even if we don’t do much, Mykel,” Asmond answered and he sounded so desperate.

“You came to help or you came so you can get the juicy EXP from the demons?” Mykel asked as he stared down at both of them and it was enough to make them feel guilty about it. “Either way, it’s not really a problem, come on,” he asked as he tilted his head toward the gate.

Asmond and Enma smiled and then nodded with understanding.

Mykel had no reason to hide his skills from them anymore since he wanted to show the difference between him and Asmond. He also had to hurry because Hera said that Barika and the others were already on the tenth floor and were about to kill the demon lord.

In less than 10 minutes, Mykel cleared all of the first ten floors while Asmond and Enma were following him from behind. They were so shocked and bewildered that they couldn’t say anything but to keep following him.

They entered the portal and they came almost at the same time. Barika looked to his left and saw Mykel which surprised him because he only brought two people with him.

“It’s nice to see you again, Mykel,” Barika said as he shook Mykel’s hand. “So, where’s your team?” he asked.

“They’re clearing the Asmodeus tower on their own because my world will have a breakout in a month,” Mykel answered.

“Wow, it must be tough, huh? Knowing there are thirteen towers in your world,” Barika replied as he looked at Asmond and Enma.

“It is, that’s why I’m planning to clear the fifteenth floor as fast as I can,” Mykel nodded his head in agreement. “I have cleared this floor, so let’s continue to the twelfth floor,” he said.

Barika nodded and then followed Mykel to the other side of the city.

Mykel showed his [Telekinesis] skill by killing the zombie-like humans from the barracks with his throwing knives. It was enough to impress Barika and his team, he finally understood why Mykel could easily clear the eleventh floor.

The gate was opened and the soldiers gave Mykel a salutation.

“Where are they?” Mykel stared at the soldier.

“They’re near the palace, sir!” The soldier answered.

Mykel went to the palace and saw those three and they all immediately stood straight and stayed still. They found Daniel’s dead body and they didn’t want to end up like him so they wanted to cooperate with him and be on the good side.

“What are you doing here and do nothing? Aren’t you supposed to rebuild your own city?” Mykel asked.

“We want to but we have no water to drink and everyone is already exhausted because we ran out of drinking water. There’s no rain as well because the lake is dried up,” The green-haired guy said.

“Is that so?” Mykel asked and then he looked up at the sky. The white clouds turned grey and the rain started falling. “There, grab something to collect the rainwater,”

The soldiers ran into the building and grabbed a bucket to collect the rainwater. They all looked so happy and opened their mouth as they drank the rainwater. It was enough to satiate their thirst and the coldness of the water was just perfect.

“Thank you! Now that we have water, we will start rebuilding the city!” The green-haired guy said. “Ah, we haven’t introduced ourselves properly. My name is Alfi,” he said.

“My name is Piter,” The messy brown-haired guy with blue eyes said as he put his hand on his chest.

“My name is Regal,” The curly black-haired guy with brown eyes said as he nodded his head.

All of them were looking at Mykel with disbelief, especially Asmond. He looked at Mykel as his role model and it had always been ever since he saw how capable he was as a leader and an Awakener.

“Are you a God?” Barika asked with curiosity written all over his face because in his world, even with advanced technology, they couldn’t create rain in an instant.

Mykel scoffed and didn’t answer Barika’s question while he walked past him.

“Let’s go to the twelfth floor,” Mykel said as he walked toward the portal.

“Before we go, is there anything that you want to inform us first after you cleared the eleventh floor? We need to know the situation so we can get the gist of it,” Barika looked at Mykel as he walked next to him.

“First, those zombie-like humans, I want you guys to kill them as soon as you saw them because they’re no longer human. They will kill you the moment they smell your scent because they want to eat your flesh,” Mykel said as he raised his index finger.

“Second, Azrael tower is filled with demons that originate from water. So, be careful and cautious when you see the water because you don’t want to get possessed by a demon. Cover your mouth, nose, ears, and eyes if you get splashed by water that also mean you don’t want to drink anything from this world,” Mykel explained as he raised his middle finger.

“Third, and lastly, don’t trust anyone because they will try to kill you since those people from earlier tried to kill me and my team back then. Especially when they saw your technology, they might try to get it from you, so be careful and if can just capture them because I can make them obey me,” Mykel continued as he raised his ring finger.

Barika looked at Henos and nodded at each other.

“Is there anything else that you would like to ask before we enter the twelfth floor?” Mykel asked and turned around to look at them.

“What’s the chance that we can clear the fifteenth floor?” Enma asked as she looked at Mykel.

“With me? A hundred percent,” Mykel answered. “As long as you guys follow my orders, nobody will die and I can promise you that. Let’s go,” he said and then entered the portal.


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