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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 112 Bahasa Indonesia

Edith was sleeping on her bed but she seemed restless and moved her head as she groaned.

“No!” Edith yelled as she opened her eyes and sat on the bed. She breathed heavily and noticed it wasn’t a dream but it was a vision that she got.

“Mom?” Merlin asked as she rubbed her eyes.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up, sweetheart?” Edith asked with her trembling voice as she stroked Merlin’s hair. “Mom has to go, can you watch the house?”

Merlin hummed and went back to sleep.

Edith changed her pajamas and even though she wasn’t fully recovered, she put on her attire.

It was 10 P.M. and she went to Lyneth’s apartment to see Mykel. She messaged him and he replied immediately which made her sigh in relief then she told him that she wanted to meet.

Mykel opened the door and Edith was out of breath, he raised his eyebrows with confusion. “Come in and sit down, I will get you something to drink,” he said as he walked to the kitchen while Edith went to the living room.

Lyneth came out of her bedroom with nothing but Mykel’s shirt on her body that looked too big on her body. “Edith? Is something the matter?” she asked as she approached Edith.

“The breakout,” Edith paused as she gulped. “It will happen in a month from now,” she continued as she looked at Mykel who was pouring a glass of water.

Mykel stopped pouring the water and then looked at Edith with a surprised expression. “The breakout will happen in a month? That’s faster than I expected,” he said and continued pouring the water then brought it to Edith.

“What did you see?” Mykel gave the glass of water to Edith and sat in front of her.

“A sea of flame, in all Districts except District 1 and 14,” Edith answered. “There are so many demons, big ones, they were occupying the districts,”

Mykel looked at the notifications from Loki and Hera, they both thought it was Lucifer’s doing. They were quite surprised because Lucifer was defying the rule that they agreed on, which also meant he was against Mara’s rule but to think Mara allowed him to do it must be because she wanted to see him fail, and then she could punish him for breaking the promise.

“Now you want to play dirty, huh?” Mykel said in his head as he looked at the night sky.

“What are we going to do, Mykel? Can you clear the fifteenth floor of the towers in a month?” Lyneth asked with a worried expression and put her hands down there so Edith wouldn’t be able to see it.

“No, it’s impossible,” Mykel answered with his hands rubbing his face. “It’s too early and I might be able to clear some of them but not all of them,”

Both Edith and Lyneth looked at Mykel who seemed to be stressed out from the information. They never saw him lose his calm before and if he made such an expression, that meant they could do nothing about it either.

Someone knocked on the door and the three of them turned their heads to look at the door. “Mykel, it’s us,” Zherlthsh voice could be heard from outside the door.

Mykel walked toward the door and unlocked it, both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth stood in front of the door and didn’t come inside. They both looked stared at Mykel because they heard about what was going to happen.

Mykel nodded with understanding and then left the apartment with them.

“You already know what will be going to happen?” Vixelleth asked as the three of them walked up to the roof.

“Lucifer,” Mykel answered.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth glanced at each other. “Yes, my father has received an order from him. He will bring a demon lord down to your world, the fifteenth floor’s demon lord,” Vixelleth explained and looked at Mykel who walked behind her.

“Not if I kill the demon lord first,” Mykel replied as he looked at Vixelleth. “Does that mean you the Helmga world will be invaded by the demon as well, Zherlthsh?” he asked.

“No, rule can’t be broken, my father is staying out of this,” Zherlthsh answered and shook her head.

“That’s good to know, then the other towers are also going to bring the demon lords down to my world as well?” Mykel asked.

“Yes, it’s his order and nobody can disobey his order because his order is absolute,” Zherlthsh nodded her head and opened the roof door.

The moment they entered the rooftop, Vixelleth turned herself into her demon form and screamed so loudly that it started to rain and thunderstorms appeared in an instant.

“He’s conspiring with the Gods and Goddesses! As a demon, it’s a disgrace and an insult to be accepting his orders after knowing he did this just to satisfy himself and the gods!” Vixelleth yelled as the thunder struck the buildings and slowly turned herself into her true demon form which was big enough to tear the whole building down.

“Calm down, Vixelleth,” Mykel said as he looked at the floor was about to crumble because it couldn’t withstand her weight.

Zherlthsh held Vixelleth’s giant hand and it was enough to calm her down and went back to her normal demon form then turned herself back to her human form. Mykel removed his shirt and gave it to Vixelleth since she tore her clothing and she barely had anything on her.

“Do you have a plan for this, Mykel?” Zherlthsh asked and looked at Mykel who was drenched in rain with his muscular body and tattoos exposed.

“I have plans but that doesn’t mean it will work out because my plan is going to involve both of you,” Mykel answered, both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth turned their bodies to look at him. “But that won’t happen because you will gain nothing from this,”

Vixelleth scoffed as she put on Mykel’s shirt. “Gain nothing? As long as he doesn’t get what he wanted, that’s good enough for us,” she said and stared at him with a serious expression.

“Even if that means you’re going to fight your own kind?” Mykel asked with his hands in his pockets and a bolt of lightning struck the building right behind him.

“Demon lords? Lesser demons? They could be replaced so that won’t be a problem,” Vixelleth answered without hesitation.

“You know that I might become one of them, so why do you want to conspire with me?” Mykel asked with a serious expression.

Vixelleth giggled mischievously. “You said you wanted to rule over them, then that means you’re not one of them, you’re above them,” she answered.

Mykel stared at Vixelleth who seemed to be determined with her decision. “I see, then let’s conspire and fight against them,” he said and then walked toward Vixelleth, he offered his hand for a handshake.

Vixelleth looked at Mykel’s hand for quite a while and then grabbed it and suddenly the weather turned worse than before. It wasn’t Vixelleth who controlled the weather and they knew who it might be.

The thunder struck the ground right next to them and Vixelleth glared at the sky with a furious expression. “Father, I’m your daughter but I will not obey his words, it was you who lowered your head to him and not me. I will take my own risk and you know that I’m serious about this,”

Not like Zherlthsh, Vixelleth’s relationship with Azrael was so close and he was a doting father to Vixelleth. He couldn’t resist and let her do whatever she wanted and in the original story, he couldn’t hate her even though she betrayed him.

Vixelleth took over the weather again and then she looked at Mykel. “Now, tell me your plan,”

“Kill as many Awakeners as you want, the Awakeners from the Death and Tower factions. Use their bodies and souls for your own strength,” Mykel answered. “Use their vessel and summon another sister of yours, the one that will follow you and obey your words. We will need more of you if you want to go against him,” he continued.

Vixelleth smiled in excitement. “Is that all? Then let the rain wash their blood,” she said and then disappeared.

“I made a deal with Vixelleth, if you don’t like it, you can to not take a part in this, Zherlthsh,” Mykel said as he looked at her.

“She’s my sister, I will follow her step,” Zherlthsh answered and then disappeared to follow Vixelleth.

Mykel smirked and then walked back inside.

“Hera, I need your help,” Mykel said as he walked down the stairs. “Ask Zeus and tell him to bring Barika and all the Awakeners from Juven’s world to the eleventh floor of Azrael tower tomorrow morning, I will need their help to clear the fifteenth floor,” he continued.

“And one more thing,” Mykel said. “Prepare all the recipients of the Gods and Goddesses that have joined our side. Tell them to prepare them because I will need their help to clear the other towers,”

[The Goddess of Vengeful nods with understanding]


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