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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 111 Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey,” Jeanne tilted her head and slowly walked toward Asmond that looked depressed and his eyes were so red that it made her sad to see him like that.

Asmond slowly turned his head and stared at Jeanne with a blank expression with nothing but sorrow. He couldn’t even see Jeanne’s face because of the tears in his eyes but he knew it was Jeanne because he knew her voice.

“I’m sorry for your lost, Asmond,” Jeanne said as she sat down next to Asmond. “I know that he’s important to you,” she was concerned and slowly wrapped her arms around Asmond’s shoulder while Asmond could only hum and nod his head.

It was just silence and Jeanne tried to give him comfort that Asmond slowly leaned his head toward Jeanne’s shoulder.

Mykel glanced at those two and smiled then he approached Gunnar and the others who stood in front of the coffin.

“Caesar was a nice guy and he never make any trouble for anyone, but why did they take his life?” Gunnar asked with sadness in his voice as he stared at Caesar’s face which looked so peaceful as if he was sleeping.

“What happened to him, boss? Nobody told us how he died,” Rozan asked and looked at Mykel who was staring blankly at the coffin.

“He was decapitated in his sleep, someone entered his room in his apartment. They found the head right in front of the door and quite far from his body. It was Enma who found out about it when she entered the room with a spare key, she saw the fear in his expression,” Mykel answered.

Edith looked around and she couldn’t find Enma anywhere. “Where’s Enma? I want to see her,” she said as she weakly turned around while Lyneth removed her arms from her.

“She might be outside in the back of the mansion, I will take you there,” Lyneth answered as she gently held Edith’s arm and guided her to the back of the mansion.

“It must be so painful for her when she saw it,” Gunnar said with a blank expression. “For someone whose job is to protect the life of others, it must hit really hard for her,”

Mykel looked at him and patted Gunnar’s back. “You know more how it feels, why don’t you go and see her? You might be able to comfort her,” he asked with his eyebrows raised and a bit of smile on his face.

Gunnar stared at Mykel and nodded in agreement. “You’re right boss, I’m going to see her now with Miss Lyneth and Miss Edith,” he said and then left with Rozan, Gerrard, Vincze, Sven, and Nagy because they were close to Enma thanks to the joint team.

“I’m going to go and grab some fresh air,” Lillith said and left.

It was just Mykel and Agnez left in front of the coffin, he slowly pulled Agnez closer to him. He put his hand on her head and she already knew what it was all about but she played along because she didn’t hate it.

“To think that you would use me to make her jealous is really cruel, don’t you think?” Agnez asked.

“To whom, you or her?” Mykel replied.

“To her of course, but I’m not complaining because this might be my only chance to make her jealous of me as well,” Agnez answered, and then she hug Mykel in front of everyone.

Jeanne was a bit surprised when she saw Agnez hugging Mykel so tightly. Mykel seemed to be enjoying it because she thought Mykel needed a hug as well but she didn’t notice it at first. Now she regretted to approach Asmond first and not Mykel, she was about to remove her arms but Asmond was leaning on her shoulder which made her unable to move.

Mykel walked away with Agnez who was trying to comfort him.

“I haven’t paid my respect to Caesar, I will see him now,” Jeanne said as she slowly removed her arms from Asmond.

Asmond looked at Jeanne walked toward the coffin and couldn’t do anything but wait until she came back.

In the end, Jeanne didn’t come back and left immediately.

Jeanne wander around as she searched for Mykel, but she couldn’t find him anywhere until she ended up in a hallway far from the people where Mykel and Agnez were kissing each other so passionately. Her heart throbbed but she didn’t stay still and decided to approach them because she didn’t want to lose to Agnez.

“Mykel,” Jeanne said as she slowly walked toward him.

Agnez sighed as she leaned her head back and then looked at Jeanne. “What are you doing here? Don’t you have a boyfriend that needs your comfort right now?” she asked as she licked her lips from Mykel’s saliva.

“I want to check on him,” Jeanne answered and stood next to Agnez.

“Can’t you see that I’m doing it right now? You can go back now,” Agnez replied with her eyebrow raised.

“Alright that’s enough, both of you,” Mykel said as he put his hands on both of their heads. “I’m fine now, and let’s leave so everyone can rest since it has been a tough day for you guys,” he continued and left the hallway to find Lyneth and the others.

“Thanks for ruining my fun, Jeanne,” Agnez said and then left to where Mykel went.

“Seriously?” Jeanne replied as she caught up with Agnez.

After all of them paid their respect to Caesar, they left and rest for the day.

Mykel was sitting in his office as he stared at the message.

[The Goddess of Vengeful wants to see you]

“Didn’t I tell you that I don’t want to be summoned if it’s not urgent?” Mykel asked as.

[The Goddess of Vengeful knows about it already]

“Let’s hear it,” Mykel said as he stood up and fixed his blazer.

[The Goddess of Vengeful has summoned you to her world, The Mount of Olympus]

Mykel looked at the long table and saw Everyone already sitting at the table including Dionysus and Keres. The atmosphere was a bit heavier than usual and he decided to sit down and listened to whatever they were about to say.

“So, what is it?” Mykel asked as he looked at Hera.

“After Vixelleth killed Caesar, he started to make a move, and right now based on Loki’s information, he, Nyx, and Thanatos are going to the Underworld to meet Hades,” Hera answered with a serious expression.

“We already knew about it and we have anticipated it, what’s the problem?” Mykel furrowed his eyebrows with a bit of confusion.

“The problem is that he finally showed himself, the one who lied. His presence was so overwhelming that we all the Olympian Gods can feel his presence,” Hera explained.

“I see, with the five of them together, that can only mean bad things will happen soon,” Mykel said as he rested his jaw on his right fist.

“You need to be careful, Mykel,” Loki said seriously, he had never made such an expression before and it was enough to tell Mykel that he meant it.

Mykel looked at Loki and nodded with understanding.

(At the same time in the Underworld)

A man in a white suit and tie with a floating white cloth around his body with gold engraving written on it. He stood in front of Nyx and the others. He smiled with all-white long hair all the way down to his chest as he looked at Odin who looked so pissed that he clenched his fist and was ready to break the table at any moment.

“How unfortunate, you blew your cover,” Lucifer said calmly with his soothing voice that could only bring chills down everyone’s spine.

“If it’s not for your damn niece! All of this won’t happen!” Odin yelled and pointed his finger at Lucifer.

“Hmm?” Lucifer hummed and spread his massive six black and white wings, it was enough to make all of them stand straight and closed their eyes.

The screams of people in the Underworld was intensify because of Lucifer’s presence. They could hear the pain those people felt was a hundred times more painful than usual.

“Can you stop doing that? They’re mine and not yours so please don’t torture them like how you torture the soul in your own Underworld,” Hades said with his eyes closed.

“Ah, my apology,” Lucifer replied with a gentle smile on his face and put the wings back into his back.

Nyx stared at Lucifer and noticed some similarities within him.

“It’s been a while since the last time I saw you. Now that I look at your face, you look similar to that of Mykel Alester and the only difference was your long hair and color,” Nyx said as she stared at Lucifer with her yellow eyes and his face resemble Mykel’s.

Mykel created Lucifer in the story based on his own appearance and the only difference was his long hair and hair color. Both their personality was the same and he made Lucifer as cunning as he could, and now he had to face his own creation, and he had prepared for this ever since he entered this world.

“Is that so?” Lucifer asked with a smirk on his face. “Well, let’s stop the small talk and go down to the business, shall we?” he continued.


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