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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 105 Bahasa Indonesia

“You know what’s weird about all this?” Gunnar asked as he carefully dragged a woman’s dead body to the side of the road. “They’re acting like a demon and they didn’t hesitate to attack us when they smell our body odor,” he continued as he looked at dozens of dead bodies piled into one in front of him.

Jeanne looked around and then looked at Mykel uncomfortably. “Mykel, what’s the purpose of saving this world if all of them have turned into something like this?” she asked.

“There must be a group of people who still have food resources and try to survive with it,” Mykel answered and burned everything into ashes to avoid getting a disease. “Whoever those people are, they’re not good people, they sacrificed people’s lives so they can survive,”

Mykel looked at Lillith and she nodded with understanding.

“I did look at some of their memories, and all of them were being kicked out of the city and abandoned by the group. Those people are Awakeners based on their equipment and they are the ones who ruled over anything and everyone,” Lillith explained as she looked at them. “They’re still in the city and I don’t think it would be a problem for us since they all look so weak compared to us,”

“Seriously? Can we kill them, boss?” Gunnar asked with his hands clenched with a furious expression.

“Why do you want to kill them? Why don’t we use them and make them suffer then we can kill them after we are done playing? It’s more fun that way,” Mykel answered as he stared at Gunnar with a smile on his face. “Anyway, are you guys done?” he asked.

“Yes, we are ready to move,” Sven answered as he wiped the blood from the blade.

Mykel and the others followed the big road, they looked at the vast field and it was the barracks that Lillith mentioned. They decided to ignore it since it seemed that there was nothing left inside but sick and helpless people.

They looked at the walls that separated the city into two sides, they followed the wall and ended up in front of a steel gate.

“Who are you people?” A guy in a military uniform asked with a rifle in his hands and aiming at them.

Mykel looked up. “We came from another world, we are here to save your world,” he answered with his hand above his eyes to block the sunlight.

“From another world? What are you talking about? Don’t joke around or I will shoot you!” The soldier said as he pointed his rifle at Mykel’s head.

“We have tons of food,” Mykel answered as he raised his hands in the air.

The soldier leaned his head back from the rifle and looked at Mykel with bars of chocolate in his hands. He looked shocked and the brand of the chocolate didn’t exist in his world so he was a bit confused and wanted to believe that they really came from another world.

“We can share it with you if you let us pass,” Mykel said as he put the chocolate bars into his blazer pocket.

The soldier left his post and not long after that, the gate was opened with dozens of soldiers standing behind the gate. They let them in and looked at the suitcases that Gunnar and the others brought with them. Their gazes were focused on the suitcases as if they were ready to snatch them away.

Agnez looked at the gate and saw it was operated by a machine, the gate could be opened using a card and that card was on the soldier’s waist.

“Who’s the leader here? I want to see that person,” Mykel asked as he stared at those soldiers.

“Follow me,” The soldier said as he tilted his head at the other soldiers to get back to their post.

“You said that you’re from another world? Where do you guys come from?” The soldier asked Mykel.

“We came from Earth, our world looks similar to yours but we still have everything, not like yours,” Mykel answered and looked at his surroundings with nothing but buildings. “Where are the people? This whole place looks so empty,” he asked.

The soldier stayed quiet and didn’t answer Mykel’s question and that was enough to put suspicion about this whole place and the leader. Agnez poked Lillith gently and looked at the soldier, she raised her eyebrows and Lillith nodded with understanding.

“Hey, mister,” Lillith said and walked next to the soldier. “Here, for you,” she said as she offered bread to the soldier.

“Thank you,” The soldier said with a smile on his face.

Agnez took the card so easily while the others looked at her and were amazed by her skill. She smirked and put the card in her pocket then pretended as if nothing happened.

“So, what happened to your world? Did you fail during the breakout?” Gunnar asked as he tilted his head and leaned it forward to look at the soldier.

“Yes, we failed to defend our world, we managed to defend our world from the first two breakouts. On the third breakout, it was a slaughter, a massacre and there was nothing we could do,” The soldier answered.

“When did the third breakout happen?” Rozan asked.

“About three years ago,” The soldier answered as he turned around to look at Rozan.

Everyone was surprised because it only took them three years to go down badly like this.

“You experienced three breakouts, does that mean you guys failed to clear the tower?” Rozan asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes, the Blessed people couldn’t clear the floors in the towers. The highest floor they cleared was floor seven and it was five years ago,” The soldier answered as he nodded his head.

“Five years ago and the breakout happened three years ago, what the fuck were they doing for the two years gap in between those two events?” Gunnar asked with disbelief.

“Nothing happened,” The soldier answered with a forced smile on his face.

They were looking at each other and immediately could tell that something fishy happened in Bumi world.

“Do you realize that your world is inside a tower?” Edith asked and looked at the soldier with curiosity.

The soldier looked down and nodded slowly. “We know, it happened when the whole world is occupied by the demons. A massive earthquake happened and for some reason, we are all stuck in this city and couldn’t go anywhere,” he answered and held his rifle so tightly.

“So you really came here to save our world?” The soldier asked, Mykel only nodded his head. “Thank goodness…” he said.

After walking for half an hour, the soldier guided them to a luxurious palace with a working fountain which was already weird to look at. The palace was guarded by hundreds of soldiers in front of the fences and gate.

“Stay here and I will inform them that you’re here to save our world,” The soldier said and then he hurriedly walked toward the soldiers at the gate.

“Something isn’t right about this whole place, boss,” Gunnar whispered as he looked at the soldiers that stared at them.

“I know, just let me handle this and you guys don’t have to do anything,” Mykel and looked at everyone. All of them nodded with understanding and stayed on guard.

The soldier came back with a big smile on his face. “They’re going to guide you inside the white palace now,”

Mykel nodded and gave a bar of chocolate to the soldier. “For you and don’t share it with the others because I won’t give another one to you unless you’re being helpful to us,” he said. “You should understand what that means already,” he continued and then walked toward the white palace while the soldier nodded with understanding.

They walked into the entrance of the white palace with dozens of soldiers following them from behind. The inside of the palace was full of antiques and fancy stuff that it didn’t fit with the condition of the city.

They were escorted to the second floor and then to the third floor until finally, they reached the fifth floor which was the highest floor in the palace. The whole place was so clean and not even a speck of dust could be seen.

“Please get inside, our leaders are waiting for you inside,” A soldier said as he stood next to wide doors.

Mykel and the others entered the room and it was a big spacious room that seemed to be used for a meeting. Four people were sitting at the table with clean armor and weapons on them, they were smiling at Mykel and the others as they stood up and walked toward them.

“Welcome! I heard from the soldiers that you guys came here from another world, what a funny joke,” A guy with short black hair and black eyes said.

Gunnar and the others furrowed their eyebrows as they stared at the guy with suspicion.

“Anyway, thank you for bringing the food to us, now it’s time for you to go and go back to wherever you guys came from,” The guy said and the soldiers immediately pointed their guns at Mykel and the others. “Or you can die, the choice is yours,” he continued with a grin on his face.


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