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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 104 Bahasa Indonesia

“This feels a bit weird to see a world that looks similar to ours but this world has become a total mess,” Vincze said as he looked around and saw cars being abandoned in the middle of the road with tall ruined buildings on the sides.

“You can tell by the look of the rust on the steel frame of those buildings that it had been abandoned for at least for years now,” Sven said and looked at the inside of a car and found nothing but dust and torn leather seats.

Mykel kept walking as the others followed him from behind, but then they heard a gunshot in the distance. They immediately ran toward the sound of the gunshots to find out about what happened to this world.

Gerrard had the best hearing so he knew exactly where the sound was coming from. He led the others into the building and suddenly he stopped with a sorrowful expression.

“What’s wrong?” Rozan asked as he stared at Gerrard with his eyebrows furrowed.

Gerrard pointed his finger at something and then when they finally could see the inside of the building, they saw a man in a clean black suit laying on the ground dead. By the look of it, he killed himself by shooting himself in the head because the blood and the pistol in his hand were enough to convince them.

“Lillith, go and check his memories, there’s a chance you might still be able to get something from him,” Mykel said as he stared at the dead guy in front of him.

Lillith took a deep breath as she walked toward the dead guy and looked him in the eye.

“There’s some kind of barracks not far from here, it’s not really abandoned but they barely had any defense around it. There were so many people starved to death in there and I don’t want to ruin the fun, but they have turned themselves into a cannibal,” Lillith said as she looked at Mykel with her heart pounding really fast because she was a bit scared that she couldn’t come back again.

“Cannibalism? I’m not going to lie but that’s scarier than fighting demons,” Gunnar said as he looked around because he was being cautious after he heard that.

“Did you see they eat the human brain, Lilly?” Nagy asked nervously as she stared at Lillith.

“They ate everything and wasted nothing,” Lillith answered immediately with a serious expression.

“Let’s pay a visit,” Mykel said as he walked past the others.

Nagy raised her eyebrows and her eyes were wide open when she heard that Mykel wanted to pay a visit to a group of cannibals.

“That’s rare to see you make that kind of expression, Nagy,” Jeanne said as she looked at her with a worried expression.

Nagy looked at Jeanne and the others who were staring at her with confusion. “I don’t mind about the cannibalism since human flesh is okay to consume if they cook it right, but I’m more scared of the disease inside them,” she answered.

“Disease? What kind of disease?” Gunnar asked as he walked next to Nagy.

“I read about a story of a cannibal tribe where you eat your own relatives once they died to respect them. The tribe wasn’t bad people once the scientists discovered them, but then a decade had passed and when they went back to visit the tribe, the people that those scientists met back then were no longer alive even though they were not that old and healthy,” Nagy explained as she kept looking down.

“What happened to them,” Agnez asked.

“The ritual of cannibalism, they ate their dead relatives’ brains but if they were too young they didn’t participate in the ritual and it was when they got a disease called Kuru. It affected their mind, body, and mentality, those who got the disease would look like a zombie and will die in months or a year,” Nagu answered and everyone just stared at Nagy with shocked expressions.

“Nagy is right, I saw at least dozens of people that looked like zombies in one of the buildings. They couldn’t even move and were bedridden until they died on their bed,” Lillith said.

“Why everything is so fucked up? Are we going to be the same? Either we eat babies or human flesh,” Rozan said as he rubbed his shoulder to comfort himself.

Mykel stayed quiet and enjoyed his smoke while everyone was staring at him from behind. They had no idea what would he do to those cannibal people since Mykel’s actions were always unpredictable for them.

“Stop staring at me like that, it’s annoying,” Mykel said as he flicked the cigarette.

“Boss, what are we going to do to those people?” Gunnar asked and everyone was curious about Mykel’s answer.

“I have not decided what we are going to do with them, one thing that we want to know is where are the demons at so we can clear this floor,” Mykel answered and looked at the bright sun that the heatwave was enough to make everyone that didn’t have high enough [Heat Resistance] skill drenched in sweat.

Lillith walked to the front and walked next to Mykel as she pointed at something on the northwest.

“The barracks over there, it’s only a mile away from here,” Lillith said but then she stopped and looked around. “That’s a lot of people out here,” she warned as she grabbed her daggers from her waist.

A skinny man that almost looked like a walking skeleton came out of the dark alley with his worn-out suit. His eyes were wide open with his all yellow eyes that were enough to tell he was sick.

He staggered as he walked toward Mykel and the others with his stiff arms and legs that he could no longer bent. “Wh-o a-re y-ou pe-ople,” he asked with his stiff tongue and sniffed the smell of perfume and fresh body odor.

“We came from another world, we are here to save your world,” Mykel answered.

“A-no-ther wo-rld?” The guy asked as he tried to tilt his head but it made a loud cracking sound as if he snapped his neck. “Do y-ou ha-ve fo-od?” he asked again but then he saw the suitcases.

His expression turned drastically and his eyes were wide open as he gulped with a big smile on his face. “Fo-od!” he said loudly as if he was telling the others about what he found.

In less than a minute dozens of people appeared from all directions and it was enough to make Gunnar and the others felt uncomfortable with their presence. Edith was wrapping her arms around Mykel’s arm and she held him so tightly.

Mykel grabbed something from his blazer and it was a bar of chocolate, the guy looked at it and his pupils were trembling in excitement. Mykel threw the chocolate on the road far away from him and immediately all those zombie-like people ran toward it and fought for it.

They watched those people punching, kicking, and pulling each other’s hair like a mindless animals. They fought for the chocolate and some of them looked dead and their body was stiffened immediately.

The purpose of the fight was to get the chocolate but they ended up killing each other and eating those who died from the fight. Mykel and the others watched those people eat the skin of the dead as if they were eating hot wings.

“Boss?” Gunnar asked and then all of those zombie-like people stopped moving and looked at Gunnar with blood all over their faces and body.

Gunnar gulped as he slowly grabbed his axe on his waist. “Fuck,” he said quietly and then all of those zombie-like people screamed and ran toward him.

With no other option, they killed those zombie-like people, and for people who barely had any flesh and muscle in their bodies, they were strong enough to pull Gunnar’s shield. Gunnar was panicking because he just remembered that he was fighting a human and not a demon, but that thought disappeared the moment those people tried to eat his face.

Gunnar and the others killed all of them in less than ten minutes but they could see people from the distance walking toward them. The screams were echoing throughout the ruined building and traveled far enough to be heard by the rest of them in the distance because it was so quiet.

“Are all the people in this world turned into a zombie?” Rozan asked as he burned the dead bodies next to him.

“It seems like it, so now we are not only fighting a demon but we are also fighting a zombie? Great,” Agnez replied as she raised her eyebrows and sighed deeply.

“This world has no hope, kill everything that moves. Do you guys understand?” Mykel said as he looked at hundreds of people walking in the middle of the road in the distance.

“Yes, boss,” Gunnar answered and everyone readied their stances.


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