Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 51

Bring the twins and wait at the temple, is what was written in the letter.

Bring your companions too. Both Aura and Pochi had special circumstances——Yuuya considered them his companions. Aura accompanied him because she was worried, and Pochi was a mere mount, but that’s no excuse to the temple. Also, it states to not tell anyone regarding this matter, even His Majesty.

Yuuya was petrified with the letter in his hands. Should I request an audience with His Majesty and consult with him?
But how? It says to not disclose of this even to His Majesty.
His Majesty is the most influential person in this country. No one should be able to obstruct me from having an audience with him.
However, I don’t want to trouble the understanding King any more than this. His Majesty is ignoring the twins’ existence. Even his daughter might be like that, his wife is a monster.

Yuuya was contemplating on leaving the castle.
He thought that with the investigation of the Demon King’s death finished, it should be fine. He had no reason to stay at the castle anymore.

Rather, let’s escape right now. Let’s escape to the end of the planet.
We have no choice but to run as fast as we can! It’s for the safety of the children!! Rather, there are many reasons to escape. Like the Princess, the Princess, the Princess and the mature beauty.
It would be better to pack up.
According to the contents of the letter, the temple might be pursuing us too.

… The worst case scenario is execution.

I want to avoid that. I will protect the children and escape, no matter who says what.
I would like to avoid fighting the people of the temple… my grandparents have a friend in the temple after all.

I don’t know the details, but they traveled with him in their youth, and they are apparently very close to him.
That’s why, I am unconditionally fond of the temple. I also met him many times when I was younger, all the friends of my grandparents were very kind.
Which reminds me, I wonder how they are doing nowadays?
The people that were adventurer companions of my grandparents. They apparently helped my grandparents to elope and although I heard only a little of the story, it was very thrilling.
Grandfather was blessed with friends. If not, it would be impossible for my grandparents to disappear without a trace, I remember how fun they had telling me the story.
Reliable friends…

Memories flashed across Yuuya’s mind.

“… Grandpa… I might be envious from the bottom of my heart right now.”

The reason I arrived at the Demon King’s castle all by myself must be because I wasn’t as blessed as him. Probably.
It wasn’t like I could bring Aura along, the siscon Sage wouldn’t follow me because he hated the thought of taking his eyes off his little sister, the priest entered Nirvana on his own, the soldier wasn’t able to last until the end, the martial artist was troubled about his occupation and became a merchant, the magician——it’s endless. It makes me lonely, so let’s not think about it.

Anyhow, Yuuya had no one like that. Because he was abnormally strong, the people that accompanied him lost their confidence.

Moreover, Yuuya himself doesn’t remember training extremely to become this strong.
He ran around the mountains of his home town and swam in the river, sparred with his grandfather… this was all that could be considered training.
He was once told by the Sage that he has a natural-born temperament of a Hero.
Anyhow, his talent was solid. But, that was the same for all of Yuuya’s relatives, so Yuuya himself thought that he was just average in his village.

…… Back to the topic.

“… Anyhow, it says just to come, so why not see what they want…”

Being summoned so suddenly, Yuuya wanted to know the temple’s significance of the twins.
It wouldn’t be late to act after finding out.

“… Alright, let’s go then…!”

He raised his face and walked towards the temple.
After all, he decided that he’s going to protect the twins no matter what happens.


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