Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 50

Yuuya was petrified.

In his hands was a wax-sealed letter.
The pattern of the seal belonged to the temple. The signature under the seal belonged to the top-ranked High Priest.

Did I do something? I was only looking after the children and tempering myself these days. I don’t recall doing anything that would require the High Priest’s letter.
… No, there actually is.
As the servant of the God, I am self-aware that I am doing something outrageous.

… Raising the Demon King’s children.

If that got exposed——I don’t want to even think about it.
The start of it all must be the mature beauty Sivilla, who married the King. It’s a well-known fact that she’s a Demon.

And it’s a fact that Sivilla wants to adopt Iric.
The Queen who is a monster being simply attached to a child?
If it’s the Princess, I could understand. I could understand because she’s unique in many ways.
But, the Queen who wants to adopt Iric is past being straightforward. She severely rebuked the ministers in charge of the economics, and by helping the King with his duties, the current state of the country apparently improved.
A capable woman like her is a monster. For a monster like her to want Iric, what kind of existence is he?
His Majesty somehow senses it. It wouldn’t be strange if other people sensed it too.
If the people of the temple noticed, they might want to seal or exterminate the children, it wouldn’t be strange if it went that way.

“… This… should I ask His Majesty… or flee during the night…?”

Yuuya was confused.


Aura was petrified. Before her stood the famed advisor and magician.
She was famous for having a manly personality even though she was a woman, on top of that her skill as a magician was famed across the country.
Just what did such an important person like her want with Aura?
She had only one idea.
Aura thought of risking her life while trembling.

Somehow, somehow, run away from this place, Yuuya-san.

At worst, the twins might be used for experiments. Even though Aura had a prejudice against the twins, Yuuya loved them. Therefore, rather than trying to drive them out, she wanted to protect the children too.
She decided to be of use, so Aura had no ulterior motives either.


“— And that’s why Demon Kings are so strong. Don’t you want to fulfill your desires? You can do whatever you like as much as you like, ya know? Amazing, right? You want to become one, right? Right?”
“This guy is so noisy day after day.”
“He returns immediately after getting blown away. He is as obstinate and annoying as a cockroach.”
“Nii~chan and others don’t see him, do they?”
“That seems to be the case.”

“… How annoying.”
“… So noisy.”
“So bored~ I want Nii~chan to quickly return from the King’s place and play with us.”
“I am bored. I wonder if Onii~san is going to return soon?”
“Oy~ are you listening to me? Hey, listen to me. Children, listen to me.”
“Prince, Princess, why don’t you get on me and go for a walk?”
“I thought you couldn’t walk around the castle?”
“Pochi, you ‘Stay’ there obediently.”
“Yes. Umu, a beautiful face with no mercy… you are dreamy as always, Prince, Princess…”
“Listen to me~ I am the Great Demon King, ya know? Why am I treated like this?”


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