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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 355: Dimensional Breach Bahasa Indonesia

Titan and I did our best, unleashing all our attacks and completely overwhelming the Demon King even with his new Spiritual Powers!



We roared together, as I swung my blazing hammer tens of times, while Titan unleashed a barrage of devastating slashing attacks using his blazing lion claws, all while firing countless gargantuan-sized fireballs!




[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma’s Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 7% of its total HP!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 12% of its total HP!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 5% of its total HP!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 8% of its total HP!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 11% of its total HP!]

[The Demon King of Miasma’s HP has reached a Critical State!]

Critical State!

What does this means? Can we actually kill him now?!

[Demon King of Miasma’s Total HP: 9489302/10000000000]

Eeeh?! He still got almost a ten million! We need to keep hitting him!

But this critical state… can we even deal more damage to him now?!


The Demon King was being overwhelmed by our blows, our blazing spiritual flames given to me by Hellhound were doing wonders now, even more as they helped Titan achieve an amazing evolution, an Ent that can manipulate flames and be immune to them as well!


As our blows and the flames continued to consume his body, the Demon King began to cry, agonizing furiously.

“My vitality… Why?! It is running out…! My power…! My… my life!!!”

His entire body continued to shapeshift constantly, our flames wrapping around his body. I combined the power of Nature and hundreds of spirits flowing towards me to boost my power through Spirit Fusion and Spirit Infusion, but even then, his power continued surging.

The more his core continued to glow, the vaster his Spiritual Power became. Even in the middle of this battle, even as he was about to die, his power continued to grow and develop, he was constantly… evolving!

“You… You will… PAY!”


Suddenly, his core, which we’ve been hitting with our blows and had gained a few cracks started to glow with an incredibly bright white and black light, which started spiraling. The light started distorting space and time itself as we were suddenly thrown away by an enormous shockwave!



Titan hugged my body as he shielded me from the enormous attack, we fell into the floor several meters away, causing an earthquake due to the enormous bodies we had.


“Ugh, Titan are you okay?”

“Yeah I am… What about you?”

“I am okay as well… But what about the Demon King?!”

“A-Ah, right!”

We quickly stood up, looking into the distance. The enormous mass of the Demon King’s phantom began to mutate once more. He had lost a large quantity of it, and it wasn’t really regenerating… but it was transforming, completely fusing with the Spiritual Core he stole from the Tree of Beginnings.

“I’ve finally broke through… The fusion between Spiritual Essence and Miasmic Essence… I have attained a Divine Power!”

His voice echoed across the entire world, not just here. The Gods atop the sky probably heard him, and so did every other person, monster, animal, and player in the entire world. Space and Time became distorted, although we wanted to get closer and closer, we were unable to, it was as if an invisible force was stopping us completely.

The mass of Phantom fused with the Spirit Core, and from within such a fusion, a new being was born. A spherical mass of blackness with a single golden eye and tentacles moving in a way that resembled an ancient sun painting. Countless white runes emerged across his body as well!

“I have attained it…”

His HP hadn’t gone up at all, but his stats had clearly done so! He had grown way… wat stronger than before, much, much stronger! I cannot even really fathom how much! And it doesn’t help that he has attained space-time manipulation abilities, that’s like… super broken!

“Is this a new phase? Perhaps his “true form” if this was still a game…” Titan sighed. “Can we reach him even with these overwhelming odds?”

“I… We must try, at the very least.” I said. “But… no matter how much we keep pushing, this invisible energy… it doesn’t let us get through!”


It was as if space itself was rejecting us each time we tried to approach the Demon King’s new yet smaller body. He was no bigger than a car now, yet his power seemed overflowing. He had truly evolved into something else…


[Great corruption within the boundaries of space and time has been detected!]

[A Dimensional Breach has started!]

Dimensional… Breach?!


“It will now begin… My conquest!”

Suddenly, the tentacles of the Demon King began distorting space and time, as if they were piercing through the empty air, slicing through the fabric that made this world a world!

Crack… crack…!

And then, the sound of something cracking, like glass, began to echo across the entire world. Suddenly, two gigantic portals opened at each side of him!


Space itself shattered, as from within the portal to his left I saw it.

It was… a city, filled with tall buildings, cars, and the beautiful night sky.

“That’s…!” Titan panicked.

“No way… Earth?! He’s really going there?!”

The Demon King’s golden eye glanced down at us with scorn.

“I’ve offered you a chance. You’ve rejected it. It is you lose. I will not only conquer your world, but many worlds. I will devour their life and turn them into perfect nests of Miasma and Monsters. I will reign across the entire Universe. And then… I will build a place where I can truly belong, away from all of you, away from the gods! And… I shall begin the conquest of the world where all of you Players originate from! Now suffer as you see your world being engulfed in chaos!”


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