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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 354: The Wandering Players Bahasa Indonesia

Meanwhile, within the vast skies atop the Forest of Beginnings, a beautiful Phoenix flew across the skies. Atop the Phoenix, three girls and one little boy were gazing down at the Forest of Beginnings…

One of the girls, a blue-skinned Oni wearing Samurai Armor, looked at a map she bought for some Gold in a faraway Town, this was supposed to be the Forest of Beginnings… yet the entire forest was completely different than the map!

“W-What the heck is going on in there? Why is the entire forest so weird?” The girl sighed.

“Wait, Elena, is that fire in the middle of it?! Wait, Lava?!” An elf girl at her side asked, with long red hair made into braids. She was the summoner that owned this beautiful phoenix. “Hold on… Why is that are green?! And then… the other area is black?!”

“I have eyes as well Anna, I can tell.” Sighed the Oni girl.

“More importantly, where’s Planta at? Is she here? But where? There seems to be some sort of event going on, there’s monsters running rampant everywhere!” A classy young lady said. She had majestic golden-scaled dragon wings behind her back, and beautiful golden horns growing from her forehead, long blonde hair and shiny blue eyes made her a beauty amongst beauties.

“Yeah Elisa, seems to be the case.” The Blue Oni Girl said. “But it seems there’s something bad going on, let’s go help the NPC. We might get rewarded if we do some good for them, right?”

“T-The last time we got into an event we almost got eaten by a high-level dragon!” Cried the only boy with them, a young-looking green haired Brownie boy with chocolate-colored skin. “You may be high level but me and Elisa are still newbies here…”

“Ugh stop complaining about a bit, will you?” Sighed the rude elf. “That you’re Elisa’s cousin doesn’t mean you got the rights to complain as much…”

“B-But it’s dangerous!” Cried the green-haired boy.

“Come on, it’s just a game, relax.” The gorgeous Blue Oni said, a smile filled with battle intent surged within her. The Oni’s red eyes overflowing with bloodlust. “I want to fight her, and see how strong she is… It has been a while since my Katana has tasted blood…”

“More like it’s going to taste sap, she’s a Dryad after all…” Sighed the boy.

“Well, yeah…” The Oni girl nodded.

“Now, let’s go!” The elf girl said with a smile. “Little Red, go down! Let’s go see that big Kaiju fight in there! Looks interesting!”

The two high level players and the newbies at their side quickly descended, arriving in the middle of a catastrophe…

Meanwhile, far away from the Forest of Beginnings, a man with pale white skin and sharp red eyes wandered around the night, enjoying the breeze. From afar, he could see the forest of beginnings, and to his left side, there was the whole Luminous Kingdom.

“Hm, maybe I should take my rest in here or just go there? It’s round 2 AM so maybe its fine to continue playing a bit more.”

The young Vampire suddenly received a notification, as one of his guild members began talking to him.

“Oi Black Haze, use the return stone and get back here right away! The World Boss is acting hella weird! Maybe its weakening or something?! Come kill it with us! Its HP’s going down like crazy because that hacker Planta is doing something to it, we could take the kill for ourselves if you’re here!”

“What? Nah, I don’t really care about it anymore. It’s all yours boys.”

“Wait, don’t cut the call-“


[Call has been cut.]


His red eyes sighed, looking into the night sky.

“The moon is sure beautiful tonight, huh?”

As he looked back in front of him, he saw a large shadow approaching…

In fact, it was a wave.

A monster wave of almost a thousand Miasmic Treants led by giant Miasmic Golems and Miasmic Beasts, all high-level monsters, unbefitting of this area of the game world.

“What the hell is this?”

The leader of the enormous wave of monster talked.

“There it is! The Luminous Kingdom! Now it’s our chance to accomplish our lord’s orders, everyone! Let’s slaughter them all and burn their city to the ground!”



“Kill! KILL!!!”

However, as the army advanced further and further, a skinny young man stood before them scratching his head while looking slightly tired

“What the heck are you guys doing here? Go back to the high-level grounds, you’re annoying.”

“Huh? Who is this scrawny man?”

“Who cares? Kill him!”


A big Miasmic Treant rushed towards him, but then got cut into pieces in an instant.


The only thing everyone saw was a small red light coming from the man’s long black nails.

“[Blood Claw] is good enough for all of you mobs…” He yawned. “So who’s coming first? Huh? are you scared? You’re monsters, come on.”

“W-What the heck?!”

“Don’t let him intimidate you! ATTACK!”


The whole army of monsters confronted him, but he merely and carefreely swung his nails, and activated a single Level 50 Skill, [Blood Claw].




Three slashes was what it took the entire army to be reduced to bits, which quickly disappeared into particles of light, leaving tons of rare materials the young Vampire had never seen in these areas.

“What the…? Did I hit a jackpot here? Huh, wait, that’s it?”

Without even giving it much attention, the young man ended stopping an army of a thousand monsters that were about to overrun the entire Kingdom at his side.

“Well, whatever, I’ll keep going to the forest, if nobody minds~”

As he walked to the forest, he saw countless explosions and fireworks happening everywhere.

“Oooh! Something big is happening there! I wonder what it is… Is this woman Planta in it? I bet she’s doing it! She’s an insane magnet for events and quests after all! I’ve gotta find her! But… this is not a good disguise; everyone will recognize me… Alright [Polymorph] Off.”


His entire body was enveloped on blood, as he suddenly changed his appearance back to its original one, looking like a beautiful and gorgeous Vampire woman.

“Hmm, perfect… This avatar is actually a female one, but only a few friends now, kek.”

Without even realizing it, Planta was becoming a magnet for dangerous players all while she had yet to take down the Demon King!

What sort of development will happen now?

Only time will tell…


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