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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 333: Acorn’s Amazing Invention! Bahasa Indonesia

I don’t even know if we’ll manage to do anything, even with all the strength we have, the Demon King had shown to be a relentless being that seems to never die. But if the quest is right, then we need to destroy the Tree of Beginnings, as sad as this might seem to be.

And I guess we need to get out of this hole before anything else!

“Alright Belle, carry us up!” I said, mounting Belle.


“Huginn, you bring everyone else.” I told hm.


With everyone finally gathered together, we flew off into the skies, going through the enormous hole the Demon king left once it stepped into the surface through the body of the Tree of Beginnings.

“Wait, I almost forgot! What about the Squirrel-kin and the Gnomes?” Asked Rita.

“I’ve already taken care of it.” I smiled. “Before any of you sleepyheads woke up, I sent the Mushroom Brigade for the rescue. And as for the Fairy Kingdom, I just got a message from Titania, she said the four Players I rejected the other day helped her…”

“Eh? The four players…?” Rita asked.

“The ones from the four guilds that research the world’s quests! They ended being pretty nice people and helped Titania and the fairies the moment they saw there was trouble arising!” I said with a smile.

“I can’t believe those guys would help us! Well, that’s for the better.” Rita smiled. “So where’s the giant tree- Ah.”


The moment we reached the surface, we saw a terrifying scene.

The entire forest was now completely black.

Over half of the trees had transformed into monsters, Miasmic Treants, and were looking right at us as we emerged from the depths of the underground!

“The woman named Planta!”

“The Hamadryad!”

“Kill her as our Lord has ordered us!”

“Do not let her escape into the skies!”

Hundreds of Miasmic Treants roared, as Belle and Huginn masterfully evaded their branches and roots stretching towards us, as we arrived at the skies above.

“I can’t believe so many trees turned into monsters!” Cried Florie. “The trees were all our friends… I remember hearing their voices, and even now, they’re in pain… We need to free them from their agony.”

“So we have to slay them then…” Nieve said.

“Lady Planta! Is there a way for you to purify them back to normal trees?” Asked Acorn.

“Let’s see that right now!”

I quickly flew down as I gathered Mana into one of my fists, shapeshifting it into a gigantic mass of wood in the form of a giant fist, punching the ground where the Treants were stepping over!

“Let’s go for another round! [Spirit Attack]!”


An enormous shockwave spread out. My fist were not farming tools, so the skill itself didn’t activated. I lacked a proper weapon right now as the other one broke and the trident lost all its power, I can’t use it either.

However, I’ve discovered that part of this power wasn’t just from the skills, or maybe it was. But now it has merged within my body thanks to the Great Spirit’s influence, my Spirit Attack alone can easily purify the surrounding terrain and spread its power further.


Several Miasmic Treants were blown away after my attack. Some ended getting torn to shreds. Wait, they’re actually not as strong as I imagined…

However, the ground began to be purified! Grass, flowers, and saplings of trees and herbs started showing up around the area I hit.

The Treants that received this shockwave also began to groan in agony, weakening. Meanwhile, the normal trees that had yet to turn into Treants completely became purified, shining brightly in gold and green colors!

“I see how it is…” I sighed. “The trees that have turned cannot go back now, they’re monsters through and through. However, the corrupted trees that have yet to transform into monsters can be saved!”

“I see… Then allow me to help!” Acorn suddenly opened his inventory.

“Wait, don’t you dare transform again! You almost died!” I reprimanded him.

“It’s not that! Look, I’ve got something else! This is… something I prepared ever since we fought the Snake Queen, that corruption she was doing on nature made me think… Why can’t I make a bomb that can purify corruption? And I used the fruits, leaves, and branches I asked you to give me the other day for this!” Acorn said.

He suddenly took out a big bag filled with bombs resembling apple fruits. They shone bright red and had a tiny green leaf on top… yet their power was surprising!

[Hamadryad’s Grace (A Grade)]

A special Bomb imbued with the essence of a Hamadryad. Their leaves, branches, and spirit essence were used to make this powerful bomb. Once activated, the bomb will explode into a burst of life and spiritual essence, which can purify its surroundings and take over other terrains and tiles. Deals Life and Nature Attribute Damage.

“Wait, isn’t this a bit too good?!” I asked in surprise.

“It is ideal for us! Let’s use it right now!” Acorn said, infusing mana into the bombs and throwing five of them at the same time!

The bombs flew into the skies, as they fell over the Treants, who ferociously grabbed them thinking they could devour them, only to activate the explosion that came with the bomb.


A shockwave of life and nature emerged everywhere, as several areas we flew over were purified. The Treants didn’t die from the explosion though, as the bombs didn’t dealt enough damage.

However, they were all purified, the light and life the bombs emanated purified the trees that had yet to transform, while the Miasmic Treants were all weakened severely.

“I guess its time for us to attack now that they’re weakened, girls!” Rita said with a smile, raising her staff.

“Very well, leave the left side to me!” Nieve said.

“And I’ll take the right side!” Lily said.

“Then I’ll cover the front…!” Rita smiled evilly.


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