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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 309: The Power Of A Divine Beast! Bahasa Indonesia

“You have seriously overstepped your boundaries now, lowly mortal.”

The Demon King spoke, his voice echoed across the entire underground.

“Somehow you’ve freed yourself from my [Absolute Authority], a power beings that have attained Divinity such as me have… And now you think you can somehow defeat me?! The System has been helping you grow all this time, but you’re too far away from my own strength yet…”

“You talk a lot for being an oversized slime.” I said with a smile, faking the resolve to fight him. I was actually very afraid.

“Slime…?” He muttered.

His eyes suddenly grew larger in fury, showing their veins inside.

“Slime?! Me… you compare me… to a mere mass of goo?!”

That really got him angered…


His entire body suddenly gathered together and then jumped off the ground, reaching the ceiling and then dropping from above, right towards me!


“Drown in my own body! I will feast in your soul!”

“Spiritual Barrier!”

I quickly conjured Spiritual Barriers, as many as I could muster. However the Demon King’s body easily melted them all away in a mere split of a second, his tentacles drawing closer. I actually didn’t had as much speed as him, and if I run away, he’ll simply catch up to me in no time!



However, I was not alone, I had my Familiars with me now, even if Mimy and Huginn were away, I still had six of them!

Silver, my Dragon, roared furiously. Her silver scales shone with a slightly divine-like light, as they suddenly generated a strange reflecting barrier, covering me from the Miasma that made up the Demon King’s body!


“A Dragon’s Scales are surely a powerful defense, better than your measly barriers… But this dragon’s a mere infant! Do you truly believe it can do a thing to me?!”

The Demon King’s body spread into multiple tentacles as they wrapped around Silver’s entire body, he was trying to asphyxiate her!


However, Silver opened her jaws and then unleashed a deadly Freezing Dragon Breath with everything she had on it!


“Nnnggh…! Aaack!”

The Demon King suddenly struggled, the power of Silver’s breath attack boosted with all my buffs put into her wasn’t something he could easily laugh at!


However, in that mere second, he spread out his body into spikes, piercing through the ice and shattering it apart, while his body shaped two gigantic claws and slashed Silver’s body!



Silver was thrown away in an instant, rolling over the floor and then hitting the wall.



I ran towards her, as she opened her eyes faintly.


I conjured the strongest healing spell I had, healing her wounds quickly as I heard the Demon King approaching.

“This is all a pointless game. The fate of this forest has been decided the moment I have arrived here!” He said. “This forest, then the world… And then your world.”


“Yes, I am well aware you Players come from another world! A world flourishing with life, ripe for the picking! Once I am done here, I will not stop, I will go there and conquer it all! I will devour everything! All shall become my domain! And-“


However, Belle interrupted the Demon King’s speech. Her body size suddenly grew as big as ten meters and then by using her sharp golden horns, she pierced through his body!


“Hmph! A mere farm beast dares come to fight me?!” He asked furiously, as countless spheres of chaos emerged around him. “DIE!”


However, Belle was no mere farm beast, she was a Divine Goat with Lightning Powers!


Her golden horns glowed with bright light, sparks of lightning quickly emerged from within them, and then a storm of thunderous lightning engulfed the Demon King’s entire body!



He suddenly began screaming in agony!

Was it working?!

“T-This Lightning… D-Divine Lightning?! I-Impossible…! For a mere goat to be able to wield such power…! I CANNOT ACCEPT IT!”

The Demon King’s darkness shaped itself into a gigantic hand, punching Belle’s stomach and throwing her away, as countless Chaos Bullets rained over her when she was on the floor!




However, Belle emerged from amidst the black smoke standing, barely.

Her eyes were filled with fury, flowing with a red light.

Her golden horns started growing larger and larger, and lightning continued to emerge from them.

“You’re still alive…?”

The Demon King was taken aback.



Belle’s entire body suddenly began changing out of the blue. Countless golden runes appeared across her body, all of them of blue color, like the tattoos that often are shown Vikings to have.

Her lightning suddenly shaped into the shape of a human, a muscular and bearded man holding an enormous hammer, mounting her back.

What the heck is going on?!


[Belle] has awakened the [Divine Beast Transformation: Lv1] Skill!]

[Temporarily, the power of the God of Lightning is flowing across her body!]

“Let’s go, my loyal Tanngnjóstr!”

Suddenly, the body of the man made of lightning spoke, as Belle roared furiously, charging across the skies as lightning began to emerge from within the man’s hammer in enormous quantities!


The Demon King panicked, as he quickly readied for the impact.

“Whatever tricks you’re pulling out, they won’t work!”

His darkness surged from within, generating an endless wave of abyssal chaos, impacting against Belle!

“Mjolnir Strike!”

The man made of lightning called upon the name of a legendary hammer, as the lightning within once more grew even stronger, his golden body suddenly becoming white, emanating a strong divine power.

Zap, zap!


The loud, thunderous sound of lightning filled my eardrums as I saw with eyes wide open how Belle clashed with the power of the God of Thunder within her against the Demon King!

“S-So much Divine Lightning…! AAAGGGH…!”


The Demon King screamed in agony, as Belle’s attack impacted his very core, his entire body suddenly splattered over the floor as it began to evaporate!


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