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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 310: All Out Battle! Bahasa Indonesia


The sound of a part of the Demon King’s second body beginning to evaporate resonated across the entire area. The pain that the Divine Lightning caused to him was severe.

“You’ve forced my hand… [Abyssal Judgement]!!!”

The Demon King panicked, as his entire body quickly reassembled together and opened a gigantic, grotesque jaw leading to an endless abyss of darkness, from within, he unleashed a beam of all-destroying darkness.

And it was about to impact Belle’s directly!


“I won’t let you…!”

However, I was there, of course!

I wasn’t just going to stand and watch. Once I made sure Silver was healed, I quickly rushed into the front lines. I used my Drain Ability to drain the MP of the Miasma lying around itself, something I didn’t even thought I could do, and then I quickly received the enormous beam of darkness with my weapon.

I have to use something way stronger than Spirit Attack to even resist this beam and fight it back… But what… what can I use with my weapon?!

“Elayne, use this!”


Suddenly, I felt the power of the Great Spirit being imbued into my weapon once more, I quickly realized the Skill had gotten to Level 3, each Level unlocked new Spells I could use with her…

“Then… Harvest Terrain!”


I hit the ground with my foot, the terrain around me suddenly began trembling, changing into Healthy Soil.

“Let’s plow the field now! Harvest Army!”

Divine-like Spiritual Essence flew across the Harvest Terrain, as from within, countless vegetables, fruits, trees, herbs, and all sorts of plants, even mushrooms, began growing from within and walking in two legs!

“What kind of… ridiculous thing is this?!”

The Demon King was taken aback as I continued resisting his attack.


Belle slowly stood up from the ground as her lightning began supporting me from afar. And of course, Loki, Terra, and Saphee rushed forward. Their bodies gathered Mana and then unleashed beams of their own elements, impacting against the Demon King’s all-ending beam of darkness.


“U-Unnggh…?! You dare think that- ACK! What is this?!”

The Demon King suddenly found himself being swarmed by hundreds of walking plants, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms!

“Has your mother never told you to eat your veggies?! Now! Spiritual Beam!”




The little Harvest Army gave out adorable sounds, as they suddenly began unleashing beams of spiritual energy against the Demon King, beginning to pierce through his body and evaporate more and more of the Miasma making him up.



He swung his body shaped as tentacles, stomping several of the little Harvest Army, but that was within my expectations.



When they get crushed or die, they explode and release vegetation around them, so as he was being covered by them…



The vegetation naturally began growing all over his body, consuming the miasma as a result! It might seem far-fetched at first, but they were actually pretty strong!

“Now…! Spiritual Attack!”


Shapeshifting my weapon once more into a scythe, I hit the beam of darkness and completely sliced it in half, making it all explode around our surroundings, shaking the underground once more.


“Nnngggh…! AAAGH!”

The Demon King continued struggling to keep himself at bay. Somehow we were keeping him busy, but I knew he was way stronger than us. I honestly didn’t knew how to actually beat him. However, my mind was too busy thinking too many things to actually make up some sort of plan.

“Uuggh… Planta…?”

Suddenly, I heard the voice of someone, Acorn!

He, Nieve, and Florie were NPC, or more like “Inhabitants of this world”, and the Great Spirit used her Spiritual Essence to wake them up. It seems that because they are in body and soul right here, it is way easier to strengthen their souls so they can overcome the Authority of the Demon King’s second body.

“Acorn, you’re okay!” I said.

“Aahh… My body hurts. What’s going on?! D-Didn’t we win?!” He wondered.

“Well, that’s…!”


Suddenly, the Demon King of Miasma surged from within the hole he ended being thrown into, his enormous body suddenly beginning to take a more humanoid and materialized shape, a gigantic demon with purple and charcoal skin, with countless red eyes across his body, and six arms, all of them holding sharp black weapons. His appearance was very similar to Jeremias actually, with an eye and a mouth in his chest.

“He’s still kicking even after all of that?!”

“T-The Demon King?!”


His furious roar echoed across the entire vicinity as he swung his six weapons, countless storms of slicing chaotic winds were unleashed. All my Familiar rushed in front of us and protected us with their own auras and attacks, but they were all ultimately blown away by the Demon King’s rampage!


“Acorn watch out!”

I hugged Acorn and everyone else by extending my body into countless branches.

My body was being sliced and torn apart but I continued growing and growing.

I bear with the pain as I continued trying to overcome this crisis.

“Lady Planta!”

Acorn began to cry as he saw me being torn to shreds.

“Acorn, run… RUN AWAY!”

“No… No… T-This can’t end like this… No…!”

Suddenly, Acorn began to fall into despair.

“Acorn, please… RUN! Gather your grandpa and the tribe, and get out of this forest… Everything… it’s all over…”

“No… I cannot… I… I made a promise!”

Suddenly, Acorn wiped out his tears, as he gritted his teeth.

He opened his Inventory and took out two bottles filled with a strange potion I had never seen before.

“I am tired of… being a pushover! I… I won’t let everything fall apart either! I promised grandma… mom and dad!”

He suddenly began chugging down the two potions, as I realized what their names were.

“Wait, Acorn! You can’t drink those!”

“Nnnnggh…! Don’t worry…!”


And then, Acorn’s little body began to change.

Deep within his body, I could hear the sound of his heart beating faster and faster.

His body started to grow to insane sizes at an incredible speed!


And from within his body, the aura of an old awakened divine bloodline began to emerge.


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