Blade Online – Chapter 52

By the way, there was a player named “Hecatoncheires” who went against “Epicenter” in the qualifiers and was defeated. So there are players with a nickname who can lose as well.

Was there a dual-swords user among these nicknamed players? Either way, it would be a difficult battle. I did a lot of research on the nicknames that I found, but I’m sure there were some things I wouldn’t understand unless I actually fought. There was some time left until the event’s next battle started. In the meantime, I decided to go train in a high-level area. I couldn’t let myself get sloppy and die, so I had to be perfectly prepared.

I went to the Worm Forest, which last time I could only get halfway past. I had heard that there were not many players who wanted to go to that forest, and that there are many PKs around looking for prey, but if one of those were to be around, I’d like to encounter them. I’ll kill the members of “Bloody Eye” someday, so it would be rather convenient.


A huge face of a man with pale light brown skin and large compound eyes, a pointed cotton swab-like feeler protruding from its head, a sticky and swollen body shaped like a rod, and huge rainbow-colored venomous wings on its back.


That was the ‘Creepy Butterfly’, the boss of the Worm Forest.

It fluttered through the sky using its wings, and with every flap it scattered rainbow scales. Those scales had venomous and paralyzing effects, but since I had passive skills that allowed me to resist those status effects, they didn’t have any effect on me. That didn’t mean that they couldn’t work, so I had brought some medicine with me just in case.

The human-faced butterfly let out a deafening shriek and charged at me with a body slam. I avoided it using my Sky Walk, and got on its back. Then I used my Overlay Slash while still on top of its back. My blade was covered in a silver light and shone like a meteor as I cut down the human-faced butterfly.

Back when I fought against the void, my Overlay Slash had turned into a murky, dark silver color.  But now, it was just regular silver. Or could it be that I got its color wrong back then?

The human-faced butterfly’s HP went down by about 30 percent due to my Overlay Slash. Not only that, it let out a strange voice as it fell to the ground, probably because the amount of damage it had couldn’t allow it to fly any longer. I stepped down from its back and went to the front of this human-faced butterfly, and activated a new skill.


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