Blade Online – Chapter 51

Chapter 51

When I got back to the inn, Rin was the one to give me the most words of congratulations for having won. She was jumping about so happily that before I even realized it was gently brushing her hair.

It seemed that she had cooked something before I came back. There were many servings of sushi lined up on the table. Apparently, ingredients from a monster found in “Death Volcano”, a high-level volcanic area, had arrived at player-run grocery stores. She must have made up her mind about making sushi today after seeing such ingredients as Flame Crab, Sweltering Tuna, and Volcanic Salmon.

We sat at the table and quickly set ourselves for some sushi. I was looking forward to just how different this would be from regular sushi. Rin asked me what happened at the qualifiers, so I enjoyed my sushi while talking about the opponents I had fought against.

The sushi was delicious! The Flame Crab was so fresh, and the Sweltering Tuna melted inside my mouth with every bite. The Volcanic Salmon was very fleshy, and its roe was delicious. I had never had such tasty shrimps, sea urchin, or scallops in real life, either. Well, I’ve only been to sushi-go-rounds, so maybe every other sushi that is not served in a conveyor belt might be this delicious.

After finishing my meal, I decided to take the rest of the day off. I was pretty tired after the event. And doing it solo was more difficult than what I had imagined. I went back to my room, took off my armor, and went to bed.

The next day, I set out for some information gathering at the bulletin board after breakfast. Since it was an anonymous board, the information in it might have not been 100% accurate, but some of it must definitely be of some use. I checked on every thread related to the event.

The nicknames of those who participated on this battle were “Epicenter”, “Meteor”, “Perfect Wall”, “Giant Slayer”, “Pirate King”, “Wind Princess”, “Thunder Blade”, “Flame Sword”, “Water Spear”, “Lapis Lazuli”, “Dog Knight”, and “Flabby”. Of course, there might be players with a nickname who had yet to post on the bulletin boards, and other players without a nickname who are very strong, so I had to stay alert.


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